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John Doe is reunited with his best friend.

The world of Batman may be cold, but this shows there's still some kindness to it.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Season 1 

Season 1, Episode 1

  • Bruce having a pet-name for Alfred and being rather nice to him. Even if this is before certain events, it can be played out like a son giving a nickname to his surrogate dad.

Season 1, Episode 2

  • Alfred reveals that he was going to leave Wayne Manor when he found out Thomas was working for Falcone but stayed because he cared about Bruce.
    • Alfred also confirms that Bruce's parents did truly love him; He mentions that he thinks Thomas would be proud of him for not being like him and that his mother always made sure that the theatre would show his favorite movie when they went out.
  • Bruce forgiving Alfred for not telling him about his father. It's a choice of what can be said, sure, but it's still a nice sentiment if chosen.
    Caption: Alfred won't forget that.
  • However bad Thomas Wayne may or may not be, it's telling that his first reaction to having a gun pulled on him was to throw himself in front of Bruce and Martha.
  • Montoya expressing her and some of her fellow cops' sympathies to Bruce.
  • If Bruce administers the morphine to a badly injured Falcone instead of threatening him and assures him that he's not a killer, a surprised Falcone will comment that there really is less of Thomas Wayne in Bruce than he'd thought.
    "Gesture like that... reminds me of your mother. Your father may have been the doctor, but Martha — she had the human touch. Think you got more of her in you, tell the truth. (Heavy sigh) Yeah, there's a kindness in you. You care about people — even mean old bastards like me."
    • Hell, Falcone's attitude in general is heartwarming if you pick all the right dialog choices; he has nothing but fondness in his voice when he talks about Martha, saying that Bruce's parents kept him in the dark for his sake, and even mentions that he has an entire closet full of birthday presents he was never able to give Bruce. For this one brief scene, he's not the most feared mob boss in Gotham; he's almost the uncle that Bruce never had. Which makes his death all the more tragic.
    Bruce: I lost her so young. I hardly remember anything about her.
    Falcone: She had steel in her, did Martha.
  • Choosing to visit Mayor Hill as Bruce Wayne has a couple of Pet the Dog moments:
    • When speaking with Hill's secretary, Bruce can offer her a spot at Wayne Enterprises should Hill fire her. The smile on her face indicates that Bruce's offer has truly lifted her spirits, considering how nervous she was acting when Bruce first entered Hill's office.
    • If you choose to make an arrangement with Hill and decide to halt Wayne's financial support for Dent's campaign, Hill will hand Bruce a pair of cuff links that Bruce's father Thomas gave to Hill. Not only that but as Bruce begins leaving Hill's office, Hill insists that Bruce calls him Hamilton. A real friendly gesture from such a corrupt politician.
  • Harvey calls Bruce, and tells him, because of the scandals regarding Thomas Wayne's connection to the mob, Harvey must distance himself from Bruce. But he knows, without Bruce's funding, his campaign is dead in the water. Harvey says no matter what, the two of them are friends, and hopes they can still be close. If Bruce still pledges to fund Dent, a heartwarming caption reappears.
    Caption: Harvey will never forget that.
  • You obviously realize things are going to go horribly wrong when Penguin sticks a combination of Hate Plague and truth serum straight into Harvey Dent's veins. What's the first thing he says, to cement his character? That he loves his city, flaws and all, and wants to save every citizen in Gotham regardless of social standing. Despite the chaos that follows, this defining moment shows that this man really is half a saint.
  • If the player makes sure Batman wasn't excessively violent or attempt to murder Falcone in Episode 1, Gordon will call Bats a hero during the debate scene. Good Feels Good.
  • Electing to save Selina ends up with her waking up in Wayne Manor, with Bruce smiling over her, and taking her hand in reassurance.
    • It's additionally nice because Bruce does it despite knowing that if she is found, it will expose who he is to the public.
  • While there is no telling what the future may bring, at least for now if you choose to save Harvey you can save him from becoming Two-Face.

