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Fear's awake, anger beats loud, face reality, never be charity
The enemy you're fighting covers all society
(Damn right)
Mommy's not here, gotta fight (All night)

Right here, Shadow, 10 o'clock, direction, seize the moment, they destroy the nation
Your rhyme slow motion, give me motivation
Freaked out now and dead on arrival

Round up around, spit out, all over, rhyme like a rolling stone, coming a crowd
Watch out, they move, they diss you loud
Guess what, this sound, it bombs whole ground
(So round up)

Don't ease your pace, 'cause enemy's brutal, moment of truth, there ain't no truce
You're the only one, one world, one love, but the battle goes on
Shadows of mass destruction!
— "Mass Destruction"

  • Aria of the Soul, a remix of the original Velvet Room theme. Dignified and mysterious, perfect for Igor, and so amazing that it's re-used in all Persona games afterwards. Then...
  • The opening movie sets the tone with Burn My Dread.
  • It's fair to say that nothing else in this game's OST will be stuck in your head more than BABYBABYBABYBABYBABY. The rest of "Mass Destruction," the game's main battle theme, is pretty iconic too. The version from FES adds even more jazz to the song, including a brief horn solo before the first "BABYBABYBABY..." and additional lyrics. It serves as a follow-up of sorts to the original version.
  • Heartful Cry from The Answer accompanies three of the most emotionally rending boss fights in the game.
  • And for a dark horse favorite, there's Shadow, the theme as The Magician's attacking the dorm.
  • Persona 3 Portable brings some new songs to the table, from the epic new opening Soul Phrase to the Female Protagonist's new battle theme and boss battle.
  • Memories of You, which plays during the ending credits, is a heart-wrenching and emotional piece, with lyrics that speak of the protagonist fighting to save the world and sacrificing his life to do so, and in the end, passing away peacefully with a smile on his face. When this song plays, many a tear is sure to be shed.
  • The Updated Re-release of Persona 3 FES, in which the music gets much more intense and epic.
  • My Testimony, from Winter of Rebirth, is an emotional piece that truly emphasizes resolving the will to live.
  • Unavoidable Battle, especially with a fight against a certain Bonus boss. And here is the Reincarnation remix.
  • Once you get to the last month of the game, the themes for the locations around the city get changed. And the city theme, Memories of the City is the best one of them all. The more somber-sounding theme really fits the darker look of the city, as well as the sheer weight of what the characters are preparing to do.
  • Living with Determination often plays during sad moments and when someone reaches the resolution they need to evolve their Persona. A remix plays after New Year's Eve in the dorm. It pumps the player up to prepare for the arrival of Nyx.
  • Master of Shadow, the theme of the Moon Shadow bosses. Otherworldly awesome.
  • Deep Breath Deep Breath, the song only plays during when you're on the train going to fight the first shadow. But it's still awesome.
  • Darkness, the theme for the final boss fight of The Answer. Sounds a bit like "Divine Identity" (see the Digital Devil Saga section), and evokes the same feeling: "Let's go kick ass!"
  • Snow Queen, a truly awesome remix of the Megami Ibunroku Persona song of the same name.
  • Brand New Days -The Beginning-, which is the main screen theme. It also is the theme of choice for one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the game. A vocalized remix plays during the credits to The Answer.
  • School would be much more popular if they piped the upbeat and catchy Want to be Close into the halls. Oddly, take away the percussion and piano and you've got the appropriately titled Tranquility.
  • Mistic (sic), which is the basis for the themes of the different Tartarus floors and plays during one of the tensest moments in the game (when the player decides whether or not to kill Ryoji). It's based around a deep relaxing piano and string melody, but avoids Soundtrack Dissonance.
  • When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars, an incredibly catchy and upbeat town theme. To contrast with this song's fast-paced, almost techno feel, Persona 3 Portable adds the equally catchy and upbeat Way of Life for the female protagonist.
  • Sun, one of the new overworld themes added for the female protagonist in Portable. Whether you think it's So Bad, It's Good or just plain awesome, one thing's for sure: it'll never get out of your head.
  • The Spring of Birth movie brings us "More Than One Heart". Appropriate to the movie's title, the song makes you feel like you're out in the middle of a spring day, basking in the sunlight.
  • Fate is in Our Hands, the theme for the second movie, Midsummer Knight's Dream. Lotus Juice's flow is absolutely jaw-dropping, especially the section from around 3:20 to 3:50.
  • Self Redemption, which plays when SEES receives a Heroic Second Wind during the lead up to the final battle in Winter of Rebirth.
  • Wiping All Out, the Persona 3 Portable female MC's battle theme, isn't as iconic as "Mass Destruction", but it's still fantastic.
  • Reload adds a new battle theme for surprise attacks, It’s Going Down Now. The chorus is incredibly catchy (“DISTURBING THE PEAAACE” especially) and has a habit of syncing up perfectly with All Out Attacks. It’s also one of the few times Lotus Juice actually sings instead of rapping, and it sounds damn good.
  • Full Moon, Full Life, Reload’s opening theme, reprises parts of "Burn My Dread" and sounds very nostalgic despite how upbeat it is, as if it’s welcoming you back to Iwatodai.