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Just like the previous game, a lot of care has been put into referencing the series' lore. Beware of spoilers!

This page will only list examples that are exclusive to this game. For examples ported from All Star Battle, see here.


  • All sets with characters that share some form of close relationship (Joseph and Caesar, Jotaro and Kakyoin) have their unique intros for combat.
    • Likewise, should a specific partner fall in the fight first, the other character will say something special rather than the usual posing and quoting. For example; Jonathan will shout Zeppeli's name, and Joseph will shout Lisa Lisa's.
      • One massive exception to this is Joseph and Caesar. If Caesar is defeated in battle with Joseph as his partner, he will reenact his own death. Likewise, Joseph will cry out Caesar's name as he did in canon.
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  • Every character's Dual Heat attack is split into two segments, and depends on who you chose first or last. (example: Dio, if chosen first, does Vaporizing Freeze after say, Jotaro's Star Platinum barrage) However certain teams trigger special Dual Heats.
  • Continuing the tradition from All-Star Battle, the trailers have exclusive references, as well:
    • PV2 references Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe. Episode 4: Mochizuki Family Moon Viewing
    • PV3, with the presence of Tonio Trussardi, references Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe. Episode 6: Poaching Coast.


Part 1

  • Joestar Mansion: The stage will get progressively more and more on fire, exactly as it happened during the first fight between Jonathan and Dio.
    • The Situation Finish has the losing character thrown on a statue, mirroring Dio's second defeat.
  • Jonathan's Inherited Will is the double Ripple punch he used to defeat Tarkus. Fittingly, this was first used after a dying Zeppeli passed his Ripple and will to Jonathan.
  • Speedwagon's DHA has him use his razor-sharp bowl hat. Each character has a specific reaction when they're hit.
    • Jonathan's reaction is to try and block the hat with his arms, much like he did in the manga.
  • If Dio is the first to fall, he will fire off a Space Ripper Stingy Eyes that will actually damage the player if they're in his sight, just before he's defeated. This is reminiscent of Dio's last-ditch attempt of killing Jonathan before his body is destroyed by Hamon-enhanced flames, forcing him to detach his head.
  • Losing at the zombie attack in the story mode will make Dio quote his memetic "Goodbye Jojooo!"
  • Jonathan and Part 1 Dio both have a particular set of intro and victory pair-up dialogue in which, in their intro, they appear to act as a team without hesitation, and their victory screens where Jonathan laments that he doesn't feel any friendship with Dio in the least while Dio reacts with disgust at the idea of him and JoJo being friends. This is taken from the rugby match they both took part in when we first see them as adults. The victory dialogue in particular is taken from just after they win with Jonathan sadly ruminating on his and Dio's relationship and Dio being interviewed by his local university's student body about the match.
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  • One of Speedwagon's victory poses is taken from a page of the manga where he gives Jonathan and Erina privacy after Jonathan's recovery. His "Speedwagon withdraws coolly" pose, minus the cast he wore on his arm at the time.

Part 2

  • Air Supplena Island: The spike pit is a stage hazard. Ripple users can stand on it without being harmed as long as they can use the Ripple; Pillar Men and regular Vampires can safely stand on it indefinitely.
  • Joseph and Caesar's unique intro is the pose they make after Mark's death. They also strike this pose upon starting their special DHA, if Caesar is the one to begin it.
  • Joseph's new extra costume is the drag disguise he wore to the Nazi Camp. A lot of characters have special lines when interacting with him while he wears it.
  • Joseph and Caesar's DHA has them ganging up on the enemy while the camera rotates like in the opening of the Battle Tendency section of the 2012 anime.
    • Said DHA ends with the double Ripple infusion they used to exorcise Esidisi from Suzie Q's body.
  • Stroheim's Inherited Will has him whip out his chest-mounted machine gun, complete with pose.
    • His DHA combines that with the UV-light emitter he attempted to use on Kars, and his line is the same line from said moment.
      Stroheim: You don't know how great it feels to give this order myself!
  • Wamuu is now able to "sense the wind" as a combat move.
  • Ultimate Being!Kars' DHA is the supercharged Ripple attack he attempted to use on Joseph.

