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  • A meta example. The game sold 500,000 copies in pre-orders alone, one of the biggest openings for a fighting game in Japan ever. In response, CyberConnect2 announced that one of the new DLC characters, Pannacotta Fugo, would be free as thanks. Although it may have also been to address the fanbase's frustration with the presence of on-disc DLC as was discovered soon after the game was release.
    • Another example is getting a Perfect score in Famitsu Magazine (40/40), one of the rare licensed games to have the honor, as well as being the first game by CyberConnect2 ever made to obtain such a score. Less of an achievement than it used to considering Famitsu's open admittance of relying on the Four Point Scale and its now rather liberal distribution of 40/40 scores, but still impressive.
  • A lot of the situation finishers can be this, depending on who you use them on. Throwing DIO into the sunlight? Knocking Kira into his desk and disturbing the book that reveals his evil agenda — or launching him into the alley where he's dragged off to the afterlife? All of them are possible; all of them are badass.
  • The fact that, if the player manages to pull it off, Kosaku!Kira can revert Pucci's Made In Heaven mode and C-Moon stand back to Whitesnake (Bonus Points if Whitesnake locks Kosaku's command moves), Giorno's Golden Experience Requiem back to Golden Experience, and nullify Kars's Ultimate Life Form Mode using Bites the Dust.
    • And on that note, the fact that Golden Experience Requiem can revert all stand transformations and their effects, meaning Giorno can single-handedly defeat Pucci at his strongest.
  • The game is being released in the West, finally avoiding JJBA's long-standing problem with No Export for You.
    • While name changes are to be expected from this to avoid copyright complications, several screenshots and a press release show that amazingly, Funny Valentine, the most blatant, managed to keep his name intact.
      • If you think about it, not dubbing the game's soundtrack is a stealth one - sure, they had to rename Stands into things like "Zipper Man" or "Li'l Bomber"... but you still hear them say "Sticky Fingers!" or "Aerosmith!" CyberConnect2: giving copyright law the finger.
  • Rush Mode involves two characters, normally Stand users, pummeling each other for massive damage, akin to the franchise's tradition. Except that it also involves Jonathan, who isn't a Stand user, and can go toe to toe not only with the likes of Star Platinum and The World but also Polnareff's Silver Chariot, Narancia's Aerosmith and Guido Mista's Sex Pistols.
    • On the subject of Jonathan, his GHA is the reenactment of his "Sunlight Yellow Overdrive" scene. Complete with Badass Boast and a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs finisher that sends his opponent flying.
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  • Since Baoh can't talk beyond his war cry of "Baru!", the narrator describes his actions and calls his attacks. When Baoh does his GHA, the narrator's voice echoes:
    Narrator: "Baoh: Break Dark Thunder Phenomenon!!"
  • Funny Valentine's Love Train can be torn apart (Johnny's Super Spin) and bypassed (Gyro's Ball Breaker). Kira has two ways to let his projectiles through. Sick Sheer Heart Attack, counting as part of Killer Queen. And using Bite The Dust, entering Valentine's retina, bypassing the barrier completely. Hol Horse also uses the retina stunt via the Hanged Man, distracting Valentine long enough for a opening with the Emperor. The most awesome example is Mista's, where the only thing that allows Sex Pistols's bullets to break through Love Train is via raw sheer force
  • The announcement of the sequel, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, along with the introduction of two new playable characters: Part 7's Diego Brando, who can use the Stand Scary Monsters to create dinosaurs (or turn into one, himself); and Part 2's Rudolf von Stroheim, a Large Ham German cyborg outfitted with crazy awesome weapons!
    • What may be more awesome than the announcement of the game itself is the announcement that the character who may have been the single most requested character for All-Star Battle, none other than Robert Edward O. Speedwagon himself!

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