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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Innocent Sin 

  • Eikichi, early on Innocent Sin, has a great one. Turns out when he was little he was way fatter and far less badass than in his teenage years. On those early years, he had a girlfriend back then. When Eikichi began sliding into the latchkey kid that got sent to Kasugayama High, they separated and he lost contact with her. Years later, this rather chunky reporter chick came to him and became passingly involved with the initial skirmishes of the team against the Masquerade. In one of these, she got kidnapped by a Kasugayama guy who hated Eikichi's guts, as part of a trap to beat Eikichi's stuffing using her as a hostage. In the middle of the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Eikichi received as several Mooks ganged on him, said jerk insensitively revealed who she was: the same girl, years later, crippled with the same self-esteem issues that had once plagued Eikichi himself; she had used an alias to shield herself, she was so terrified of revealing who she was. Eikichi then proceeded to admit he had never ceased to love her and that there was nothing anybody could do to change that. He still kept getting his ass kicked until the idiot threatened the girl with a knife. Eikichi responded with a Roaring Rampage of Revenge that knocked down all his attackers, and proceeded to invoke Exact Words to nullify the idiot's advantage. Commence asskicking.
    • Gets another one further down, in Eikichi's Shadow battle. Shadow Eikichi is holding the girl passionately and revealed that she became the fat girl back then because she felt pity when Eikichi was being ridiculed of being fat, but the unknown to her, Eikichi went into an image-rebuilding into the 'dead sexy' punk he's known for. And now she's slim again, but all thanks to joining the Masked Circle and opposing Eikichi. Shadow Eikichi goads her to just get on with him because Eikichi ditched her for his self-image. Cue Eikichi going, "You get off her, she's MY girl!!", and ass-kicking ensue. In the end, after a tender hug, Eikichi reveals one thing: He never loved her for her looks, but for the fact that she's big hearted enough that she'd stand up for a bullied kid like him in the past. Aww.
  • When the party gets trapped in the air raid shelter and take a rest, withe Tatsuya and Maya keeping watch, Maya almost slips into despair before retaining her positive demeanor. She brings out her stuffed bunny to lighten the mood. Tatsuya's reaction is touching as it'd the first time we see him smile. Maya even pointed it out, to his embarrassment.
    Maya: That's the first time I've seen you smile. You've got a great one!
  • In Innocent Sin, Lisa's reaction to being chosen as the love interest is adorable. See here.

     Eternal Punishment 
  • Not totally epic, but in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Tatsuya slowly reveals the truth behind his existence and "This Side" of Sumaru City to the party at Mt. Iwato. He's rather distraught and saddened, feeling heavy guilt for what he did in the other world. He pleads and begs the party (particularly Maya) to just forget him and everything, so they can have a supposedly more peaceful life. Maya, the player character and Heroic Mime, simply walks up to Tatsuya and hugs him. Tatsuya attempts to push her away but she just keeps hugging him. Eventually Tatsuya just lets her hug him, his resolve and faith restored.
    • Also, making the right choice when confronted by Shadow Katsuya. The Shadow goads him into remembering how much he's given up for his family - including his own dreams to take up a career he doesn't really want just to support them - reveals his huge crush on Maya in front of everyone, and then convinces him to do the unthinkable and turn his gun on Tatsuya. Have Maya say "I believe in you..." and he turns and shoots his Shadow instead, saying that it made a mistake when it tried to come between two brothers, and then smiles at a flustered Tatsuya and says, "You're my little brother."
  • Baofu even manages one in Eternal Punishment. When the gang are on the underground subway train heading towards the Ameno Torifune, Tatsuya asks Baofu if it's hard being an adult. Baofu eventually tells him "There's nothing good...the pain keeps growing...", with Katsuya, Maya and Ulala looking sad. But then Baofu tells him "You're still young. You got lots of time left...if you wanna live". Then after the gang defeat Nyarlathotep, and Tatsuya has to vanish, Baofu tells him "There are some good things about being an adult...just a few...". Tatsuya responds with "Yeah...I know". It's just a nice touch for Baofu's character.
  • When Sneak/Chief Togashi is killed, Baofu asks the party after the battle with Shimazu to pay their respects to a man that just died.
  • The St. Hermelin Persona Users (sans Masao and Yuka) have a reunion in Parabellum Bar during the epilogue. As they talk about Reiji getting married, an unseen person (presumably the protagonist of the first game) enters the bar and is greeted by Eriko and Maki.
    • Reiji planned to name his unborn child Takashi (the name combines Reiji and Kandori's kanji) suggesting he no longer holds any grudge for his half-brother. Even Nanjo (who also held a grudge towards Kandori) agrees that it is a good name.

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