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  • How you progress through the game is one. With your party dwindling with each Liberation Rites, you are forced to throw away your favorite strategies and forge a new one from what you have left constantly, all the while other triumvirates gets progressively stronger and stronger. If you aren't deliberately throwing matches on purpose, getting to the end of the game should be enough of a proof that you are the best Reader this side of the universe.
    • Truly fluent Readers may wish to top that by gazing upon the night and pay respect to ALL Titan Stars to become Scribes' Champion.
    • Or just turn on newly-added True Nightwing mode and see how far you can go without losing.
  • Wiping all three opponents with a single aura cast.
  • Sir Gilman's crime: None. He elected to be exiled himself after failing to catch his commander who flee his posting during a particularly savage skirmish against the Harps which saw his friends dying left and right in the Commonwealth. You wouldn't expect this from such a goofy character.
  • Bit of an off-screen moment: the Eight Scribes' battle with Archbeast Sung-Gries, whose dead body formed Mount Alodiel (i.e. he was a huge monster), lasted seventeen months.
    • Despite Downside being one heck of a Death World, the Eight Scribes got out of their way to record every single thing into a book for later generations.
  • Playing as Oralech the demon in multiplayer can feel truly awesome. Unexpected stats aside, unlike most characters, he has his own unique animations for taunting and scoring a goal, Even the voice is wary of him, though for very personal reasons.

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