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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Demon negotiation. Almost every demon is a Cloudcuckoolander with next to no touch with reality and the party's options of contacting them include things such as SFX imitations, arguments over baseball teams, a drink fest, seduction, singing, fortune telling, blackmail, torture, emotional advice... For example:
    Ellen: Did you enjoy my hips swaying as I walked?
    Minotaur: Mmmm... You, walk weird! Go see doctor.
    • Another variant that is hilarious is the Cosmic monsters or the monsters that are The Unintelligible.
      Wraith (upon interest): You-ew came from 5 million light years away and didn't even emit light...As an insect approaches, the lion roars. Item sold by the dark skinned merchant with no nails...He's there in your-or desert of dreams...What does he sell!?
    • Your choices can be just as weird:
      Choices given: Silver Gate Key, Necronomicon, Banana
  • Some other examples that deserve a mention: talking television, mother, marriage, Santa Claus, asking for money. Hell, Baofu just blackmails the demons!
    • One of Tatsuya's contact options is to stare menacingly at the demon. Another one is "Discuss Manliness".
  • And speaking of the Death Glare, here's a gem from Eternal Punishment:
    Robin Goodfellow: (in response) Ahh! My heart is pounding! I can feel it in my chest! This feeling... What is it!?
    Tatsuya: (choices given)
    • Better yet, each of those answers can scare the crap out of it.
    Innocent Sin 
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Taking Shadow Maya aka. Nyarlathotep to play Blackjack at Mu Casino. The smug portrait when winning and the venomous scowl when losing is very amusing. Even if it is an act, it's funny seeing the Eldritch Personification of all humanity's evil get so into a game of cards.
  • In the GOLD gym, Eikichi gets an ENTIRE WEIGHT MACHINE dropped on him, complete with Looney Tunes-esque DONG noise. Even more hilarious is his understatement of a reaction when he gets back up. And yes, he DOES get back up from having AN ENTIRE WEIGHT MACHINE dropped on HIS HEAD!
    • And Tatsuya manages to save Maya by pushing her away from a falling item from the ceiling. Same dungeon, Eikichi fell into the same trap and Tatsuya didn't even bother. Naturally, Eikichi complains.
    • Later, Makimura tries to be a badass and threatens to kill off the good guys, then Ulala shows up, out for his blood. Cue him screaming and running like a bitch.
  • The entire blimp sequence in Innocent Sin.
    • To elaborate, right as the party escapes the flames now enveloping the museum by using the fake blimp now turned real, the triumphant music swells up as it takes to the sky, with cars slamming the brakes on the ground below as if they can't believe what they are seeing. And as it takes further to the air... the music lets out and an explosion occurs on the blimp.
    • Even better is what happens when they have to jump OFF the blimp. Eikichi is terrified for obvious reasons and tries to hide it with absolutely no success, until Yukino has enough of it and kicks him out without a word.
  • When Maya and Ixquic say their Catchphrase at the same time in battle and she calls her out on it.
  • Have the Persona Hades and meet a Demeter Demon and watch them argue with each other over her daughter.
  • Lisa has gone off with the other Muses and Ginji Sasaki to perform as an idol, and the others hear that Sasaki has a bad habit of getting "frisky" with adolescent idol girls...
    Eikichi: [panicked] What!? Ginji Sasaki's a pedo!? Then Ginko's...! *beat* [totally calm] ...Probably beating the shit out of him. We should maybe go stop her before she ends up committing murder.
  • There's a lot of visual humor in Innocent Sin even though the graphics aren't the best for it. Still, some of it really stands out:
    • While Ms. Saeko is trying to get Tatsuya to open up about his plans for the future, Lisa comes along asking to borrow him. Tatsuya's panic is palpable as he gestures and shakes his head silently begging Ms. Saeko not to hand him over.
    • When Eikichi comes along to Sevens, at one point a group of students swarm him intent on stealing the emblems off his Kasugayama school uniform. They spin him around with comical whirling sound effects and he's flat on the ground with eyes bugged out afterward.
