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Awesome Music / Persona 2

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  • The Main Theme happens to be an instrumental version of the awesome ending theme, Kimi no Tonari (Next to You). The game is filled with great music, but these tunes in particular stand out. As does Main Theme A, the other variation of the main theme. It certainly helps that these pieces of music are played during many a Heartwarming Moment. The acoustic version of Kimo No Tonari is beautiful and pure Tear Jerker material.
  • Another often played during a Heartwarming Moment is Reminiscence (Beloved). And two of the most catchy and awesome character themes are Maya's theme (including her sad version) and Yukino’s theme.
  • The remake opening is just awesome. The music that goes with it really helps!
  • Dance of Death, the theme that plays when Maya Amano dies is very sad.
  • The Innocent Sin boss theme, in both the original and the PSP remake versions.
  • The Eternal Punishment boss theme is pretty good too and is a remix of the original. Then the remake came and so did a remix of a remix.
  • Eternal Punishment's battle theme is pretty good as well, along with the PSP version, and its remix.
  • Kashihara/Nyarlathotep's theme.
  • Change Your Way, the ending theme to Eternal Punishment. Very inspiring and about the only vocal song in the series sung by an English singer.
  • The title theme for the Innocent Sin remake. Appropriate music for the darkest game in the Persona series.
  • "Knights Of The Holy Spear", in both original and remake versions.
  • Eternal Punishment's "EX Final Battle" is very fitting for a Bonus Boss fight with Philemon. Notable in that the original's orchestral/techno sounds and PSP remix's pure rock keep the same melody, tempo, and general awesomeness, but sound really different from each other.
  • Meguro's unused remix of "Knights Of The Holy Spear" for the PSP arranges the full version of the Knights of the Holy Spear/EX Final Battle initially heard in the original Innocent Sin's opening movie. This version would also later be arranged as the opening theme for the Eternal Punishment remake.
  • Eternal Punishment's Reminiscence event themes put both a sad and a heartwarming spin to the original intro music.
  • Jun's theme also known as "Blooming Flower" plays during much of the last act of the game accompanying Jun piecing together his memories. It's a solemn and tragic song perfectly befitting of the character.
  • Mt. Katatsumuri is a mysterious piece that plays during the part of the game where things start getting heavy.
  • The Velvet Room Theme for 2 adds additional smooth pianos the the already wonderful One-Woman Wail that is so familiar, giving it a very distinct feel unlike anything else in the series.
  • The PSP version of the Eternal Punishment opening is simply fantastic, doing an excellent job of hyping the player while having tons of Foreshadowing cleverly hidden in plain sight.
  • When it comes to awesome dungeon themes, few things can beat the utter pumping action of the Monado Mandala theme.
  • From Innocent Sin, when Giga Macho becomes a record store again, we are treated to the excellent and appropriately titled New Jack Swing track CD Shop ~Giga Macho~.