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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Tatsuya gets one at the duology's end. In Eternal Punishment, after Nyarlathotep exposes his sin (selfishly refusing to forget his friends, even though he knew it would allow the abomination to return and try again to destroy the world) to the other party members, Baofu essentially tells Nyarlathotep to "shove it up your ass", and each of them cheer Tatsuya up. Then, Tatsuya vows to finally atone for his sin and fight head on; accompanied by his voice sounding far more braver and confident when he fights or summons his persona during the final boss battle.
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  • Innocent Sin has Eikichi's Took a Level in Badass moment loaded with this, with a healthy side order of heartwarming. He's getting beaten up by four guys while some loser is holding a knife to his former girlfriend who still loves him but was ashamed to see him because she put on a lot of weight. He takes the beating, but when the asshole with the knife attempts to cut her, he throws all four goons off effortlessly and beats the fail out of the bastard with the knife. The heartwarming part is this: he tells said girl, whom he still loves, that nothing would make him not love her.
  • Decking Philemon for the crap he's put everyone through.
  • Katsuya cracking the mystery behind the Kimon Tonkou formation at the near end of the TV Station dungeon.
  • So, someone decides to start a rumor that Adolf Hitler is still alive. Not a problem, right? Well, normally not. But what with this whole "rumors become reality" business... Long story short, you get to kick the crap out of Hitler!
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  • Kandori has Eikichi at gunpoint as a hostage and decides to shoot him anyway. Cue Tatsuya arriving on the scene, slamming the door between Kandori and Eikichi open, reflecting the bullet. Big Damn Heroes, indeed!
  • Fighting Nyarlathotep in Eternal Punishment. Unlike in Innocent Sin, where he acts like the fight didn't happen in the first place, here it's indicated that he's actually taking the fight seriously. Sure, he invokes As Long as There is Evil immediately, but the fact still remains that you beat him, and his Villainous Breakdown after indicates he never thought it was possible for him to lose.
    • This is heightened even moreso by the fact after Nyarlathotep transforms into his "Crawling Chaos" form, he states excitedly that no one has seen this form of his before and briefly praises them before continuing this fight.
  • Innocent Sin has a moment for each of the main cast members (save Tatsuya and Jun) in which Tatsuya has to show them a form of "tough love" in order for them to grow. If you let them do it, then not only do you earn their Prime Personae, but you let them get some awesome moments in:
    • Eikichi's is the first, in which he pulls a Rules Lawyer on the rumor system. The rumor goes that the "Leader" (Hiroki) is stronger than the "Boss" (Eikichi), and that's true... so Eikichi quits being the Boss, because the rumour doesn't say that Hiroki is stronger than Eikichi. By the end of it, Hiroki is a blubbering, bloody mess.
    • Next is Lisa, who has to actually perform in the concert she's been roped into. It's more minor than the others, but it allows her to finally set the record straight to the world about who she is, which was the thing holding her back from properly bonding with other people.
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    • Maya decides to rescue Ixquic from being burnt to death, despite having panic attacks and flashbacks at any other point where she's encountered it. She pulls it off. Even if Tatsuya doesn't let her do this, however, she'll still save someone: she uses her Persona to stop Tatsuya from falling into the flames when he loses his grip.
    • Last is Yukino, who has just seen the love of her life murdered by the Last Battalion. Should Tatsuya encourage her to keep going, she will fight her own Shadow off by herself. No other character in the series has ever fought off their own Shadow without help, and most can't even try to do such a thing without making it go berserk.
  • When Ulala is turned into a Joker, she freaks out and forces everyone out of the room she's in at GOLD, then locks herself in. Her mind is rapidly being overwritten, but she still manages to protect innocents and give Maya a heads-up about the problem.
  • Literally everything Tatsuya does in Eternal Punishment before he joins your party. He goes all One-Man Army against a whole bunch of killers with magical powers, an actual army and Mini Mechas, and he wins. Every. Time.

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