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  • Just look around Youtube and you can find some gameplay moments of awesome, whether it be someone executing a large chain, a short chain that pops a massive amount of Puyo, or even a ping-pong of counters. Example. Niconico has a vast abundance of these too, if you search it up in Japanese.
  • The final battle with Ecolo in 7 has Arle, Amitie, and Ringo teaming up to defeat him. Doubly so for Arle, as she gets back at Ecolo for taking control of her for the majority of the story.
  • In Amitie and the Mysterious Egg, after having a bad streak of screw-ups, Amitie, after a some encouraging words from Arle and Ringo, decides to stop wallowing in despair and stands up to lead the charge to take down the last trial in Trial Tower. And they succeed!
  • The Final battle in Puyo 20th is a Pair/Double Battle against Satan and Ecolo. Who fights them? It's your call. You pick the duo that saves the day.
  • Dark Prince and Ecolo coming in to save the day! in Puyo Tetris.
  • At the same time as Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch, SEGA annnounced Puyo Puyo Tetris is releasing in America and Europe for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
    • To accentuate the 'awesome' in SEGA's move, there's the way they managed to sneak a Puyo Puyo Tetris release in spite of Ubisoft having exclusive rights on Tetris outside of Japan - by strictly releasing it on media they did not have exclusive rights on.
    • A year afterwards, SEGA noticed one more platform Ubisoft didn't have exclusivity on... and released an official Puyo Puyo game on Microsoft Windows.
    • But Wait, There's More! In 2019, SEGA also released the game on the PS4 digital store, implying that Ubisoft's exclusivity contract is dead, allowing other developers to release Tetris games on most current platforms again.
  • There are many cool (sometimes badass) Puyo Puyo Quest exclusive characters and character alts, such as Arle ver. Battle (Arle in fighting-game styled melee fighter costume), Heavenly Knights series, Holy Beast Fighters series, and more! Some of the more standout designs are this because of the lore behind it. For example...
    • Sparking Klug stumbles upon a new tome to absorb information from, and his design swaps out his mortarboard-esque cap for a star-pointed hat, which, if we consider the flavor text for Lemres' own hat in Fever 2, pointed hats are only given to renowned mages and warlocks. Klug really did achieve greater heights in magic!
    • Cool Schezo, while is also a throwback to his classic Compile-era design, says he's felt never-before reached levels in dark magic. His dialogue, additionally, has him sounding much wiser than his prime counterpart, implying some positive character development has happened in his life and mellowed him out.
  • This gigantic chain. That would sent 3,233,732,340,823 garbage puyos.