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Divided for Adaptation

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So you're watching The Film of the Book in a series, content in the fact that the whole movie adapts the whole book like the other ones. But then there is a Cliffhanger ending. You read the source material to find that the book continues beyond that point. What happened?

Well, The Film of the Book was split in half.

It's becoming a common trend to see cinema or TV adaptions of a novel in a book series be split in two, and likely if said book is a Doorstopper, or the final book showcasing the Grand Finale. Executive Meddling can be a major reason this happens (particularly to popular book-to-movie series). Chances of Adaptation Expansion and/or Filler can also occur.


Also see Gecko Ending where an adaption ends just short of the source material ending and the adaptation has to Wrap It Up.

Sub-Trope of Divided for Publication and Movie Multipack.

Contrast the opposite Compressed Adaptation and Adaptation Amalgamation.


Film — Live Action

Live Action TV

  • Runaways (2017) spreads the plot of the original miniseries over multiple seasons.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Due to being a massive Doorstopper with a word count of the whole The Lord of the Rings trilogy combined, "A Storm of Swords" was split into two seasons for the television show.
    • Inverted for Season 5, where it merged the storylines of "A Feast for Crows" and "A Dance with Dragons".
  • Saturday Night Live parodied The Hobbit with a Parody Commercial for The Hobbit, which it says will be in nineteen 3-hour movies. The first film is already in the can, but others include The Hobbit 2: Journey to the Beginning of the Walk to Smaug's Lair, Hobbit 3: Shoot, I Just Realized I Forgot Something Back at the Shire. Mind if we Double Back? and Hobbit 4: Apple Maps: An Unexpected Detour. The final film will be released in 2028 - bring your grandkids!

Video Games

Western Animation