Part 3

  • Nightmare World: Death 13 is the stage hazard.
  • Cairo Street Rooftops: The Situation Finish (being thrown against a water tower) is extended if Kakyoin is the one who suffers it: the manga panel showing his death will appear, and his body will be left there for the remainder of the match.
  • The new cover artwork for the game was directly inspired by one of Stardust Crusaders's manga covers.
  • Jotaro and Kakyoin's unique intro is Kakyoin standing behind Jotaro the same way they did before they depart for Egypt.
  • Kakyoin and Polnareff's special team quote references the High Priestess chapters; when they discuss hand signals.
  • If DIO defeats Kakyoin in a match, his winning quote is "There's nothing to be afraid of, let's be friends", which references the anime-exclusive scene where it shows him planting the fleshbud onto him.
    • If Kakyoin defeats DIO, his winning quote is vowing that he won't ever be the "pathetic Kakyoin" ever again, the same quote from his fight against Terence D'Arby.
  • Jotaro and Kakyoin's DHA has them performing the team attack they did on ZZ, complete with the "Do you like sumo?" talk.
  • Avdol and Polnareff's DHA is the "flaming sword" trick Polnareff used against Avdol. They both reference that fight, as well.
  • Avdol and Polnareff's special intro is a reference to the Anubis chapters, in which Black Polnareff remarks "Silver Chariot plus Anubis", although in this case, it's Silver Chariot plus Magician's Red.
  • When Old Joseph and Avdol finish their special DHA, they discuss getting dinner. This is a reference to the Bast chapters, although, in those, they discussed breakfast instead.
  • Hol Horse's Dual Heat Attack has The Hanged Man appear and stab the opponent and then Emperor's bullet hits them in the forehead, similar to the way the duo killed Avdol early in Part 3.
  • N'Doul's Inherited Will is the attack that blinded Kakyoin.
  • Kakyoin's new outfit is his pajamas that he wore during the Death 13 arc.
  • Pet Shop's DHA ends with him shooting an ice projectile out of his beak - the last attack he attempted on Iggy.
  • If Vanilla Ice is teamed with Part 3 DIO, he will go completely berserk if the latter is defeated first.
  • DIO's Time Stop in this game replaces the Colour-Coded Timestop effect All-Star Battle had in favor of the "bass drop"-like grayscale effect from the 2015 anime.
    • His Inherited Will has him hitting the opponent with a road sign, as he intended to do to Jotaro.
    • His DHA is the single punch he killed Kakyoin with.
  • Mariah's animation when entering Dual Combo Mode is the Gonk-ish angry face she makes after Joseph and Avdol corner her.
  • If Mariah is KO'd, she lies down the same way she did after getting her bones crushed by Joseph and Avdol.
  • One pose Kakyoin can strike in battle is almost identical to a taunt from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future that had undergone Memetic Mutation.
  • At the bridge where Jotaro defeated DIO, a destroyed oil tanker was at the scene, which could be a reference to the OVA where DIO dropped an oil tanker on Jotaro instead of a steamroller.

