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For the sake of convenience, the protagonist will be referred to by his canon name from Persona 3: The Movie: Makoto Yuki. Speaking of which, this page follows the male protagonist's story, as well as the epilogue in Persona 3 FES.

This page contains unmarked spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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Part 1: Spring of Birth

    The Journey Begins (April 2009) 
April, 2009. Makoto Yuki, a high school junior, arrives on Port Island in the city of Iwatodai. He arrives very late in the night, stepping off of the train shortly before midnight...

When the clock strikes twelve, the world around Makoto changes: people around him disappear into coffins, electronics stop working, the streets become caked in blood, and the sky turns an alien shade of green as the moon gives off a bright golden glow. For Makoto, however, this is nothing unusual...

He makes his way to the dormitory for the school he would be transferring to this year, Gekkoukan High. When he arrives, he is greeted by a young boy in striped clothes, presenting him a "contract" that states he would take responsibility for his actions over the coming year.

Makoto signs the contract, and the boy cautions him about how time would deliver all to the same end before vanishing...

After the boy vanishes, a young girl appears. She appears to be apprehensive, and begins to reach for what appears to be a gun in a thigh-strapped holster. She is stopped by an older girl, who stays her hand until the lights in the dormitory come on and the world around them returns to normal.

The older girl introduces herself as Mitsuru Kirijo, a senior at Gekkoukan and student council president. She also introduces the girl who was about to draw a gun: Yukari Takeba, a fellow junior. Mitsuru has Yukari show Makoto to his dorm.

That night, as Makoto sleeps, he has a dream where he finds himself in a large and lavish elevator. He is greeted by the long-nosed man present, Igor, master of the Velvet Room, who, along with his assistant Elizabeth, would become a fixture of his life for the year to come.

The next day, Makoto arrives at Gekkoukan. He winds up in the same class as Yukari, as well as an old acquaintance of Yukari's: Junpei Iori, a classmate who knew Yukari since the previous grade.

    Awakening (April 2009) 
School life seems to go normally for Makoto. Unbeknownst to him, he is being watched by Mitsuru and Yukari, along with the school's chairman, Shuji Ikutsuki. They notice how he seems to be unperturbed by how the world changes around him every night at midnight. Since he had not succumbed to Apathy Syndrome, a bizarre illness linked to these changes, they believe he may have the "potential"...

On the night of April 9th, while Makoto slept, chaos erupts around the dormitory. Akihiko Sanada, the boxing team captain and another senior, comes into the dorm, his arm injured, warning Mitsuru and Yukari that something big was coming. Mitsuru instructs Yukari to get Makoto and take him to safety.

Yukari guides Makoto to the rooftop, but the two find themselves cornered by a bizarre monster that Yukari calls a "Shadow". Yukari reaches for her gun and, strangely, points it at her own head. Before she can pull the trigger, she is knocked aside by the Shadow.

Makoto moves to aid her, but stops when he sees the gun on the ground. He picks it up and, compelled by a mysterious force, points it at his head. He hesitates for a few moments, but then grins and whispers...


Makoto pulls the trigger, and from the explosion of energy bursting from the other side of his head appears his Persona: Orpheus. Makoto uses Orpheus to attack the Shadow, but for a moment, loses control of his power, causing Orpheus to transform into another, more monstrous Persona which tears the Shadow to shreds before changing back into Orpheus, with whom Makoto finishes off the stragglers before passing out.

Makoto dreams once more of Igor and the Velvet Room. Igor congratulates Makoto for awakening his Persona, and describes his power as being like the number "zero": empty, but with limitless potential, allowing him to use multiple Personas. Igor advises Makoto to forge and cultivate bonds with the people in his life to strengthen his potential.

Makoto awakens in the hospital a week later, with Yukari waiting for his recovery. Yukari apologizes for keeping secrets from Makoto, and confides in him the fact that the two have more in common than he initially thought: similar to how Makoto's parents died in an explosion in Iwatodai ten years ago, Yukari lost her father around the same time.