Season 1, Episode 3

  • If Harvey became disfigured at the debate, Selina quickly blames herself for his injury. Even if she says there is nothing between her and Harvey, she isn't as heartless as she appears.
  • Bruce visiting Harvey in the hospital is a heartwarming one. Harvey will apologize for not having been a better friend and as well as expressing his worries to Bruce. There is no doubt that they are friends and that Bruce can assure him that he will be there to help him. Which makes their confrontation and Harvey's psychological issues at the end of the episode all the more heartbreaking.
  • When Alfred expresses to Bruce that he wishes life were easier for Bruce, an optional response is "At least I have you."
    Bruce: That's why I'm glad I have you, Al.
    Alfred: Always.
    • The fact that Alfred picks up a gun to defend Wayne Manor in the next episode shows just how close the two are. Alfred doesn't run and hide; he stands there, with a gun, and decides to go down fighting - and it's not to defend Batman, it's to defend Bruce and Wayne Manor - the two thing he loves most. Bruce, in return, unleashes a swarm of bats on the manor to defend Alred when he runs out of bullets.
    • Hell, the fact that Bruce trusts Alfred enough to allow him to defend the manor. Would you let a servant hold a gun? Bruce Wayne would.
  • Lucius expressing his undying loyalty to Bruce. He wanted to leave Wayne Enterprise once the board kicks Bruce out of the company. When he heard about it, he wanted to leave so he can better assist Bruce. He will reluctantly comply if Bruce tells him to stay, because he needed a trusted friend to stay and keep an eye on Oswald who has taken over as CEO.
  • Badly wounded after a fight with the Children of Arkham, Selina lets Bruce stay the night in her apartment, dresses his wounds and eventually cozies up with him in bed. It's even more heartwarming if Batman chose to save Harvey instead — she's not quite so self-serving as she'd have everyone believe.
    • Though it's one that may not go appreciated, given what happens next, you can refuse Selina's offers because you know it will just hurt Harvey.
  • Bruce can tell Selina You Are Better Than You Think You Are when at her apartment.
  • If Bruce starts kissing her but stops, explaining that continuing wouldn't be fair to Harvey, Selina will offer Bruce a drink, and they share a toast together. It may not be as spicy but it is sweet to see Bruce and Selina as friends.

Season 1, Episode 4

  • The Joker makes his big beating up the two inmates who were attacking Bruce Wayne, and cheerfully asking if the latter's okay. Granted, he tells the doctors who rush in afterwards that Bruce was the one doing the fighting, not him, but it's still a surprisingly friendly thing for him to do. Bruce can even decide to cover for him by going along with it.
  • After Bruce explains that the two inmates started the fight, and one of them bribed a guard for a tazer, the psychiatrist believes him, and promises to try to look out for him. Nice to see some folks still believe in Bruce Wayne, despite his family's sordid past.
  • After being reunited with Alfred, Bruce immediately gives the old man a hug.
    • The fact that, if Bruce calls Gordon to get him out, Gordon decides to call Alfred to go and collect Bruce. Jim Gordon remembers the night that Bruce's parents died and that Alfred is the best one to come and get Bruce because Alfred is Bruce's father.
  • Choosing to comfort the little boy the Vales adopted serves to remind us that Batman is a protector of the innocent. Also notably, he is not using his voice changer while speaking to the kid. The fact that Bruce is willing to speak to the kid in his normal voice makes it all the more heartwarming.
    Batman: You're the kid who saved Batman. And no matter what happens, no matter where you go, that will always be true. And I will always owe you one.
  • The very fact that kid was initially afraid of Bats, but once given a chance to talk to him warms up quickly to the Caped Crusader we get a poignant reminder that children don't fear the Batman and regard him as a hero no matter what adults might think.
    • The fact that Batman tells Gordon and the police to take care of the boy - the fact he says it to Gordon is especially important; Gordon has been in the situation before - with Bruce himself.
  • Even after everything he's been put through, Bruce can tell Harvey that he knows there's good in him, and "I still believe in Harvey Dent". Harvey doesn't quite know what to say.
  • If you choose to meet with Harvey as Batman you'll have the opportunity to save Gordon from an attempted assassination. In the aftermath you can encourage him to reclaim the GCPD for the honest cops of Gotham City. As Batman grapples into the shadows, Gordon says "I'm glad you're on our side." Batman's smile is small, but it's there.
  • If you choose to have Lucius come work with you rather than stay at Wayne Enterprises he becomes invaluable, developing a strobe grenade and repairing your damaged batsuit. With almost all of Gotham turned against Bruce, both Lucius and Alfred prove themselves True Companions throughout the course of the episode.

