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     Heroes Rise 
  • When you get nominated for Hero of Tomorrow and tell your grandmother, she instantly drops everything she was doing and hurries to her room to grab you a present: your parents' engagement ring, which they made her promise to give you when you got that award. Not if, when.
  • After your first successful, big time mission with the Millenial Group, you wake up to find several thank you emails from the girls you helped save. Nice to see how you actively made a difference. And, if you're in contact with him, Officer Sanders will send you a congratulations saying he knew you weren't just a screw-up.
  • If you get eliminated from the Show Within a Show during The Hero Project, your Love Interest will reassure you that you'll find a way to make this (your relationship) work despite this setback, and promises to go on and win the show for you.
  • If you choose to betray Jenny to survive your elimination, you spend most of your time beating yourself up over it. Neither your grandma nor any of your close friends is willing to provide emotional support out of disgust...except for Black Magic (if they're your Love Interest), who spends a lot of time just being there for you, reassuring you that you did what you had to and that someday, everyone else will understand that. The narrative even states that they're the only ones who can make you feel even slightly better over what you did.
  • Speaking of the betrayal, if the PC is genuinely sorry for what they did, and atones hard enough,they and Jenny can make up and repair their friendship.
    Player Character: forgive me?
    Jenny: (grins) Yeah. I forgive you.
  • During the final battle of The Hero Project, some of the eliminated contestants may fight alongside you instead of sitting there and letting you be de-powered. If you wronged them in the show, but not enough to lose their assistance, this becomes particularly heartwarming, because they still care about and like you despite your actions.
  • At one point in The Hero Project, you have brunch with The Crush, a reformed criminal who was, until recently, in the same prison as your parents. While you're trying to work up the courage to ask about them, he cuts you off by saying your parents asked him to bring you a message: "We're watching, PC. And we're So Proud of You."
    • The Crush himself counts as this. There are several prompts pointing to the Crush as lying and still being a villain, but by the end of the trilogy, it's shown that he truly has changed his previously power-hungry mindset, realizing that his powers are a responsibility, rather than a means to achieving power. He actually becomes one of your truest allies as a hero, fighting alongside you in the last part. Come the Redemption Season, he's recently returned from a tour to promote Infini support and is now a judge in the Hero Project, the show focused on the theme of giving second chances.
  • In Herofall: saving your parents and seeing them in person for the first time since you were thirteen.
    • Even better: having dinner with your still-Powered parents, grandma, Jenny, and grandma's old flame and new boyfriend Officer Sanders in a high-rise penthouse given to you due to your revered and beloved status as a hero. The best part? Both your parents and grandma live in apartments in the same building.
  • Being a true hero as well as sticking to moral and teamwork-based choices while trusting Prodigal and avoiding thoughts of vengeance will eventually pay you back in the end as your former enemies (like Jury, Prodigal, Scoundrel, Rebellion and several others) rally alongside you. It even comes to the point where, if you remain true to your path, the only real fight you'll be doing in the final clash is the one with President Victon, and even then Prodigal swoops in to lend you a hand, and die for you.
  • A surprising one comes if you decide to break up with Lucky in order to be with Jenny. Instead of being angry or sad about that, they completely understand the fact that Jenny must be your soulmate due to the lengths you went for her, including sacrificing your lifelong dream just so she could complete her investigation in The Hero Project. They proceed to give you their best regards, and you even share a hug to show that you both are still on good terms regardless of the situation.

     Redemption Season 
  • The interactions between you and your sister can be this if you're supportive of her. Prior to your heading into the final round of cuts for the show, she'll give you a locket with a picture of the two of you on a day when you'd shifted into a form that was close to her Jellyfish one. This one scene is so beautiful, it manages to bring Prodigal to tears.
  • A small one comes from the previous protagonist's cameo, if you import a save where they romanced Black Magic, Jenny or Lucky, in which case the narration notes the pair have a set of engagement rings on. They finally got their happy ending, after everything the last trilogy put them through.

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