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Heartwarming moments in Criminal Case:


  • Grace adopting an abused puppy that was being groomed for dog-fighting, at the end of one side-quest in Good Cop, Dead Cop.
  • At the end of One-tooth Sam's side-quest in Into the Viper's Nest, he vows to make Cooperville a better place to live in honor of his late wife's memory after getting back his lost wealth.
  • A small one from the AI of In the Dead of Night: After Julian Ramis is arrested for accidentally killing his friend, he has to spend a year in a youth detention center. His father decides to bring him some of his things and tells the player that he intends to fully support his son, as he needs him more than ever.
  • When Jones is out of commission halfway through Dog Eat Dog, Ramirez steps in to be your partner. He's genuinely worried about Jones despite how hard the latter is on him. It just goes to show how much of a nice guy Ramirez is throughout everyone criticizing him constantly which is likely what helped make him so popular with the fans.
    Ramirez: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, you've seen Inspector Jones? How did he look? Do you think he's going to make it?? I'm so worried about him... You know, Jones was the one who helped when I started my work as a policeman. He was like a mentor to me! Oh, I know he likes teasing me, but he's got a good heart. And, well, I still have many things to learn, after all!
  • At the end of one side-quest in The Rorschach Reaper, Cathy King (Chief King's granddaughter) confesses that all she wanted was to dance with a nice guy at her prom ball, which got ruined by the actions of the Rorschach Reaper. She then asks Alex if he'll dance with her. Jones helps.
    Alex: (blushing) A-a dance? With me? But—but there's no music! And no ligh—
    Jones: Of course this idiot would love to dance with you, Cathy! Go on, have fun! (to the player) Come on, (player's name). They need some space, and I've seen the piles of burgers on the buffet table! It'd be a pity to let them go to waste!

Pacific Bay

  • Seeing Ramirez again in Eastern Promises, now working as a private investigator. Your interactions with him throughout out the district as well can count too, seeing how excited he is to work with you again.
  • Helping Hannah’s girlfriend plan a date for her in the additional investigation of Killing Time.
  • During Of Rats and Men, Amy is attacked by the killer in a failed effort to scare the player character into dropping their investigation. When Russell questions a hypnotized Amy, she recounts being in the dark and scared... and wishing the Player Character was there with her. She looks upon them not only as a colleague and mentor, but as a trusted friend and confidant.
  • In The Eye of the Storm, Chief Marquez orders the whole department to evacuate due to the ongoing hurricane. The player character refuses to leave, defying an angry Marquez. The rest of the department immediately joins him/her, much to Marquez's frustration.
  • At the end of The Hunger Planes, Amy started to question her purposes of being a police officer after her high school sweetheart, Bobby Prince, was arrested for the case's murder. And the one who managed to snap her out of her disillusionment was none other than the grumpy, irritable and cynical Frank Knight.
  • Once Upon a Crime starts out with Frank Knight buttering up the Player Character. As it turns out, his daughter's favorite book is being turned into a live-action movie, and she is a huge fan of the actress. Frank wants to get his daughter an autograph so that she'll speak to him again.
  • The Ties That Bind is a big one for Frank Knight. Chief Marquez is one of the suspects in the murder of Colonel Spangler and he becomes emotionally invested in the case. Much of the case has him wishing that Andrea is innocent and he even threatens to leave the police force if she's guilty. Keep in mind that Andrea singles out Frank for discipline more than anyone else, so it shows just how much he really cares about her. He also asks the player to give him some privacy so he can have a private conversation with her after the real killer, Pearl Montana, is sentenced.
  • In Blood in the Blender, with the death of his creator, Milo the genetic experiment is left without a caretaker. It does not help that his Body Horror deters many characters, even to the point of making children cry. At the end of the case’s AI, he is Happily Adopted by Sister Dolly, who was initially rejecting of him until seeing how sweet he was.
  • Amy and Russell's Big Damn Kiss at the end of A Killer Among Us.
  • How the team forgave Frank Knight for his crimes and attended his funeral.

