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Heartwarming / Silent Hill

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  • Any bonding moments between Rose and Sharon. It's nice to see how much Rose treats Sharon as her own daughter, despite they're not biologically related.
  • A very, very dark one, but strangely heartwarming all the same: Cybil is about to be burned alive by the religious fanatics, and what's her main concern? That she doesn't want Sharon to have to witness it. She even calls out to Sharon to tell her that it's gonna be OK, and her mommy's coming for her.
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  • A very brief one in the flashback: Inspector Gucci rescuing Alessa after she's been burnt alive. Getting horrible burns on his hands didn't deter him in the slightest.
  • The way Dahlia tries to protect Sharon. Even if it's just because she thinks Sharon is Alessa, it still shows that she hasn't lost her maternal instinct even after so many years.
  • Dahlia is the only one spared of Alessa's revenge on the Brethren and asks why was she spared. Rose's response? "Mother is God in the Eyes of a Child." Alessa never once hated her..
  • Another dark example, but during the movie's climax, Dark Alessa seems to be pretty content (in her own way) that her other half is finally getting her revenge.