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  • Sir Gilman's personal arc takes him from a flat joke character to someone who finds inner peace. It's surprisingly moving.
    • He starts off obsessed with martial glory and personal honor, like the rest of his species. First, he manages to break free of an abusive superior, then he joins the Nightwings.
    • If you face off against the Pyrehearts enough with him, and talk to him in the blackwagon when you can, he eventually realizes that there's more to life than seeking glory on the battlefield. Eventually, he'll come to realize that honor isn't something you gain and lose, but "a contract renewed every day".
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    • His goodbye is pretty touching. He will be happy to announce how much he has loved all of you for this opportunity and claim that if you found him worthy, then he surely is, he will then reassure that if someone like him could be freed, then all of them can too.
      • After he has been freed, you can find Bertrude on the blackwagon reciting an old prayer for him.
      "Shouldst thou seek kinship, may thy kin hold memory of thee..."
    • If you send him back to the Commonwealth after all this, he leaves war behind him for good, and retires to a little monastery in the mountains, where he can still visit his friends. And work on facing his fear of heights, every single day.
      • If you don't send him back, he actually has a similar fate in the Downside, retiring to a singular existence to conquer his fear.
  • The Stowaway and Almer's budding relationship is pretty cute, especially with Dalbert trying to subtly encourage Almer to talk to her more.
  • Jodariel's crime was freeing a group of young Harps, the Commonwealth's biggest enemy, from custody after discovering they were to be executed.
    • She also doesn't believe for a moment that you'll set her free, best noted in when she's anointed for Liberation. All she can muster out is a stunned "Why... me?" Afterwards, she proceeds to ignore a chance at a highly covetous and powerful position in a shadow group on the upside, refusing so she can do the right thing instead. It really is just that nice to see.
  • Betrude and Volfred's friendship. They love each other very much and have faced several things side by side, clearly respect each other very much. Betrude is in love with Volfred, but he doesn't reciprocate. As he states, there are many types of love, and he loves her as a friend and considers himself blessed to have her in his life. When he fears that is not enough for her, she assures him that being around him is enough.
  • You can choose to liberate Oralech, instead of the anointed or you yourself in the finale. The Demon is simply stunned at this, and thanks you for your mercy.
    • If the revolt is successful, he'll later make peace with Volfred and become the Chief Physician of New Sahrian Union.
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    • If you allow Oralech to go free but the revolution succeeds violently, he will find himself surrounded by the wounded. His doctor's instinct will reawaken and he can't help treating those around him.
    • In turn, if you you lose in the final Rite, Oralech will hesitate. If you choose at this moment to reach out to his mind, he will realize that the Nightwings have been working for the greater good and that his anger towards Volfred has been unfounded. He will then allow you to ascend in his place and will not kill himself afterwards, which he does if you don't ascend him otherwise. If Volfred is also in the Downside, they will rebuild their relationship and the people there promise that his influence in the Final Rite will never be forgotten, since he actually played a key part on it.
  • An off-screen moment: if Hedwyn isn't liberated by the end of the game, his sweetheart Fikani unhesitatingly exiles herself to the Downside so they can spend their lives together.
  • The Stinger for the ending where the Plan succeeded and the Sahrian Union was peacefully established. Just a shot of a sunlit library, filled with books. Especially heartfelt when you realize it's a foil to the main menu - a library on fire, full of tattered and burning books.
  • Regardless of how it goes down, history will still remember the Nightwings and be thankful for their actions.
  • The credits song is honestly just full of this, with differing verses depending on whether each character ascended back to the commonwealth or stayed in Downside til the end.
    • Considering his background and reason for being exiled, Hedwyn's is a standout example.
    Hedwyn was there, and proved to all that he was no deserter. He stayed true 'til the end.
  • The penultimate shot of the ending: the Nightwings standing side by side, together in spirit, if not in body.
  • Of all the opponent triumvirate exiles, Barker of the Dissidents makes a momentous one. Even with the Rites over for good, he and his triumvirate continued to conduct them, albeit with some modifications, and it soon became popular with plenty of exiles all over Downside. It may not have been his intent, but there's something sweet about keeping the tradition alive and turning it into an actual sport.


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