World Edition

  • In Killing Spring, a runaway named Benjamin Scott reveals that he left for Africa because he's embarrassed by his family back home. Upon hearing this, Elliot goes out of his way to look for the kid and tell him that his family loves him, and that he should be happy because Elliot himself wasn't so lucky when he was younger. This hints at Elliot's Hidden Heart of Gold, implying that his Jerkass personality is just a facade. When Benjamin reaches a reality crisis in Die by the Sword, Elliot is the one to console him and convince him to go back to his parents.
  • When Ambassador Stern's son is traumatized by the events of Die by the Sword, Lars befriends him and manages to help him feel better.
  • The end of the Eurasia arc has this adorable moment: Angela shows off her nesting doll of Jack, and Jack wonders why his doll is the smallest. Angela says it's cause he's the "baby" of the team (being the youngest field agent), and while Jack is confused, he thanks her for making him feel loved.
  • In Plagued by Death, Jack's concern for Angela and Lars' well-being during their attempts to stop the plague is quite touching.
    • It's also sweet to see how dedicated Angela and Lars are to helping with the plague victims and trying to find a cure.
    • After the killer is arrested, Lars is still very sick and Jack refuses to leave his side until he knows he'll be okay. When Lars is shown to be alive and well after receiving the cure, Jack doesn't even listen to the joke he's making and immediately hugs him tight. Lars then thanks the player, saying he wouldn't have been cured without them.
    • Chief Ripley, deciding that the case had taken too much out of the team, sends them off to Bollywood for a much-needed break.
  • The appearance of Lars and Angela's children, which allows the Douglas family to finally spend some quality time together for the first time in a while.
    • Lars spends the entirety of the case reading the guru's book, convinced that he's doing something wrong by not being with his family all the time. Jack (disguised as the guru) tells him that he had been on the right path all along, since his job allowed him to bring justice to those who needed it. Lars feels better about himself afterwards, and tells the others that an individual he admired a lot helped him to see the light. What made it better was that he knew it was Jack all along.
  • In Peace and Dead Quiet, Lars and Angela renew their wedding vows in the Tiger's nest monastery, while their kids watch. It's disgustingly adorable.
    • Also, Marina forgives Jonah for shooting her in Moscow, and then asks him out.
  • In A Twist of Fate, Sanjay returns in perfect health and looking pretty happy after we lost track of him in Insides Out.
  • Sanjay's arc was finally resolved in The Murder Games, where Carmen officially became his legal guardian.
    • In the same case, Chieko gets some closure when the player finds Hiroshi's locket, and tells her that despite SOMBRA's efforts, Hiroshi never forgot her. Angela then helps her find an adopted family, to Chieko's delight.
    • There's also SILVERee helping the player find the brainwashed children's memories, as atonement for his part in SOMBRA's scheme.
  • In A Stab in the Dark, the entire team pulls together to rescue a kidnapped Elliot, with Jonah pulling a Big Damn Heroes to disarm the kidnapper and Carmen fussing over Elliot once the kidnapper is down. It's also heavily implied the player gave the kidnapper a Death Glare for daring to hurt Elliot before cuffing them and hauling them off while Carmen tends to Elliot.
    • It's also kind of sweet how Elliot tries to downplay his injuries so Carmen won't work herself up. It doesn't work but points for trying.
  • At the start of The Circle of Death, Jack calls the Bureau team a family, and says he knows in his heart that nobody within the team is a traitor.
    • In the AI, when the possibility comes up about Carmen being the mole, Elliot fiercely denies it, showing how much he cares for her as a Parental Substitute.
  • The AI of Kicking the Bucket expands on Marina and Jonah's relationship, with Marina admitting that she cares for Jonah more than she'd realized and Jonah's half-sister Lily revealing that since Jonah joined the Bureau, all he told her about was his fondness for Marina.
  • For a case that was meant to reveal the identity of the Bureau mole, In Plain Sight has several moments where the family aspect of the Bureau shines through.
