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Nightmare Fuel / Quake I

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My, what big teeth you have.
It's a game whose main influence is H. P. Lovecraft works. What else did you expect? Even though you're armed to the teeth with weapons, you'd better use them well or be torn apart by the horrors of the Quake worlds.

Moment pages are Spoilers Off by default, so the different moments have been folderized as a security measure. Proceed with caution. You Have Been Warned.

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The blocky, low-polygon enemies along with their jerky, stop-motion esque movements and some having malformed appearances can make them unnerving.
  • The Shamblers and their malformed faces, huge bodies, and surprising strength & agility are a force to be reckoned with. If you're not able to take cover, their lightning attack can hurt pretty badly too.
  • Fiends and their alarming speed as they leap around, along with their brutal melee attack, make a deadly combo for the unprepared player. The feral sounds they make further adds to the nightmare fuel.
  • Vores (Shalraths) have haunting high-pitched vocalizations, facial body horror, and a homing attack that will inevitably hit you unless you're far enough away. Otherwise, your options are to run away with physics tricks, like bunny-hopping and the Rocket Jump.

    World of Quake 
  • Falling into lava is virtually as harmful as you'd expect. It isn't a one-hit-kill but eats your health at a startling rate. Albeit, the "hurt by toxic waste" sound plays when you get hurt, potentially diminishing the impact. However, Quake II gave lava a new visceral pain sound for pleasant dreams.
  • The exit arches in Episode 2 can be eerie, suggesting goat sacrifice and having human faces stretched out on display.
  • E4L4: The Palace of Hate, is a very moody level with dim lightning. Once most of the monsters are dead, Nothing Is Scarier takes form as you try to locate the exit key in the nerve-wracking dark halls. The tension is elevated from the significant numbers of Shamblers populating the palace.



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