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Heartwarming / Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight

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  • Due to Dancing in Moonlight being Lighter and Softer when compared to the original game, all the characters are much more cheerful, especially Makoto, who spends most of the game and movie tetralogy being moody and emotionless. He even laughs occasionally, either from the background or during Fever Time.
  • If Yukari is Aigis' partner, Aigis will step in front of her and hog the spotlight for a bit, causing Yukari to stop dancing and give her a look that's part Quizzical Tilt, part Death Glare. Aigis will then go behind Yukari and hold her hands, guiding her arm movements, and Yukari's facial expressions are a joy to see, especially when she can't help but smile at Aigis' efforts to reconcile and ends up mimicking the very same motions Aigis just showed her.
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  • If Ken is Aigis or Fuuka's partner, they briefly do the patty cake during Fever.
  • If Aigis or Fuuka is Makoto's partner, Makoto will hold out his hand in a gentleman-like fashion and guide her in a circle. For Yukari, he does the same movements, but she's not holding his hand, so it looks more like he's stepping aside to show her off.
  • The entirety of "Voice (Atlus Tsuchiya Remix)" note  which stars Koromaru, who goes about his day in the style of a children's storybook and uses the character models from Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. The music video also goes onto show how close Koromaru is with Shinjiro, Ken, and Aigis — Ken in particular, as he affectionately licks his face when they encounter each other at Naganaki Shrine and watch the moon together.
    • Speaking of "Voice", it was the first DLC song from the first two games to be featured in the Dancing series, somewhat bringing the first game back into recognition. They would later follow up on this by adding Atlus Tsuchiya remixes for the Snow Queen's theme and "Dream of Butterfly", even going as far as featuring the original cast in their music videos (though sadly, Mark still isn't able to dance crazy).
  • When Makoto and Junpei are partnered with each other (regardless who is the playable character), the two will give each other a high five by the end of Fever.
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  • The group dance for "Burn My Dread" shows just how deep the friendship between Makoto and his friends goes.
    Makoto: You're all so precious to me.
  • Ken brings up Koromaru in his first social scene, and is rather disappointed that Koromaru isn't here to dance with everyone. But then he decides that he's going to dance enough for both him and Koromaru.
  • Fuuka's social events reveal that she had been talking with Futaba from the future, with the two bonding over their interest in computers as well as poor social skills.
  • As the game takes place before the Arena titles, nobody knows who Labrys is when they partner up with her. But all of the interactions are basically, "We've never met before? So what! Let's have fun!"


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