    • When Jonah finds out that Jack's gun was used to kill Lavinia, he looks saddened by it, then declares that Jack can't be the mole. Considering their usual dynamic, it's sweet that Jonah would still stick up for Jack in this situation. He also is the only one who deduces that Carmen could be in danger in Chapter 3, and saves her from the assassin who the mole had sent at the beginning of the district.
    • When Elliot is flagged as a suspect, he locks himself up in the library and refuses to talk, leading to Dupont to worry for him.
    • Sanjay gets worried about Carmen after her kidnapping, and demands that the staff let him see his mom. This is so touching that even Ingrid agrees to make an exception for him.
    Sanjay: <Player's name>, I want my mom!
  • Ice Rage sees the return of Grace, and when she sees the player again, she admits she's crying.
    Grace: Hello, <Player's name>! It's so good to see you again, I can't help tearing up!
  • Jack's concern for Lars in Murder, He Wrote is very touching. After Lars first analyzes a clue, Jack is shown holding onto his shoulder while he gets drunk over Angela's arrest, and even helps him explain the analysis to the player. Later on, when Lars threatens suicide while still drunk, Jack shows up, managing to talk him out of it before giving him a tight hug. Lars does sober up later on in the case, and when he does, Jack yells at him to never scare him like that again.
  • The King's Shadow drops a huge bombshell on the team when Michelle is killed by El Rey. At the very end of the case, though, Sanjay finds a picture of Jack and Carmen teaching Michelle the ins and outs of interrogating suspects. It helps the both of them come to terms with her death, and in the end, they hang the picture up so they can always remember her.]]
  • Michelle's entire Story Arc in South America. While the Bureau had been on shaky grounds with her in Africa, in South America they finally started to trust her and even taught her how to fit in with the rest of them. In turn, she was grateful that they accepted her as a personal friend even after her history with SOMBRA, and was willing to help them bring down the organization the best she could - even if she would be targeted and eventually killed by El Rey in doing so. The entire team is devastated at the loss despite knowing her for a relatively short time.
  • In Double Trouble, Jack is shot at the beginning of the investigation and spends the entirety of it hospitalized. In the AI, he gets upset that Lars wouldn't visit him despite the two being best friends. When Lars is confronted about this, he admits that he had been spending the entire day trying to write a song to show Jack how much he meant to him. He then agrees to visit Jack with the triplets, which cheers both of them up.
  • Down to the Wire has the Bureau confronting Asal about what she knows about Ripley's part in creating SOMBRA, and she reveals that due to the head of Mossad keeping secrets from her, she thought that the hunt for SOMBRA was just a game and didn't mean to be so smug towards the Bureau. This information allows her to reconcile with the player and Jack, whom she wishes luck with Lars and they part on friendly terms.
  • The Darkest Hour has several moments:
    • When the Bureau is about to be destroyed by a bomb, Jonah ends up lessening the explosion with his body and is severely burned as a result. Seeing this, Jack realizes that Jonah truly wants to protect the Bureau, and the conflict between the two is fully resolved. This is lampshaded by Carmen, who says that it took a literal bomb to forge their friendship.
    • During the killer's arrest, Armand takes a bullet meant for Jack, and Jack is devastated despite having been frequently annoyed by the former's rambling. When the wound proves to be fatal, Armand reassures Jack that he isn't to blame for it, then gives the player his cherished notebook (of his great-grandfather's adventures) before dying peacefully. Before he dies, he tells the player that he had been honored to work with them to save the world, and thanks them for always being there to listen to him when he made his speeches. Later, at his funeral, the other Bureau agents imagine that he's enjoying himself in a massive library in the sky.
    • The very end of the case brings a shock to the Bureau when Ingrid announces that they are officially disbanded, as their sole purpose was to defeat SOMBRA. Everyone makes it clear that they'll miss the other members when they part ways, but they're also thankful for the memories they created while together. Carmen is glad to have adopted Sanjay, Jonah and Marina thank the player for bringing them together, Elliot reminisces about the crazy adventures they had, and Lars and Jack hold hands while stating that despite the difficulties, life can be beautiful.

