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DLC Characters?
It appears that the DLC characters are coming in sets of 2. Let's think of some combinations CC2 might go with:note 
  • Disturbing Loyalty: Annasui & Vanilla Ice
    • Cream Collision: Vanilla Ice & Hot Pants
  • Ripple Veterans: Lisa Lisa & Old Joseph
  • Pitiable, but Ruthless: Risotto Nero & Diego Brando
    • Blood and Iron: Risotto Nero & Stroheim
    • Stolen Victory: Risotto Nero & Weather Report
    • Enemies of My Enemy: Diego Brando & Wekapipo
    • Dangers on a Train: Hot Pants & Diego Brando
    • Sibling Rivalry: Keicho Nijimura and Rykiel
  • They Only Look Human: FF & Santana
  • Those Who Fell from Grace: Straizo & Abbachio
  • Joke Characters: Speedwagon & Emporio
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  • Arcade Favorites: Midler & Chaka
  • Native Sons: Devo and Soundman
    • Annasui, Vanilla Ice, Lisa Lisa and Old Joseph have been confirmed as of 09/09/2013. Vanilla Ice and Annasui will be released on 09/26, and Lisa Lisa and Old Joseph will come out two weeks after on 10/10. There are chances of more DLC; Baoh is supposed to be the last DLC, and his date is not shown.

Western release name changes
The game is confirmed for an overseas release, but let's face it: some of the character and Stand names will be changed. A few could probably get away with just shortening their name, but some may need a completely new name. Let's think of a few possible changes:
  • According to a press release, the pillar men will be named San Tan, Wamuu, Esidisi, And Kars.
  • Funny Valentine - "Valentine"
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper - "Red Chili Pepper"
  • Vanilla Ice - "Iced" (like in the Capcom game)
  • Sex Pistols - "Six Pistols"
  • Gold Experince - Gold / Golden Brilliance
  • Gold Experince Requiem - Golden Requiem / Golden Brilliance Requiem
  • Crazy Diamond - Crazy Lineman
  • Soft & Wet - Wash & Lift
  • Aerosmith - Aeromyth
  • King Crimson - King Vision
  • Killer Queen - Killer Mien
    • Ice retained his name in the Viz manga release so its possible. "Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars" were more or less the Pillar Men's official names so Santana/San Tan is probably the only actual change.
    • Killer Queen's going to keep its name and Crazy Diamond has changed to Shining Diamond, according to a recent press release.

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