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Entries for the Grand Blues! spin-off can be found here.

The Game in General

  • Hearing Lyria encouraging other people, from sky-dwellers to primals, towards friendship and love takes on much heavier weight when you learn from Katalina during main story quest that Lyria barely reacts to anything at all while she was in captive of Erste Empire. Her time with Katalina and your crew helps her grow as a person.
  • If you register your birthday on your account, you will later have characters in your crew congratulating happy birthday when it's the date (Minus the collaboration characters with exceptions of Lina and Naga from the Slayers collaboration). Some of the lines from several characters are quite ripe of Ship Tease but nonetheless, they're all very sweet. Even the stoic and aloof ones like Lucius joins in wishing you a happy birthday. Though at the same time, some of the characters had lines that veer on to Tearjerker territory given their backstories (For example, Rosamia hasn't celebrated a birthday for a very long time since she was taken as an experiment).
    • A special mention goes to Feower/Quatre. Whom, in the first birthday conversation skit, says he doesn't really remember his birthday well and ask the hero to decide his birthdate, and by the second time, the next year the player's birthday comes by, narratives show that before Feower/Quatre gave the player their birthday cake, the hero seemed to have talked to the people of Stardust town to add his name on the cake with theirs without Feower/Quatre's knowledge so as to not break the promised surprise, so Feower/Quatre had a birthday to remember by sharing his birthday with the player. Since he and Tien/Esser are twins, this also indirectly extended to his sister sharing her birthday with the captain as well.
    • Yggdrasil's birthday conversation skit has her flood the hero's room around with flowers, all while smiling so radiantly at the hero, wishing them a happy birthday. The hero just didn't have the heart to scold her since they knew she meant well and that smile warms their heart (And the player's too) as well.
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    • Deliford's birthday line in the second year. He saved up lots of money from jobs to make sure the captain has a great birthday. But the captain decided that they wish for Deliford to keep travelling with them instead so he can still keep the money he saved up for his family.
    • In the second year, Danua decides to change things up for your birthday. Instead of shyly asking for head pats like she usually does, she sits and motions for you to lay your head down so she can pet your head. Her puppets happily proclaim that since you always do that for her and she enjoys it, this time she wants to repay the sentiment. You end up drifting off into a blissful sleep while she continues petting you.
  • Lancelot and Vane's friendship has this in spades. They've been best friends since childhood and they share many a heartwarming moment in events and fate episodes they appear together in. A notable example comes from SSR Vane's fate episodes in which they both get lost in the mountains. Lancelot eventually urges Vane to go on without him, as he can't walk due to an injured leg, but in response Vane remarks that he'd rather die together with Lancelot than survive alone.
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  • The Skybound artwork for Lady Grey's Halloween version is her enjoying a slow dance with her husband. Even with one of them being dead, the two can still enjoy time to themselves.
  • In the main story, in chapter 96 "Primally Aligned", the Artemisia of the warped world reveals herself to be the real spirit of Artemisia, due to Leviathan absorbing her ashes when Eugen spread them long ago. Once she tells Eugen she's the real deal, she proceeds to encourage Eugen to leave the world that he's stuck in so he can help the crew and move on with his life, since she knows how much Eugen blamed himslf for her unhappiness. She tells him that that wasn't the case at all, that even though Eugen was so far away, she knew that she was always on his mind when he couldn't be by her side. She was very happy, she says, and she never wants Eugen to repent or pay for his past mistakes because she still loves him the way he is now.
  • Hal and Pholia becoming fast friends during their captivity in the Rhem Kingdom.
  • Given the Fish out of Water status that the Primals have, their reactions to holidays such as Christmas and your birthday, can be very cute.
    • Tiamat's subtle, yet happy reaction to seeing snowflakes for the first time.
    • Sandalphon agreeing to help you deliver presents to the children, which is a rare, happy moment with him considering all of the crap he went through during the first two "What Makes The Sky Blue" events.
    • In her 2nd year message, Yggdrasil holds a stocking in her hands, hoping for Santa Claus to come visit her. She then invites you over so you two can make a wish together to the sky.
  • Starting around Halloween 2018, with the conclusion of Dawning Sky and a return to Phantagrande, guess who starts to get seasonal messages for major holidays? Orchis. You know, Queen Orchis, the original one who was saved by the crew. Her little episodes are earnest, adorable and heartfelt - from her genuinely trick-or-treating the Captain, to getting introspective on Christmas, to wondering if her Valentine's chocolates are too cute for the likes of Adam and Apollo, it's absolutely heart-melting to see her thinking about these things, and having the ability to think about these things, after the huge struggle that was saving her life during the Girl in Blue arc.