Season 1, Episode 5

  • The beginning of the episode has Bruce Wayne stop whoever he didn't face at the end of the previous episode, Penguin or Two-Face. Afterwards he is thanked by either Gordon or Jack Ryder. In Gordon's case he tells Bruce that Gotham and the GCPD all owe him a debt for his service. In Jack's case he thanks Bruce for saving his life and calls him a hero, and tells him he'll make sure everyone in Gotham knows it too. After all the crap Bruce has gotten from the public for being associated with his corrupt parents, something he had no idea about and played no part in, he finally gets a break where he is recognized for doing some good. Plus it is something he did as himself, not as Batman.
    • If you're fighting Harvey, it's possible to save every single hostage purely by appealing to his better nature and getting him to fight his Sanity Slippage just long enough.
    • If you fought Harvey, depending on your choices, you can make Bruce show him that they still are friends and that he still has hopes for him when Harvey is arrested.
    Bruce: "I still have hope for you, Harvey. You'll have the best doctors."
  • The sheer outrage and concern that Bruce shows when Alfred is captured by Vicki demonstrates just how much he cares for him, even to the point where he'd consider unmasking himself to protect him.
    • The fact that, when Bruce turns up to find Alfred, he greets him by name and risks blowing his cover and then, after he's taken off his mask, makes sure that he and Alfred get the fuck out of there.
  • If Bruce decides to attend Commissioner Gordon's inauguration speech as Batman, he will arrive to give a clearly nervous Gordon some much needed words of encouragement.
  • If Bruce attends the inauguration as Bruce Wayne, he promises to atone for his family's sins by either using his resources to improve the police force or rebuild Arkham Asylum into the advanced mental institution it was supposed to be.
  • If you sent Harvey Dent to Arkham, when Lady Arkham releases all of the Arkham inmates, Harvey decides to remain in his cell despite his evil side trying to convince him to leave. It's a sign that there is some hope for Harvey's treatment.
  • Before the final battle you can see inside the chapel in Arkham, a picture of Vicki and the young boy that the Vales adopted, showing that despite how far she's fallen, at the very least she cares for the boy as a younger sibling or another victim of the Vales.
  • If Bruce and Selina parted on good terms, she sends him a postcard with a black kitten hanging from a branch.
  • By attending the press conference in the epilogue as Bruce, the player can choose to declare a plan to investing into rebuilding and improving Arkham Asylum, as one last gesture of amendment to the Arkham family for Thomas' crimes.

     Season 2 

Season 2, Episode 1

  • Pretty much whatever you can have Bruce say to Lucius's picture at his funeral. From promising to protect his family to saying that Lucius was the center of the work they did.
  • John Doe is mostly a jerk when he shows up again, intentionally or not. But what is kind of sweet is how he gives Bruce a get-well-soon card at the funeral in an effort to cheer him up. Doubly so if you just accept it and tell him that it was considerate of him, rather than get offended or tell him that get-well-cards aren't really given at funerals.
    • If you choose to smile when he takes a picture with you, it doesn't seem forced at all. Joker may actually be making Bruce feel better.
  • After being honest with Tiffany regarding Lucius's death creates some bad blood between her and Bruce, one might expect something similar to happen when Gordon confronts him about it. He is understandably peeved that Batman kept him in the dark about Lucius's involvement, and even when he promises to keep quiet about it, he sounds ticked off... But then, if you played your cards right, he gives Batman a genuine "I'm sorry for your loss" before the latter grapples away, and you just know you can still count on him.
  • Agent Avesta urges Batman, without hesitation, to save her comrades instead of herself when the Riddler presents a Sadistic Choice. If you do choose to save her comrades' lives, she'll go deaf getting blasted by Riddler's sound machine, and one of your choices is to give her a hug to comfort her.
  • Depending on your choices, the first line in Alfred's codex entry is "I am not my father's son. I am Alfred's."
  • Bruce notices Alfred's shaking hands - and immediately tries to get to the bottom of it; Alfred doesn't hide anything back either. There's also an option to send Alfred away when you watch the video clip of Lucius being blown to pieces.

