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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy.

Madou Monogatari series

  • In the ending of Madou Monogatari: The Final Test, Arle wants Phantom God to revive Schezo after his Heroic Sacrifice. As much as she gives him crap and snark for his shenanigans, she would never wish death on him and is distraught and heated when she saw him killed off. Thankfully, to her relief, it turned out Schezo was only ejected out of the dungeon and not actually killed.
    • Before the fight with Phantom God, Arle has some second thoughts fighting the god, thinking she's not strong enough to win. Rulue steps up to give her a pep talk, and essentially tells her to give them a good beatdown in Schezo's name. Even with the two at odds for Satan's romance, outside of that, Rulue can be a big sister to Arle when she needs to be.
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    • Even before the disaster, the fact Schezo chose to save Arle and Rulue instead of himself is a surprising gesture from him, and even he thinks the act was unlike him. Deep down he does care for the two in his own way.
  • At the end of Madou Monogatari: Tower of the Magician, Schezo ends up sparing Wish and her power for another day. It rendered his quest for power ultimately pointless, but he reasons that it wouldn't be a fair duel after he just freed her from possession. As someone who stops at nothing to gain more power, this is an incredibly generous gesture from the dark mage.
    • Furthermore, he complains that his mission was a waste... Only to change his mind when his new Action Pet Tenori Zoh trumpets from his shoulder, saying he was worth the trip.

Puyo Puyo series

  • Throughout Fever 2, Raffina and Sig never really batted an eye that their classmate is in deep trouble, only having to battle him to retrieve some precious artifacts for Lemres. Raffina couldn't give two flips about Klug and Sig is generally oblivious to the events. Amitie? She's the only one that really comments about him after the ordeal, knowing that he's the arrogant honors student of the class. It's a small detail, but it goes to show how big of a heart she has, no matter how arrogant, mean, or snobby the person is.
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  • When Klug recovers from his possession in Fever 2, he lets Amitie have the Sun Bookmark as opposed to keeping it for himself. In a sense, he's owning up to his hubris.
  • In spite of Sig's spacey awareness, he can be surprisingly attentive and sympathetic when his friends feel troubled. In one case, he's very understanding and supportive towards a homesick Arle in 15th Anniversary.
  • Ex has the rare honor of being a father in a series where parental figures are outright absent. And he's very much expressive of his familial love towards his daughter.
    • Zed talking to Ess in Chapter 6 of Puyo Tetris... or rather, Ex talking through the memory manifestation of Zed. Also a Tear Jerker, as he expresses his regret leaving his daughter behind.
    • Ex thanking Zed for watching over Ess in Act 10. Though he may be far from home, he will always love his little girl.
  • It's extremely brief, but the moment where Rulue meets Raffina and encourages her not to look down on herself for using the pouch as she is still a legitimate martial artist definitely qualifies.
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  • Around the end of Chronicle, Ally is mind-controlled by Rafisol and brainwashed into a loveless being like her. Hope seems to be lost... Until Arle, Amitie, and Ringo cry out for her and tell Ally how much she really means to them, prompting her to gain the power to break free and fight back.
  • It's a small detail, but Amitie recognizing Ringo by her singing voice alone in 20th Anniversary was very sweet, especially when you keep in mind this was only the second time they ever met. It goes to show how much Amitie cares for her friends.
    • And at the end of the same game, Ringo has returned to Suzuran, leaving Amitie feeling lonely and wondering when they'll meet back up, which she copes with by battling Sig while she quotes Ringo and he acts like Risukuma. Her spirits are then lifted back up by Miss Accord saying they will meet again, which Amitie agrees with and promises Ringo they will see each other soon, even if she wasn't there to hear it. Bittersweet enough to double as a Tear Jerker.
  • The entire tetra crew seeing each other as family and worrying about each other certainly qualifies.
    • To learn that this also extends to Ex even though he's been gone so long also adds some happy feelings.
  • Ex gets upset and starts overthinking in a side story in Tetris 2. Tee attempts to distract and comfort Ex with a battle. The amount of respect they hold for each other was already apparent from how highly Tee described Ex, but seeing the two on screen really puts it in perspective and makes the dynamic even sweeter.
  • The Dark Prince had just only recently met Squares, and it was in a moment the latter wanted to erase him. And yet, when Squares shows insecurities towards the bad deeds he had done, the Dark Prince gives him a motivational speech to make Square let go of his past mistakes and go on.


  • SEGA knew the fanbase was there for Puyo Puyo, but couldn't market the latest game in the West at all without possibly encountering the wrath of Ubisoft, who own the Tetris rights in the West. They managed to find a set of very specific clauses in Ubisoft's deal that meant they were FIRST to release a Tetris game on the latest hot gaming platform, the Nintendo Switch, and were able to also release it on the PlayStation 4.
    • A further one came a few months later, when Sonic Mania came out. The final boss of Chemical Plant Zone? A modern-day revival of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine!... and this time, Puyo Puyo fans can recommend a game to people asking about this fun 'new' puzzle game!
    • A final one came in 2018... When SEGA released Puyo Puyo Tetris on it's final format... 'Microsoft Windows', with a promised feature being the Japanese voiceovers!
    • Just the lengths to which Sega has been repaying their debts to Western Puyo fans in 2019. They localized Champions even though it would likely not sell as well as Puyo Tetris because "there's no Tetris in it". Then later, Super Puyo Puyo 2 was put on the initial library for the Nintendo Switch SNES Online service in the West as the sole import title, to much fanfare. This peaks with Tetris 2, a sequel to the beloved Puyo Puyo Tetris that's the first game in the entire series to have a western release before the Japanese release.
  • The Sorcery Saga name was all that Compile Heart has left of the Puyo Puyo franchise. Considering the themes on the only game they did release, Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God... Well, even though Arle moved on, clearly the Madou world still believes in the favorite food of their lost child...

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