Mysteries of The Past

  • In the Additional Investigation of A Murder Carol, the player helps Pippa reunite with her parents just in time for Christmas. The Flying Squad even invites the family to Christmas dinner!
  • Charlie and Maddie's growing relationship. Highlights include:
    • After learning her sister and niece are still alive, Maddie gives Charlie a kiss on the cheek.
  • Charlie finally asking Maddie out on a date in the additional investigation of Stick to Your Guns.
  • When Diego ends up kidnapped by the Italian gang members and left for dead in one of the public baths in the AI of Stick to Your Guns, Rose and the player come to his rescue.
    Diego: <name>, you came for me...
    • Afterwards, Evie ends up hugging Diego.
  • In the additional information of Turn for the Worse, The player and Isaac reunite Hope Woodford with her long-lost sister Faith in prison.
  • At the near end of Last Stand for Justice, even though Maddie can't forgive Diego for killing Charlie, she no longer holds any anger toward him and is willing to see that he gets a fair trial.

The Conspiracy

  • The season overall can count as this. The player is back to their roots and reuniting with friends, including Jones.
  • When reuniting with friends, Jones takes the player character to visit Cathy and Alex. It turns out they are now married with an adorable baby boy. It gets better. The name of the boy? Sammy. Most likely named after his great-grandfather, Samuel King. It just goes to show how much an effect Chief King had.
  • Despite the harsh nature of Cross My Heart, the Valentine's spirit has clearly gotten to the crew, all of whom speak fondly of their loved ones and the plans they have for them.
  • In Game Over, Zoe remembers David.
  • The AI of No Mercy for Old Men has you help Jasper with his anniversary date with Amir.
  • In Bone of Contention, Zoe and the player help Rita adopt a puppy, whom Rita names Hector. Zoe then decides to volunteer at the shelter where they got Hector, hoping it would help her cope with her anxiety.
  • In Behind These Walls, Chelsea Bloom vows to supports Anita Diaz who is pregnant with her unborn niece or nephew after her brother is murdered by her grandmother who fiercely disapproved of the union.
  • Death in My Hand:
    • Early on, the player encounters a German Shepherd at a security checkpoint into the Dreamlife Dome. It turns out to be James Savage's dog. It seems he's found a new friend! Which, considering what he went through in Season 1, he more than deserves.
    • Louis Leroux's soft side is shown as he tends to Zoe during her fainting spell, showing how much he deeply cares for his friend.
      • Unfortunately, this, along with his friendship with Zoe, turned out to be a ruse. He was actually trying to kill her but failed due to the player and Jones finding them before he could finish the job.
    • Despite the Tear Jerker ending, the Additional Investigation contains Jones reassuring Zoe their relationship is not over yet and that he will visit her in prison every chance he gets.
  • In the AI of Up in Flames, Jones decides to retire from the force following the events of the past district. Who stops him? Ramirez, having created a video of Jones’ time on the force… Including a clip of his first day on the force with Chief King attending.
  • Philosophy Professor Kevin Charles taking the lonely Rozetta under his wing during her time at Grims University. Unfortunately, despite his kind gesture into encouraging his student to find Ad Astra, it backfires horrendously and twists into Nightmare Fuel, as his protege turns on him and orders his savage murder.
  • In Pain in the Neck, Gabriel and the player manage to help Julian Ramis achieve his dream of going to Grimsborough University, which brings a smile to the latter's face, for the first time since he appeared.
  • In Fields of Murder, Gabriel helps Mia Loukas reconcile with her father after they have a heated argument, reminding both of them of how close they were when Mia was a little girl and how she was inspired to become a cop in the first place by her dad. They even share a hug at the end of the scene!
  • In the AI of Like a Pig to the Slaughter, Gloria and the player help Mia find something of her late father's for his tribute ceremony.
    • And after the memorial ceremony concludes, Mia has this to say.
      Mia: I couldn't have gotten through today without you, <name>. I'm so glad I have people like you in my life!
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, as this is the last thing Mia says to the player before her death in To Kingdom Come.
  • Despite Head Case being a massive Tear Jerker since it involves Zoe's death, it does have you and Amir saving Jones' life after he is Driven to Suicide. Later on you also find a letter Zoe wrote to Jones shortly before her death, where she encourages him to continue on no matter what.
    • Actually, it's pretty sweet to see how the team made this situation a major priority, especially given that they were trying to battle against Ad Astra, and didn't have much time. It's just sweet to see how this group becomes a family.
  • To everyone's surprise, Running Scared reveals that James Savage is actually good friends with Carter Hayes. James mentions that Carter would visit him in the woods and play with his dog, Leonard, even sharing snacks with him. He even says that he would hunt down Carter's kidnapper and Jake's killer himself if there wasn't an active investigation going on. This is especially sweet considering what James usually thinks of other people.
  • During the span of Newmark, the dynamic between the Ad Astrans is expanded on, and unlike previous villains they genuinely care for and respect each other, and would remain close even if they had disagreements. They're also the people Rozetta seems to care the most for, and she calls them the only real family she'd ever known, especially since she was abandoned by her biological mother.
  • For the first time in the game's history, there was no traitor this season. None of your teammates ever betray you. Not even a last case betrayal like with Diego last season.
  • In Reap What You Sow, you help Amir propose to Jasper.
  • In Blaze of Glory, the player character accompanies Rita to confront Otto Kessel and the Neohumans, most likely because they didn't want her to be alone during her last moments on Earth.
    • From the same case, Rita's last words to the player before her powers overload are telling them to run, not wanting them to be caught in the explosion.
    • Also, it's heartwarming to see that David after everything he went through, says that this team is a family, and he would stick with them, even after almost dying in the explosion.
    • After everything that's happened, the team celebrates Amir and Jasper's wedding, with the entire team and their families giving them their best wishes. And afterwards, Jack Archer reappears, offering the player a role in the Temporal Crimes Division.