Season 2, Episode 2

  • While stopping Bane's men from raiding the GCPD arsenal at the beginning of the episode, you save a hostage who feels genuine remorse for not being able to stop them. Batman reassures him it's not his fault and tells him to escape. The hostage thanks you, and returns to save you from Bane. Tragically, it gets him killed.
  • When Gordon asks Batman what Waller has on him, he has the option of saying that she knows his identity. Gordon's response is "So do I. You're Batman. That's all the city needs you to be." And to tell Waller she ought to be ashamed of jeopardizing Batman's work.
    • Waller can have a touching moment as well, depending on dialogue options. When talking about Avesta's desire to impress Batman, he can note it almost got her killed. Waller's response is "But it didn't. Because you were there. That's the part you need to focus on." She even smiles at Batman as she says it.
  • When you meet up with John, he mentions that he runs an impromptu therapy circle out of The Stacked Deck every other Sunday. He might not be good at it, but he's genuinely trying to help people who've fallen by the wayside.
  • Any time you help Freeze, either when disabling the EMP generator from killing Nora, or offering to fund his research, he returns the favor in kind.
  • John's actions continue to suggest that, Ax-Crazy aside, he does care about Bruce. When Bane is threatening Bruce's life, John sets off the EMP to distract Bane from Bruce and give Bruce a chance to impress Freeze as he disarms it.
    • Not to mention that if you ask, he'll lie to Harley and tell her nothing at all happened in Lucius' vault. Think about that.
      • Although this part is subverted by episode 3, where the ending scene reveals that John did tell Harley about Tiffany. Although we don't if he told her about the scene in the vault or simply mentioned that Bruce was with her at the funeral.
  • While Bruce might not be on the best of terms with Tiffany after Episode 1, this can begin to change if Bruce is up front and honest with her about her father working with Batman, and at the funeral. If he asks her to trust him, she will hand over the phalanx key and keep herself hidden in Lucius' vault. As Bruce makes to leave, she says she hopes he knows what he's doing. Later, Bruce can assure Alfred that he will be honest with her and tell her the truth about her father and Batman, which is shown to be an immense relief to him.
  • If Bruce decides to head off Bane instead of Harley, John will later demand that they go back to help her. It's nice to see that he actually seems to care for her in this continuity.
  • Bruce's interactions with the member of the Pact are this, in a weird way. He can manage to smooth out some of the chips on their shoulders, and they start to come across as more wayward than simply bad people at heart (except maybe Bane). It's really a shame they've become killers, as its easy to see the good they once had.
  • As of this writing 94% of players did do the pinky swear with John. Which is something that fills him with incredible happiness.

