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Heartwarming / Criminal Girls

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  • The group overcoming their misunderstandings and reuniting to dispel Desire's illusions in the Frost block.
    • Even before then, there's the realization as to why Yuko stayed with Tomoe: to protect a weakened Sako from the Convict that was chasing them down.
  • Watching the girls come to terms with their past sins in the Education block.
  • "Motivation Time" becoming "Sweet Time" once the girls are promoted to Knights. The protagonist managed to turn what were supposed to be infernal punishments into tender, enjoyable moments because he doesn't believe that hurting the girls is the right way to motivate them.
    • When using Aftercare on Sako, she exclaims, "Sensei, I love you!"
  • Each girl's fourth wish and ending. It's quite touching to see them after they've overcome their shortcomings and are genuinely happy, especially compared to when you first meet.
    • During Sako's final wish a sealed gate tells her that she must relinquish that which is most precious to her. She says she can't do that. The gate tells her to relinquish her second-most precious thing. She says she can't give up Yuko either. By this time the Instructor has become more precious to her than Yuko.
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  • The protagonist and girls choosing to stay in Hell and fight for Miu and Himekami, even though they're in the free and clear to return to the mortal world.

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