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Fridge / Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • The Mythology Gag DLC can be ironic, but also fitting:
    • Aigis as Sera: Despite the irony of Sera being the only non-AI character in the Junkyard, both are Younger Than They Look, lived as experiments, were heavily involved in the events that put the world on the verge of destruction and fell into comas afterwards, latch on to the main character due to a deep bond in their pasts, take leadership of the party and the main character's primary power after the main character dies, and the main character dies in their arms. Also, neither of them need to eat.
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    • Fuuka as Asahi: Both of them are the only party members without any attack skills (although technically Asahi can do a normal attack), and are support units.
  • "Voice" using the gang's Persona Q models makes sense when you remember the similarities between Q and Persona: Rei's plot was eerily similar to Maki's in the first game, and they both shared the purple color motif and death themes.
  • Considering the constant Sibling Rivalry between the Velvet Room sisters, it seems strange that Margaret was willing to join in on the dancing, but didn't bring the Investigation Team into Elizabeth and the twin's competition. But then again, neither S.E.E.S. nor the Phantom Thieves ever figured out how to incorporate their Personas into their dances, meaning Margaret likely never felt threatened enough to feel like she had to prove that her guest was the best dancer.

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