    • On first meeting Maya and Yukino, Eikichi steps forward to give some "suave," self-aggrandizing introduction - and Lisa promptly kicks him in the back of the knee, sending him sprawling.
    • Tatsuya as a kid doing what looks like slapping some kids rapidly after they tease Jun about his father being a deadbeat.
  • There's a funny part in Innocent Sin where the team has to drive a boat down a river. Maya volunteers to steer the boat, and the others have their doubts. It doesn't end well...
    [after crashing into a stone pillar] Eikichi and Lisa: CALLED IT!
  • If you try to contact members of the Masked Circle, they will cry 'Glory to the mask!' The Scorpio members say this in a really funny, sort-of pained, high-pitched voice.
  • Tadashi has been studying a poster for the band Muses, which shows two women in profile and a third member in silhouette. Tadashi deduces that the third member is Lisa, and proceeds to beg her for an autograph. Tamaki gets fed up, kicks him in the groin, and drags him out the back door. For the next few lines of dialogue the sound of Tamaki beating up on Tadashi underscores the soundtrack; Yukino finally calls the two back in by suggesting that he's probably learned his lesson.
  • At the very start, Tatsuya is told that he has to go find Ms Saeko for guidance counseling. You literally have to go through every floor of Seven Sisters asking about her, at which point you find out that she apparently went to the courtyard. But she's not there. Ask around some more, and she turns out to be by Tatsuya's bike. Which is exactly where you started. Were Tatsuya a more talkative person, his reaction would probably be priceless.
  • While a very serious segment, but when helping the kids escape the fire at the Aerospace Museum the cast takes turns encouraging the kids to move, but when it becomes Tatsuya's turn...
    Eikichi: ...Did those just kids run off because your glare freaked them out? You shoulda said something nice to calm them down, heheh!
  • The group's reaction when they first enter Maya's room.
  • Reiji's entire cameo appearance. The group at first mistaken him for his half-brother Kandori much to his frustration after being informed by Nanjo. Lisa then keeps staring at his Legendary Gloves until Reiji finally gives in and lends it to her. To top it off, he complains that he is never be able to sell any of his merchandise yet his personal belongings keep disappearing.
  • To get Maya and Eikichi's Legendary Weapons, they are forced to try what appears to be the progenitors of Mystery Food X, yogurt ramen for Eikichi and spaghetti di kusaya for Maya (kusaya is her least favorite food). In the end, the two are able to finish their respective dish and faint (as well as getting a poison status). The player can further tease Maya by saying her dish is delicious.
  • After explaining how rumors influence Xibalba, Maya tells the group not to think anything scary. Eikichi suddenly thinks of one and much to his horror, out comes out Metal Daddy aka a golden version of his father. The entire party scolds him for this and Lisa later punches him. This scene is likely a Shout-Out to Ghostbusters in which Ray accidentally think of something after Peter told the group not to do so.
    • The names of Metal Daddy attacks are just hilarious. Two of them are called Huata! and Huatatata!, with him yelling out said attacks.
    • Before that, Eikichi try yelling out to be a famous pop star while Lisa try to make Tatsuya fall in love with her and calls out at Maya if the player rejects her.
  • The mere fact that Jun's choice of melee weapon is thrown flowers. They can be just as dangerous as the guns that Eikichi and Maya use. No explanation is ever given for this. Given what happens right before he joins the party, it's quite possible that the cast are at the point where they just don't question these things any more.
  • "Bluhhh! I—I'm zorry... J-Just dun yank muh pansssss!"
  • The sheer number of women that develop a crush on Tatsuya over the course of the game. And then it turns out that Katsuya has the exact same problem.

    Eternal Punishment 
  • In the GOLD gym, Maya has the option to tell Katsuya about a pervert in the Women's Locker Room. If she does tell him, you get treated a scene where Katsuya gives the pervert a well deserved beating.