Travel In Time

  • Alongside Jack, Amy Young and Marina Romanova also return after four and three seasons, respectively.
  • After solving Julius Caesar's murder in Death as Old as Time, Jack and the player save a young slave from being Buried Alive with him.
  • After Tony Marconi was brutally killed off during the events of The Conspiracy, it's nice to see him again in Travel in Time as a Cheerful Child during the 60s.
  • In A Tudor Murder, Nebet and the player meet Dudley, a homeless beggar who reminds Nebet of the hard times she went through as a slave. In the AI, they free him from being imprisoned in the stocks and give him some apple pie, which gives him hope that things will get better for him.
  • In Hell to Pay, the team tells Leonardo Da Vinci that they're time travelers from the future. Da Vinci is not only amazed at how far his ideas have advanced, but he travels with the team throughout the region, forming a friendship with them that inspires him to create a lifetime's worth of inventions.
  • During the Altered Present, the player meets Sirius Atwood, the historian for the local resistance group and Orlando's husband, who died in the original timeline. Although Sirius hadn't met Orlando in this timeline, let alone married him, he still notices when Orlando acts odd and clearly worries for him.
  • In the Altered Present, we get to see many moments that show how much Zara, Theo and Kai care for one another, particularly in the finale where Kai gets captured and injured, worrying both Theo and Zara.
  • Although Orlando has to leave the Altered Present without saying goodbye to Sirius, he accepts it and says that fixing the timeline was what he would've wanted.
  • In The End, Takhat Wabet a.k.a Nebet admits that in spite of everything she did to betray and sabotage the team, she truly enjoyed the time that they had spent together as comrades. Thus her actions in the final case that lead her to kill her younger self and prevent the collapse of the timeline from happening in the first place, at the end of which she fades away in both atonement and regret.
    Nebet: In my exile, I also realized the only time I was happy was when I was fighting for justice by your side. I realized I'd been wrong all along.
    Nebet: I have many regrets, <Player's name>, but meeting you is not one of them. I hope what I did has salvaged your timeline. Please forgive me for everything else... goodbye, <Player's Name>...
    • Later, in the Additional Investigation, the team travels back to New York in 2029, and are relieved upon discovering that their timeline and home are intact once again. In particular, when the team goes to brief Chief Scott on their mission and find him alive and well, Amy is so overjoyed that she immediately hugs him upon seeing him again.
    • The season ends with the team having a barbecue to celebrate, reminiscing on what happened in their travels through time and their futures. In particular, Theo plans to introduce Kai and Zara to his family over dinner at his place, fully cementing the romance between the three of them; Kai recalls meeting Leonardo Da Vinci; Penelope keeps Alexandre Devereaux in her heart; Janis plans to spend more time with her grandkids; Marina offers to help Orlando come to terms with Sirius's death; and Amy vows to continue protecting the timeline.
  • At the end of the season, not only did no one from the original T.I.M.E. team (before Nebet joined) betray the player, but for the first time in Criminal Case history, they all survive to the end and manage to make it home to 2029 New York together.