    The Priestess (April-May 2009) 
After recovering, Makoto meets with his doormates, along with the school's director Shuji Ikutsuki. Mitsuru reveals to Makoto the existence of the "Dark Hour", a hidden hour that takes place after the stroke of midnight during which the monsters known as "Shadows" emerge. Most living beings never experience the Dark Hour, their bodies encased in coffins and their consciousnesses suspended. Those unlucky enough to still be conscious during the Dark Hour risk falling victim to the Shadows, their minds destroyed. Among those who retain their senses during the Dark Hour, a lucky few are capable of summoning the power of Persona: a manifestation of their minds and souls that can repel the Shadows.

All of the students in the dorm, including Mitsuru, Yukari, and Junpei, along with Ikutsuki, are members of the "Special Extracurricular Execution Squad", or SEES, a special organization dedicated to investigating the cause behind the Dark Hour and the appearance of Shadows. All members of SEES, save for Ikutsuki, possess the ability to summon a Persona through the use of a special device, the gun-shaped "Evoker". As such, Ikutsuki and Mitsuru invite Makoto to lend his strength, an offer Makoto readily accepts.

At the core of the Dark Hour and the Shadow outbreak is Tartarus, a bizarre tower that emerges from beneath the school during the Dark Hour. With Mitsuru providing logistical support, Makoto leads Yukari and Junpei, who possess their own Personas in the forms of Io and Hermes, into the tower, fighting Shadows while gradually making their way to the top of the tower and maintaining their scholarly and civilian lives during the day.

On May 9, the night of the full moon, a large Shadow suddenly appears at the Iwatodai rail station. Makoto, Yukari, and Junpei go to investigate, eventually finding themselves trapped in a monorail car that had been commandered by the large Shadow, the Priestess. Thankfully, the Priestess is destroyed, and the monorail is halted before an accident could be caused.

    The Empress and Emperor (May-June 2009) 
Eventually, Akihiko recovers and joins Makoto's party, lending his own Persona, Polydeuces, to SEES's cause. Over the month that follows, it comes to light that a student at the school, Fuuka Yamagishi, has gone missing. Mitsuru eventually discovers that a bully at the school, Natsuki Moriyama, had locked Fuuka in a gymnasium overnight. This was several days ago, but it is surmised among the members of SEES that Fuuka may be trapped in Tartarus. There may be hope that she is still alive; time functions differently in Tartarus, so even if days had passed since her disappearance, Fuuka may have only been trapped in Tartarus for a few hours!

On June 8th, the night of the full moon, SEES commence a mission to rescue Fuuka from Tartarus. Shortly after finding Fuuka hail and whole, the team is recalled to the tower's entrance as two large Shadows, the Emperor and the Empress, attack Mitsuru and Akihiko. Natsuki, the same bully that had caused Fuuka to be trapped in Tartarus, wanders into the tower, driving Fuuka to take a nearby Evoker and summon her own Persona, Lucia. With Lucia, Fuuka is able to uncover the weaknesses in the Shadows, helping Makoto and company destroy them.

Natsuki, remorseful over having endangered Fuuka's life, apologizes profusely before she is taken from the tower. The following day, her memories of being in Tartarus are gone, but her personality has changed radically as she offers a hand of friendship to Fuuka.

Part 2: A Midsummer Knight's Dream

    The Hierophant and Lovers (June-July 2009) 
  • The pattern of Full Moon = important shadow is discovered
  • Events of the July full moon (7/7)
  • Strega's presence prior to meeting SEES

    Justice and the Chariot (July-August 2009) 
  • Yakushima trip
  • The team learns about the origins of the Dark Hour
  • Yukari becomes cold and determined to fix this
  • Aigis is recruited into the team
  • Some time after Yakushima, Ken Amada is introduced to the team, but does not join yet
  • SEES recruits and adopts Koromaru
  • Events of the next Full Moon, August 6th
  • Strega meets SEES

    The Hermit (August-September 2009) 
  • Ken is truly recruited
  • The team is dragged off to summer school by Mitsuru against their will
  • Afterwards, Junpei meets a girl named Chidori
  • Ken discovers that Shinjiro Aragaki was involved in an incident two years ago
  • Shinjiro rejoins SEES after knowing that Ken has joined
  • Events of the September Full Moon, 9/5
  • Chidori kidnaps Junpei

    Fortune and Strength (September-October 2009) 
  • Typhoon
  • Fortune and Strength boss battle on October 4th
  • Akihiko realizes today is October 4th, and that means...
  • The moment of truth for Ken and Shinjiro on October 4th
  • Shinjiro is shot and killed by Takaya

Part 3: Falling Down

    The Hanged Man (October-November 2009) 
So close to their goal, the team recovers from the loss of their teammate. In fact, they have not just recovered, but throughout October, the passing of Shinjiro brought about Akihiko's ultimate Persona Caesar, and then Ken's Kala-Nemi after the two have a discussion after Ken abandoned the group after the October operation. Meanwhile, Natsuki tells Fuuka that she is moving away, but the bond between the two allows Lucia to become Fuuka's own ultimate Persona, Juno.