    • Even funnier is the fact that Katsuya initially refuses to enter the room to look for the item they need, as he's embarassed about it being inappropriate. The moment he hears about the pervert, he storms in there furiously, embarassment entirely forgotten.
  • Katsuya and Baofu have to run through a really hot tunnel, and both are VERY worried their Cool Shades will MELT. Not So Different eh?
  • As mentioned above, the Sky Museum has you rescue a group of kids. Unlike Tatsuya who scared the kids off with a cold stare, Maya has the option to scream "Grab your asses and run to the roof!", which confuses and flusters Katsuya.
    Katsuya: Ms. Amano..? Grab your asses?
  • A throwaway line by Ulala in Satomi Tadashi in Yumezaki (after Aoba Park's second visit, but before the Factory) is this in a mix of Harsher in Hindsight or Crosses the Line Twice sorta way.
    Ulala: don't worry about these things. How do you eat so much and not get fat? Does your stomach have a hole in it?
  • Baofu meeting Ellen's stalker in the Kimon Tonkou dungeon pre-empts a very blunt question from Baofu himself.
    Baofu: Who the f##k are you?
  • At Parabellum, Baofu and Ulala are supposed to be acting to draw the media's attention away from the Guest-Star Party Member, when Ulala drinks a bit too much and actually gets serious on Baofu, striking him with her battle animation. Later, Maya's boss jumps in and strikes him down as well, getting him beaten down by two women.
    • It gets better: If you talk with Baofu right after that, he'll tell Maya that her plan worked a bit too well and proceeds to ask what "cross-dressing bitch" means. Maya laughs a bit and Baofu gets an epic Oh, Crap! moment. Poor guy.
    • Better still: Baofu is a native Japanese speaker. He knew exactly what it was Maya told him to say, but he had to play along to preserve his cover!
  • Ulala swears like a dog in the American version of Eternal Punishment. However, they just bleeped this out. And given that they don't bleep the whole word doesn't take much to guess what she's saying.
    Ulala: Don't underestimate me you *bleep*ing bastards!
    • And when she's talking to Elly's stalker...
      Stalker: You're no different than me! I'm gonna *bleep* your *bleep* and *bleep* it!
      Ulala: Shut UP! You *bleep* *bleep*! I'm *bleep*ing kick your scrawny a*bleep*! You piece of sh*Bleep*!
  • Again, the sorry state of Maya's room. Katsuya actually thinks the place got broken into before Maya sheepishly admits it's always like that.
  • The blimp sequence once again, specifically this time when they are about to jump out of the falling blimp, Tatsuya opens up with kicking Katsuya out the door, with him screaming all the way down.
  • Bring Makimura to Kusagayama High's roof.
    Katsuya: ...Hmmmm.
    Baofu: Hey Suou? It's a bother to walk around dragging [Makimura]... Why don't we just drop him from here?
    Makimura: Hey, I don't know about you, but he's a detective. There's no way he can do...
    Katsuya: I was just thinking the same thing... If we just say the Joker did it, there's no problem.
    Makimura: Dammit...
Tatsuya's Scenario is overall very serious, but Part 3 has its moments.
  • As soon as the part enters Kadasu Mandala, they are approached by General Zula, who is a talking cat. Katsuya immedietely salutes and then addresses Zula extremely politely, even calling them "your excellency". It is actually the only time in the whole duology when Tatsuya uses the helpless shrug animation.
    • Even better, as Zula offers exposition, they march up and down, causing Katsuya to rub his nose and eyes every time he approaches. Allergies, remember?
  • Later on, the party finds Azazel, an overly perveted angel who declares that he'll let them go if they give him "the woman". The party's reaction? Stare at Ulala.
    Baofu: Here's your chance to shine.
    • Azazel then declares that the woman he actually wants is Maya because she is not as corrupted as Ulala. Tatsuya and Katsuya instantly stand to her defence. Ulala is not amused.
    Ulala: What's the difference!?

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