Fate Episodes

  • The dark version of Jeanne D'Arc just wants to hug the protagonist in the cold Christmas night and treats the protagonist's smile as the most precious gift that she can receive.
    Jeanne D'arc (Dark): Merry Christmas, Captain. A holy night like this... does not suit me the way I am now... Haha, how kind of you. But please don't make such a sad face. Your smile is the greatest gift for me now. Something more would be... It's really cold can you give me a hug? Haha... Please?
  • Gayne and Helnar may fight a lot with the former hating on Helnar's attitude, they both care for each other despite all that. With Helnar's final uncap episode hinting that they'd stay as partners.
  • As if to answer the long-running ship tease between him and Sturm, Drang's second Fate Episode reveals what he feels about his partner:
    Drang: Sturm and I are getting along great! Well, at least I think so anyway. She seems to get mad and say we're not buddies. Whether I'm traveling, working, or just chatting with Sturm, it's all so satisfyingly... Liberating.
    • Even better, their second uncap art is them fighting back to back, with the other visible in each character's art in the exact same pose they are in their own.
  • Summer Siegfried's skill fate episode is filled with heartwarming moments. He tries building a sandcastle with Danua and invites Sara when their efforts continue to fail. Afterwards, they go to the festival together, and someone mistakes Siegfried to be the girls' father. He takes the comment in stride, especially when the girls say they were happy to be called a family.
    Siegfried: Well, Sara and Danua, if you're willing to put up with a man like me, I'll play the part anytime.
  • In her Summer episodes, Yuisis slowly grasps the true meaning of the word "family", something that she sees as a master-servant relationship. Of all people, it is Vyrn who explains to her (and the player) what makes family different from the kind of relationship that she perceives.
    Vyrn: Being a family means being on the same page with each other, right? Can't really be on the same page if you think you're writing for us instead of with us.
  • Anila's final fate episode in her 5★ upgrade has some bits of heartwarming moments, especially when the boy she is helping opens up to her. It also reminds her the challenge of the task being given to her as a Divine General:
    One can't simply be rid of loneliness. You can cry and you can pout, but you'll still be lonely after.
  • Silva's final Fate Episode for her 5-star upgrade, where she finally reconciles with Tweyen after their showdown. It ends off with Silva taking Tweyen to meet Silva's real parents—and her gunsmith family—so they can all get to know Tweyen.
  • In the first Fate episode of Feather's Halloween version, he manages to recruit the usually-aloof Jamil into helping him come up with a Halloween prank, and is actually rather delicate with Melissabelle when he feeds her corn after she collapses from hunger, in contrast to his usual Hot-Blooded self.
  • Many characters have bittersweet flashback moments that shaped their current characteristic or attitude. While others have flashback scenes where they reminisce the happy moments of their past days. Nonetheless, most of these are heartwarming, aptly sepia-toned and have lonely music playing in the background.
    • In his event version's Fate Episode, Sevilbarra cannot help but think about the similarities between Lyria and his sister, especially when the girls play the game of Go, which Sevilbarra always beats them at.
    • Drang's Fate Episodes reveal that when he was still young, he was closer to his grandmother than his parents who were always busy and have no time to bond with him. The young Erune boy loved hearing her stories about "Ferry's Adventures on a Misty Island", and that Drang's motivation for becoming a skyfarer was to take his grandmother to that island... He wasn't able to, because of the latter's death. When the episode shifts to the present for the last time, Drang is seen standing next to his grandmother's tombstone, telling stories about how he finally met Ferry face-to-face.
    • Percival and his two elder brothers are close to each other even during their childhood days, taking the time to spar together with wooden swords and having the same dream of ruling over the skies when they grow up.
    • For Rosine, a chance encounter with a young boy saw her crying from relieving past memories with her husband. When the kid is so delighted at her rice crackers, he becomes concerned with her sadness despite her delicious cooking, and later on many of the village children came to keep her company, which later made Rosine known for her delicious rice crackers.

