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Tear Jerker / Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight

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  • For "Burn My Dread", the stage takes place on top of Tartarus, where Nyx was fought in the original game. At the end, each of the characters individually cheer on Makoto (with the overall tone being as if it's going to be his final dance), and he turns to them all saying, "You all are my treasure." The song also ends with Makoto clenching his chest with a sorrowful look on his face, evoking his inevitable demise in-canon.
  • In the "Memories of You" music video, there is a shot of Aigis sitting on and looking at the spot where Makoto died. It pulls the heartstrings.
    • If Ken is Shinjiro's partner, their faces are rather sorrowful throughout Fever time, emphasizing their conflict in the main game.
  • Judging from the game's dialogue, this version of Elizabeth is likely from the future, after Persona 4: Dancing All Night has already occured, meaning she has already witnessed Makoto's ultimate fate at the end of Persona 3. Reading between Elizabeth's lines in her dialogue during her second Social Event is her basically not wanting the dream to end because that means being once again separated from Makoto.
  • What is one of the things that's visible inside of Ken's room? A framed photo of him with his mom.
    • When completing a song, Ken has the chance to say "Were you watching, Mom?"

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