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Nightmare Fuel / Pyre

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Unmarked spoilers below!

  • To begin, you get kicked out of civilization because you learned how to read. But then again, see the final entry in this page...
    • The Stowaway got cast down simply because she's different by Commonwealth social standards; in game this is reflected by her representing the Savage class instead of the Nomad that the other human, Hedwyn, represents. In other words, by the standards of the Commonwealth, they don't even consider her human.
  • The Beyonders had it worse than anyone ever, trapped inside a crystal for eternity for attempting to murder the Emperor. Which, it should be noted, a fair number of the Scribes set out to do, making it seem all the more heartless by the Scribes.
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  • Certain locale in Downside are nightmare-ish:
    Fallowfield: The last time any crops grew in Fallowfield, they killed everyone and everything.
    Flamburg: Everything ever built here ended up burning down.
  • Some of the exiles. The Rites are meant to be guidance to betterment of oneself. While the Scribes punish the Exiles, they don't do so with malice... but it's clear some of them never learned:
    • The Dissidents now engages in the Rites just for the excitement of it, morality be damned.
    • The Essence, now led by a Harp named Tamitha Theyn, seek revenge in the Commonwealth-Harpies war that's still ongoing.
    • Manley Tinderstauf of The Chastity notes that if he ever wins the Liberation Rite, he could send down more of those who disagree with him to Downside.
    • The Voice was originally an exile himself. That he has succumbed to such greed and become so vile purely due to the status he gained cements his place as the most reprehensible character in the game.
  • At a certain point, you meet a very imposing demon who seems to take personal umbrage with your team to the point of stalking them from outside the goings-on of the rites. Some time after meeting him, the person waiting in the wagon for you is that very demon, who does not look happy and could very much break you over his knee like kindling if he wanted considering you could be anything from a basic librarian to physically disabled. Thankfully, he's content with talking to you and insulting your decor. And let's not forget the time before the penultimate Liberation Rite, where his blackwagon rams yours on the way up the mountain.
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  • If the Nightwings lose the final Liberation Rite, Oralech hesitates in choosing who shall be the one to ascend. You could leave him be, reach out to him... or you could manipulate his thoughts, essentially mind-controlling him into anointing you against his will instead. And he's fully aware that you're doing it, too. It's strongly implied that both your own anointed and Celeste are aware of what you've done, as well.
    No cost is too great.

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