Game Events
  • The "Ranger Sign Bravo" event has some moments between Walder and both Jade and the people of his village, particularly with the former, showing scenes from their past.
    • Special mention goes to near the end of the event (also crossing over with Moment of Awesome). Walder is in a sort of pocket dimension created by Jade, so that the later could say goodbye. The dimension is collapsing and Jade is urging Walder to leave and rejoin his friends in the living world. You'd expect Walder to eventually accept Jade's death and return by himself right? Nope! He's a Forest Ranger! He's bringing his friend with him! You just want to cheer Walder on when you see the CG of him carrying Jade back.
  • In "Titanic Yeager", Chapter three Part one is mostly dedicated to the Shingashina Trio plus Annie helping Gran/Djeeta to learn the Maneuvering gear and just having fun in general. Considering how dark Attack on Titan is and the situation of the Attack On Titan cast at the point the event took place, it's a nice break from the dark setting in general.
    • The ending of Titanic Yeager might as well count. It is bittersweet, yes, with Titans still roaming around the islands, but just by involving themselves with the cast, the crew gave the people of Estioss a hope for freedom. But this is more apparent with the Shingashina Trio with the ending and Mikasa's Fate Episodes hinting that they'll see the world of the skies the crew came from and be free. An Earn Your Happy Ending at it's finest.
  • In "A Thousand Reasons", just as Al-Khalid was about to win against Gran/Djeeta, the other participants, all of which had been part of the player's crew, come cheering on for them.
    • Additionally, the finale has Gran/Djeeta asking Siero to invite the participants to a feast to congratulate them for their hard work.
  • During the climax of "Handsome Gorilla", Lunalu accidentally trips over a slope, causing her manuscript's pages to scatter. At one point she tries to get up, but the pain of her sprained leg won't allow her. Then, either by the effects of the supplement, or something else, Lunalu sees the past version of herself, who initially assures her to accept the worse points of life, and that some dreams "aren't meant to be". The real Lunalu rebukes her by stating that her own dreams "aren't flimsy and wouldn't fall to pathetic excuses". It turns out that her past self is just testing Lunalu's faith to herself and dedication to her work. Before she vanishes, the "illusion" helps Lunalu stand up and give her one final statement of encouragement.
    Ordinary Girl (Young Lunalu): I'm your biggest fan. Don't forget to be your own.
    • By the very end of the event, Lunalu manages to sell one copy to a customer who tells her that she's rooting for Lunalu to keep going. She realizes that this one comment has made her feel way more energized than the supplement ever did, treasuring those first fifty rupies ever made from her stories. The narration then goes onto say that Lunalu will keep going, for her friends made along the way, people who love her work, and Lunalu herself to chase down that passion and make it hers.
  • "Bzzt! Amped Up Summer" serves as a stepping stone for Olivia's Character Development, starting with her fellow non-human friends like Scathacha who teach her about the "ways of the children of man" and working together as a team. Throughout the event, Olivia becomes more open with the crew and takes interest in their hobbies despite her goal of spying against those whom she considers as enemies, such as the Supreme Primarch, one who has very close ties with the Grandcypher crew. It also presents a Call-Back where Olivia still has plans for releasing her brethren from Pandemonium. At the event's epilogue, she becomes fascinated at how the crew seemingly becomes a happy family, laughing together while enjoying the meal. She later wonders if her brethren would also react the same when Olivia would finally set them free.
    • Some of Scathacha's antics may also overlap with this and Funny Moments given at how her fellow Alster royalties often mock her for her failed attempts at things like holding chopsticks properly. But its also a rare sight to see even the stoic knights like Seruel and Naoise genuinely smile at a true dragon chomping down on a rice bowl.
  • When Yaia gets nervous during the Christmas play and forgets her lines in "Santa's Nice List", Anre and Ladiva graciously help her out by improvising their entrances. The play itself is also pretty sweet: a little girl (Yaia) receives a present after brushing the snow off of a holiday tree (Walder) so that it may shine brightly and beautifully for Santa (Anre) and his reindeer (Ladiva) to see on Christmas.
  • In "What Makes The Sky Blue III: 000", we have the following moments.