Supernatural Investigations

  • The whole team supporting Gwen when she announces her breakup with Pierce Cromwell.
  • Felix showing concern for Jacob when he is angrier than ever and manages to make him smile again when he finds the statue of him and Lily and returns it to him.
  • In The Ghost of Murders Past, after solving R.J. Fielding's murder, Jacob and the player convince Abigail Riley to stop her haunting by retrieving a ring given to her by her boyfriend, Axel Bross. Abigail realizes her mistakes and thanks the player, hoping to reunite with Axel in the afterlife.
  • In the Additional Investigation of Weirder Stuff, Felix and the player help Ruby Rees, who is actually a woodland spirit named Rubarae conceive an heir to watch over the woods for her, restoring her trust in humanity.
    • In the same case, Chief Arrow finally reunites with his old mentor, Falcon, and the two share a hug when Jacob proves his identity to him.
  • In the Additional Investigation of The Tree of Death, Priya apologizes to Zander for spying on the pack and explains she only did so in order to find out which of the werewolves were making deals with a demon. After being able to retrieve and gives the notes to Zander, he manages to forgive her and reinvite her to the pack if she ever wishes to return.
  • In A Murder of Crows, when Luke and the player approach Fabien de la Mort for help, he starts off with his usual antics. When he hears he has to help save a dog's life though, he doesn't hesitate to extract some of his own blood to do so, even gushing over how cute said dog is afterwards.
  • In Scry for Help, Chief Arrow ends up becoming the player's partner for the entire case because Luke refuses to leave Gwen's side while she's suffering from demonic nightmares.
    • Throughout the case, Felix strikes up a friendship with teenage witch Avery Mitchell, to the point where Avery tries to help the team with their cause (she doesn't get very far, but points for trying).
    • Later on, we see Agnes Leek show a more grandmotherly side to Priya when she gives her dating advice.
    • Speaking of Priya, this case reveals that she and Zander are now dating, and her mother knows about it too. After everything both of them have been through, they deserved this bit of happiness.
  • In the Additional Investigation of Hocus Pocus, Gwen's little sister Tilly runs away from her family, saying she's had it with their family's prejudice against Supernatural Creatures and with their mother Dolores. Tilly then says that she wants to live with Gwen, whom she loves and admires. This makes Dolores begrudgingly allow the sisters to live with each other. It all makes it very sweet to see that Gwen isn't the only White Sheep in the Harper family.
  • Seeing how close Gwen is to her little sister Tilly. While she distances herself from her parents, she genuinely cares for her.
    • Also going out of her way to find her sister when she goes missing, only for Tilly to want to live with Gwen and be like her is also touching.
  • During Death at a Funeral, the team manages to wake up Hope, who had been used to open the Demon Queen's cage. While she blames herself for running away from the team after recognizing Rathimael as her guardian, both her and Jacob apologize to each other.
  • It is somewhat comforting to see Gwen and Pierce have made up and formed a relationship again after the events of The Hunted Hunter.
  • The season ends with Hope slaying the demon queen, saving the world from being obliterated. The team then take a break for two months, with Gwen spending more time with her siblings and making her relationship with Pierce official, and Jacob accepting the revelations of the past few cases. Afterwards, the team attending Priya and Zander's marriage in Paris. In addition to those events, there are no traitors or deaths within the team.
  • Gwen and Luke's friendship throuhgout the season. The two are shown to be very supportive of each other, Luke to Gwen especially. It's especially noticeable in the second half of the season, where Luke stays with Gwen while she's suffering from demonic nightmares, tries to be as comforting as possible when she's suspected of her mom's murder, and volunteers to be the player's partner in the last case just so Gwen wouldn't have to deal with Reggie again.

City of Romance

  • It is touching to see how everyone in the team is more than willing to help Carrie—then a first day rookie officer—locate her long lost brother, with the Chief accompanying her on her patrols and Hugo saying that he sees her as family.
  • Martine making a surprise return in Murder a la Mode.
  • The father and son picnic JP hosts to spend more time with Gauthier in the Additional Investigation of Party Like It's 1699.
  • Carrie finally being able to reunite with her long lost brother in Death by Design.
  • After Emilie passes out in Beastly Behavior from too much nervousness about his date, Enzo spares no time in getting him back to the lab to recover and help him gain his confidence for said date.
  • The birthday surprise that JP planned for his son. Even though Gauthier is a Workaholic, he thoroughly enjoyed it, even warming up to his celebration.
  • Seeing Carrie and Cody can enjoy time together without hiding is really comforting.
  • In Inglorious Batard when you help Esme Badi to reunite with her mother is really touching.
  • In Queen of Hearts, David Jones of all people makes a return and unlike all other characters, he still remembers you.
    • While it's sad to see that the reason he's there is because he retired from the Force, it's resheshing to see that he is using the money that he got from the retirement to travel all over the world, and he is clearly way happier than the last time we saw him. Hopefully, once he settles in, he does start the little bakery shop he wanted to do back when he wanted to quit the Force for the first time.
    • On top of that, the Parisian Police Squad is very welcoming towards him when he comes to visit.
  • The genuine care Enzo had for Carrie as he was he was helping her to get better. First time in this season we see this soft side of him.
  • Cody's proposal to Eleonora is genuinely touching.
  • Enzo's proposal to Carrie is equally as hearwarming, even more since Cody approves of it despite just breaking up, making Carrie less guilty.
  • Carrie and Enzo's wedding at the end is a truly touching way to end the season.
    • The fact that David has got himself a new girlfriend is a truly heartwarming ending for him, given what happened when he last appeared.
  • The return of David, Amy, Jack, Amir, Jasper, Gwen, and Pierce to thank you for all of the memories they shared with you throughout the game is the most touching way to wrap up the season and game in general.
    • A small one, but Gwen and Pierce brought their infant son to Paris with them. Said son is named Arthur, most likely after their fallen ally Arther Darkwood and showing that his part in protecting the Hunters wasn't forgotten.
  • The fact no main characters end up a Victim or Killer is touching for the season finale.