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"Freedom is a privilege - yours has been revoked!"
—The Voice

"Mere distance cannot separate our spirits!"
—The Reader

"To be able to indulge one's curiosities and passions, at least the ones that cause no harm to others, without the constant threat of judgment and reprisal. Freedom means not being made a criminal for what you know, or whom you love, or what you choose to think or not to think"
—Volfred Sandalwood

"My night will come."
Oralech, having snuck into the Nightwings' blackwagon just to impart that message.

"My request here is a selfish one, for there is little I can offer in exchange, other than what little my companionship is worth. Perhaps I could lull you to sleep once in a while."
—Sandra The Unseeing, asking The Reader to take her with them after the Rites are over.

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