    • The major catalyst to Sandalphon's 11th-Hour Superpower awakening is realizing his mistakes of being self-centered, even when doing good as he swears to step up this time to defend the sky realm and his comrades. This even earns a bit of praise from the otherwise dismissive Lucillius, "You now sound like a proper Supreme Primarch".
    • When Lyria's sucked into the rift, Sandalphon thinks nothing of trying to save her, even with the risks to himself.
    • Sandalphon's conversation with Lucifer at the end of the event. Their roles are reversed; their artwork is beautiful, and it's wonderful for the remorseful Sandy to have one last chance to see his mentor.
  • Even if it was just an Imagine Spot in "A Walk on the Wild Side", one of Tyre's thought-out route for finally talking to Vira went well for the most part - having to talk to his crush without stuttering, saving a town together, allowing Vira to touch him and dress his wounds, and having the chance to go with her on a subtle bookstore date. All of these seem to resolve a Ship Tease between the two. They even have an event CG where Vira lends her shoulder to an injured Tyre! As heartwarming as the scene can be, this is just one of Tyre's imagined "routes" but it ended with a Mood Whiplash.
    • Tyre did manage to pull of most of the above-mentioned scenario, but when he was about to ask Vira on the subtle date, he chose to mention hanging out with the Lowain bros instead, under the guise of going to a bookstore that Vira would recommend. This just shows that he also values his friendship with the three Erunes and that nothing is actually lost from a Last-Second Word Swap - he may still get the chance since Vira has now opened up more to her crewmates.
    • Even though Lowain bros horribly interpreted the story planning for Lunalu's new comic, she doesn't lash out at them with anger. Instead, she takes time to give thanks and actually analyse what could be used from their misguided advice, even if it's just a small tidbit.
    • The event concludes with the Lowain bros also conversing with Vira whom they thought was antagonistic towards them for being a rival in term's of Katalina's love. It turns out, this is Vira post-Character Development, who discarded her Yandere tendencies in favor of being open to everyone else. The image of the four laughing together brings a closure to an imagined rivalry that turned into friendship in the end.
  • No Rain, No Rainbow is full of these with slice of life moments and a heartwarming ride of a story.
    • How the Raduga started out. It was a second unused kitchen that was brought to flourish when Ladiva took charge and made it a place for members having a troubled night or having problems in general with Ladiva willing to help and lending an ear to those in need. One of the examples being helping Mary to write a letter for Galthazar, hearing Leona out about her problem with Cain, and more.
    • Mary mentioned how surprised she was to know that knights from several countries joined the crew and she talked with Ladiva about how much the crew has grown. Mary is one of the early characters created in Granblue Fantasy and seeing her grow and note about how far the game has gone, in a meta sense, is sweet.
    • When the Mood Whiplash halfway to the event happened, many of the crew members soon come gathering to do what they can to help. They are all here connected to Gran/Djeeta and it's sweet to see how much they valued their friendship with the captain and the times they had in the Grancypher.
    • To cap it all off, the event ends with Gran/Djeeta joining some of the members for breakfast in the Raduga. There are times where things can make you feel under the weather in life, but you have family and friends who would be willing to lend you a hand. In a way, the Grancypher crew has become a Family of Choice for Gran/Djeeta, and indirectly, players who had become attached to the game and the colorful cast.
    • This event also brought mention of many characters in passing if you have them in your account. From Rosine, Vannza, Melissabelle, Fif/Funf, Lennah, and more. The devs didn't forget anyone and brought mention to as many of their cast as possible.


  • Rosetta calls for Yggdrasil instead of her having to fight like in the game and the two share a hug. This is followed by Gran's attempt to bring back Lyria from her sleep.
  • Io repairs Lyria's hairpin, which was pulverized by Pommern into small pieces.
  • A subtle one, but the intro of Episode 12 reveals that it was Leviathan who helped a young and near-unconscious Apollonia return to the beach. Leviathan only disappeared once Eugen found his daughter, giving the implication that Leviathan might have probably kept on guarding the child until somebody would come to the rescue.

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