The day of 11/3, SEES knows that their final battle is coming. Aware of the possibility that Strega will interfere, the team heads on, and as predicted, they do, though only Takaya and Jin are present. The group, seeking to both avenge Shinjiro and finish their duty, defeats them and the final Arcana Shadow, Arcana Hanged Man, on the Moonlight Bridge. The members of Strega present appear to choose suicide over surrender and loss of purpose.

With Arcana Hanged Man slain, the Dark Hour is expected to be no more. SEES all decide to celebrate with a party at the behest of Junpei. Takeharu Kirijo is also invited and attends with them, though Ikutsuki and Aigis have left to give the latter a tuneup. Prior to the party, Makoto bids farewell to Pharos, who will be leaving Makoto's mind.

To the team's dismay, the Dark Hour comes that very day on 11/4, shocking everybody present. Hearing the chime of a bell, S.E.E.S make their way to Tartarus, where at the entrance they encounter Ikutsuki and a reprogrammed Aigis. Ikutsuki had been manipulating the team from the very beginning. Easily defeated by Aigis, they're taken to the top of Tartarus and crucified by chains, where the truth is revealed...

Ikutsuki had been using them to bring about the Fall, an event that will supposedly change the world, in the hopes of becoming the ruler of the new world! To this end, he manipulated SEES into killing the Arcana Shadows so that they would merge with the ultimate one, Death, the one who would bring about the Fall. Fortunately, before they are executed, Aigis temporarily breaks free from the control of Ikutsuki and frees them from their crucifixion. Koromaru steals the remote control Ikutsuki had been using to control her and Kirijo shoots him, though not before getting shot back. Ikutsuki falls off of Tartarus to his inevitable demise, and Kirijo bleeds out to a tearful Mitsuru.

Betrayed by their guide, and supposedly having caused the Fall while also failing to prevent the Dark Hour, the team goes on hard spirits...

    A New Student (November 2009) 
  • Yukari discovers the truth of her father and awakens to Isis
  • A new transfer student attends Makoto's class called Ryoji Mochizuki
  • Aigis dislikes Ryoji for unknown reasons
  • Trip to Kyoto except for Ken and Koro
  • After a heart to heart, Yukari helps Mitsuru awaken to Artemisia
  • 7 days prior to the next full moon, Chidori challenges SEES
  • They win, but it turns out Takaya and Jin survived, and the former kills Junpei
  • Junpei is revived by Chidori, costing her own life in the process
  • Hermes and Medea fuse into Trismegistus

Final Part:Winter of Rebirth

    The Fall (December 2009) 
  • Events of the first December full moon
  • Ryoji reveals that he's Death and the Fall is going to happen, and he can't be defeated
  • Ryoji offers the team a choice
  • Each of SEES finds a reason to live
  • Aigis awakens to Athena
  • Makoto is given the decision on if he will kill Ryoji
  • (Had Makoto taken the opportunity to kill Ryoji, he and his friends sans Aigis would have forgotten everything about his past year, and fallen victim to the Fall.)
  • Makoto refuses to kill Ryoji

    Death (January 2010) 
  • Growth of the Cult of Nyx
  • January 31st meeting
  • Jin's battle and aftermath
  • Takaya's battle
  • Nyx Avatar's battle
  • Makoto performs the Great Seal
  • Returning from the moon
  • 3/3
  • 3/5


    The Answer (FES only) (March 2010) 


    Changes in FES/Portable 
  • FES: Chidori can be brought back to life, implied canon in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  • Portable: Female protagonist's name is taken from the stage play adaptation for this, Kotone Shiomi
  • Elizabeth is not present in the initial meetings with Igor
  • Kotone can correctly guess whether Igor's assistant is male (Theodore) or female (Elizabeth)
  • Kotone can save Shinjiro's life through his Social Link