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  • Right after Relic Maze, Lilac and Carol meet Milla after Milla saves Carol from a cave-in. Upon finding out that Lilac is a dragon, Milla asks if she can touch Lilac's hair tendrils. Lilac, despite having only just met Milla, cheerfully agrees, sitting down and letting Milla pet her tendrils and reassuring Milla she won't hurt her. This speaks volumes about what a nice person Lilac is.
    • And on the theme of Lilac being a nice dragon, Lilac instantly says "Sure" when Milla then asks to be friends, and then invites Milla back to her and Carol's secret hideout. All of this for a little girl Lilac and Carol only just met that day, so she wouldn't be lonely.
    • That is, unless you're looking at Carol's reaction to the whole scene, in which case it doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • While on the airship, Carol goes to see what Milla is up to, prompting this exchange:
    Carol: So, how's it going?
    Milla: I'm... I'm making a wish!
    Carol: Oh, what kinda wish?
    Carol: (gently) Sounds like a nice thing to wish for.
  • It's heartwarming when Carol and Milla show up to rescue Lilac from Lord Brevon, since Carol had earlier threatened to leave Lilac for good, and Carol apologizes for this earlier, swearing she'll never leave her again.
    • And Lilac wastes no time telling them they have to leave now; more for the sake of her friends than herself. Good voice-acting on this line, too.
  • A more minor example, but Freedom Planet 2 reveals that even since gaining friends in Lilac and Carol, Milla still keeps Mr Stumpy, her old Companion Cube from her Friendless Background days, around; taking him up and replanting him just outside the front of her house.

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