Part 4

  • Boing Boing Cape: Various sound effects left by Echoes act as the stage gimmicks. One in particular - a "Boing!" rock at the bottom of a cliff - is a reference to Koichi's saving of Yukako.
  • Morioh: The combatants can rest at Cafe Deux Magots. Many of them make callbacks to various moments across the manga:
    • Zeppeli: Seen with his trademark wine.
    • Speedwagon: Reading a newspaper, in reference to the final chapters of Phantom Blood.
    • Part 1 Dio: Chugging a whiskey bottle in reference to how he was cursing out his father when drinking while on the streets of England.
    • Joseph: Uses Hamon to burst a cap off of a cola bottle before drinking it, much like in the beginning of Battle Tendency.
    • Caesar: Does his show-off sit seen when he and Joseph first met, before being picked up by Mark.
    • Lisa Lisa: Seen drinking wine, much like how she did while Joseph and Caesar were training.
    • Stroheim: Sits similarly to how we first see him when he is having his face shaved.
    • Old Joseph, Avdol, and Polnareff: All three of them have the same animation, in reference to when they (and Jotaro) ordered iced tea during the Daniel J. D'Arby chapters.
    • Kakyoin: Drinks some tea, like he did in the beginning of the Silver Chariot arc in Hong Kong.
    • Iggy: Is left his trademark favorite coffee-flavored gum.
    • Pet Shop: Licks the edge of his wing, just like how he licked his own blood after being wounded in his fight with Iggy.
    • Okuyasu: His reaction to the coffee is reminiscent of the Tonio Trussardi/Pearl Jam chapters.
    • Kira: Checks his watch like he did at the cafe while waiting for Sheer Heart Attack to kill Koichi.
    • Giorno: Chugs his tea straight back and smirks, referencing his initiation into Buccellati's group.
    • Bucciarati: Sighs without eating anything. This is taken from the scene where he realizes he doesn't have to eat anymore.
    • Narancia: Looks to the side bored before drinking, based on the introduction to him annoyed at Fugo teaching him math.
    • Trish: Poses like the Pillar Men, in reference to her dislike of anything other than "French Mineral Water".
    • Pucci/New Moon Pucci: Both animations reference his cherry trick, where he eats them without removing the stems.
    • Johnny: Brushes his teeth using Spin.
    • Gyro: After drinking, he rests his head on his folded hands, similar to the "Domenica (Sunday)" part of his "7 Days of the Week" joke.
    • Valentine: Shotguns a beer, like in his introduction.
    • Diego (Scary Monsters): Drinks his tea by holding it close to his face, like he did when he was first transforming into a dinosaur.
    • Jo2uke: Eats one of Yasuho's sesame honey dumplings and spills the filling while exclaiming "Delicious!" This was one of his taunts in All-Star Battle.
  • Rohan's DHA has him gushing on the opportunity of using his opponent's life as a base for his work, which is exactly what he said to Koichi in their "fight".
  • Josuke and Rohan's DHA has Rohan using Heaven's Door to write "I will fly backwards 70kmph" on the opponent, the same tactic he used to get Josuke to safety after he gets taken hostage by Highway Star.
    • If Josuke fights Giorno, their intro dialog indicates that Giorno stole Josuke's wallet; if Josuke wins he'll quip "I don't have any allowance for you!". This refers to the ending of DiU where Josuke uses used Crazy Diamond to steal a departing Joseph's wallet while claiming it was his allowance.
  • When Yukako is KO'ed, her hair turns white and she gets back up really pissed off, like what happened when Koichi defeated her.
  • Yukako's alternative costumes are the cardigan and skirt she wore after Aya Tsuji's Stand effects start to fall off of her during the Cinderella arc.
    • Her other costume is the towel mini-dress she wore in Aya's beauty parlor.

Part 5

  • Colosseum: Silver Chariot Requiem is the stage hazard.
  • Giorno's DHA with Gold Experience changes camera angles multiple times, likely a reference to his seven-pages-long beatdown of Cioccolatta.
  • One of Mista, Fugo, and Narancia's animation when entering Dual Combo Mode is the dance they performed after torturing Zucchero.
  • Fugo's 1st alternative costume is his palette for the colored version of the manga where he had white hair and red clothes.
  • Trish's alternative costume is her outfit and hairstyle when she first debuted.
  • Giorno's new alternative costume is from volume 15's cover.
  • Bucciarati will get up once after being defeated with half a health bar left, referencing his status during the latter half of part 5.

Part 6

  • Jolyne and Ermes' unique intro has them posing like in the cover of chapter 54.
  • Green Dolphin Street Jail: There are three different stage hazards, each referencing a particular Stand user from Part 6:
    • Gwess can be bribed to shrink opponents.
    • Emporio allows combatants to use the secret passages created by his Stand.
    • Sport Max can summon an invisible alligator.
  • Pucci's DHA now uses the dialogue of when Pucci stole Jotaro's disks.
  • New Moon Pucci's first DHA (C-Moon) is the trick he used to (almost) kill Jolyne, and includes his "Throw just one punch" speech.
  • If Jolyne was the one to start the DHA with Jotaro, they will pose like in one of Stone Ocean's manga covers.

Part 7

  • Johnny and Gyro's unique intro is them pointing their fingers like in one of the promo art of Steel Ball Run.
    • They also recreate the scene where they agree to reveal each other a personal secret - Gyro's true name (Iulius Caesar) and Johnny's formicophilia.

Part 8

  • Joshu's Inherited Will attack (also his half of a DHA if he's not the one initiating it) is swinging a rock around much like when he first saw Josuke with Yasuho. This was also his attack when he was a stage hazard in All-Star Battle.
  • Joshu's DHA and his dialogue during it are taken from the Shakedown Road chapters.
    • Additionally, when people are under the effect of Joshu's Stand, particles with the word "Panic!" surround them, similar to the above-mentioned chapters.

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