Season 2, Episode 3

  • When John gets Bruce to help him by role-playing as Harley, he tries to start a conversation by asking (as Harley) what John's favorite thing about Arkham was.
    "I enjoyed… the lights. They had a hum to them, felt like a blanket. Fuzzy, even. I miss that on the outside. It-it doesn't feel… as real here, you know? Out here, chaos seems to rule the day. It's loud and uneven. But you, Harley, you thrive on it. I could learn from that because I thrive on you… You're my light outside of Arkham."
    • Bruce even stares at him after that speech before dialogue options come up, and the player can tell John it was beautiful.
  • Telling Tiffany you're Batman, and proving it by playing a clip of her father talking about Batman stuff to Bruce. Bruce can then tell Tiffany her father was a hero, or that Bruce couldn't have done anything without Lucius.
  • Most of Bruce and Selina's interactions can end up being this. Especially when he shows her the Batcave.
    • After the Arkham games, which often featured the various Batfamily members being told off for trying to actively and directly help Batman, it's honestly heartwarming in its own right that Batman can openly embrace being partners (professional or romantic) with Selina.
    • If Selina is romanced the Batcave scene is especially heartwarming for all three people present. Selina is genuinely touched that Bruce trusts her enough to voluntarily share this secret with her, and for the first time in a while Bruce seems to finally relax and just be happy. He even tries to show off his car to Selina, causing her to roll her eyes with an indulgent smile. Even Alfred, who had up to then voiced concern about Selina's trustworthiness seems glad that his surrogate son finally have someone who he can be happy with, as both Bruce and Batman alike.

Season 2, Episode 4

  • The scene with Bruce, Alfred and Tiffany this episode is sweet, from Tiffany's and Bruce's shared concern for Alfred to Tiffany's attempt to become more involved with helping Batman and the heart-to-heart about Batman's principles.
  • Despite how quickly things go south afterward, this line from John in the vigilante ending is pretty heartwarming.
    "Bruce showed me how to be good, Harley. In a way you never could."
  • It's somewhat ruined by the bodies of the agents John killed but The Glomp John gives Bruce if Bruce says he believes him is still kind of sweet.
  • John becoming a villain is sweet in that Harley finally embraces him, calling him "Mistuh J!", and they share a Big Damn Kiss.

Season 2, Episode 5

  • Bruce telling Selina he loves her.
  • An example of a dialogue label being heartwarming, in the scene with Batman, Alfred and Joker on the Vigilante path, the option to tell John Alfred is just a butler to you is marked [Lie], which says a lot about how their relationship is so much more.
  • In the Vigilante Joker ending, if you tell Joker that you thought of him as a friend after he asks Was It All a Lie?:
    Joker will never forget that.
  • Choosing to have Batman ultimately forgive Tiffany for killing the Riddler and send her on a path to atonement through nonlethal crime-fighting at his side. Unlike Joker, placing trust in Tiffany has turned an angry, lost girl into a true protector of Gotham.
  • In the after-credits scene of the Vigilante Joker ending if you thought Joker was a friend. Bruce visiting Joker in Arkham Asylum and Joker's reaction to him. Despite everything the two went through, his exclamation of "Bruce!" is nothing short of surprise and joy. Last time you saw Joker, he was losing his sanity, laughing uncontrollably. Now? His smile and his laugh shows that he is genuinely happy to see his best friend again. Less than a minute made the entire Vigilante run, the good and the bad, Worth It.
    • Bizarrely the version of this scene where you give up Alfred, and tell Joker you never were friends, is also this in the sense that it has the Joker being happy that at least them being enemies means they will still be close. He even states, "I knew you'd never really abandon me." to Batman.
  • The fact that Bruce cares about Alfred enough to even consider giving up being Batman to avoid driving him away, let alone potentially actually doing it speaks volumes about their relationship in and of itself.
  • If you've supported Selina over the course of two seasons, if you push the key towards her to escape from an electric death trap, she won't betray you, and tell Bruce, "I told you -- you can trust me." This pisses off the Joker to no end, who predicted she'd look out only for herself.
    • Even if your relationship has had some rough patches but has been supportive enough, she'll start to leave, only for her to be annoyed when her conscience gets the better of her.
  • If Bruce forgives Tiffany for killing Riddler, saying she's only human, he offers her to be his protege. Her response? Give Bruce a big hug (while he's still wearing his Batsuit!), then fly away joyfully. Even Bruce cracks a smile seeing her fly before launching himself into the air too.
    • This also provides some heartwarming in hindsight as it supports one of the dialogue options to Alfred when he leaves: for all the darkness that can come out of Batman’s crusade, there is also light.

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