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Heartwarming / Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight

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  • Futaba in the main game is not in high school with the other Phantom Thieves, despite being at freshman age. She can wear the Shujin Academy girl's uniform through DLC, and she'll happily exclaim "I've always wanted to wear this!" something she doesn't say about any other costume.
  • Regardless of who is the player character at the time, Haru will have a wonderful time when dancing with Ren, considering that she has a canon crush on him. He will either hold his hand in a gentleman fashion to pull her up or perform a tango with her.
  • During Morgana's solo dance in the climax of "Jaldabaoth ~ Our Beginning," he begins to hesitate, only for the rest of the Phantom Thieves encouraging him and giving him much-needed confidence to continue the dance. The first Phantom Thief to do so? Ryuji. Considering that Morgana and Ryuji constantly butt heads in the main game, seeing them get along is quite refreshing.
    • Ren and Futaba have a brief duet during the same scene, which ends with her getting flustered and running off.
  • Just the fact Caroline and Justine are still around. In the original game's finale, Caroline and Justine are revealed to be Literal Split Personalities of a Velvet Room resident called Lavenza, and were speculated to stop existing after their original self was restored. This game Jossed this by showing that Lavenza now has the ability to split herself into the twins and back at will. If Joker asks them about it, the twins will explain that they split simply because it was more convenient for the task at hand.
  • Other spinoff titles showcase Theodore as the Butt-Monkey of the Velvet Room siblings. However, the twins talk about how he often shields them from their older sisters' wrath and Theo partnering with Lavenza in "Beneath the Mask" reveals that, in her true form, she absolutely adores him.
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  • When Ryuji clears up Morgana's misunderstanding about catwalks, Mona immediately drops it and apologizes for getting angry.
  • Naturally your YMMV due to potential Ship-to-Ship Combat from the fandom, but the fact that Ann and Futaba separately play Shipper on Deck for Joker and Makoto depending on the dialogue choices the player chooses is rather sweet.


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