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Heartwarming / Cytus II

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"You will always be my sister."
Unmarked spoilers below
  • When PAFF runs away, she eventually chooses to go to Neko for help. Upon seeing the condition she's in, Neko immediately puts aside their rivalry and takes PAFF under her care.
    • It later turns out that PAFF and Neko get along extremely well, which is especially heartwarming considering Neko treated PAFF as a Broken Pedestal previously due to Poor Communication Kills. Neko even helps PAFF by changing her hair so she won't be recognized whenever she goes outside.
  • Even though we know that events later down the line will lead to them breaking up, Sherry and Simon's first kiss and everything building up to it is still genuinely cute.
    • In the present time in Cherry's chapter, the two of them manage to reconcile, with both of them apologizing for the incident that led to them breaking up and breaking contact with each other for years, Sherry in particular pouring her heart out. Simon for his part admits that the reason Sherry was never arrested for whatever happened was that he tampered with the evidence, which says a lot given how inflexible his sense of justice usually is.
  • One of ConneR's logs is the last letter his estranged father sent him before succumbing to his experiment-induced dementia. In the letter, Neumann Sr. apologizes to his son for the way he treated him and his mother, expressing sincere pride in what Conner has managed to accomplish in spite of his difficult childhood.
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  • Neko's DLC chapter ends on a happy note (excluding the final cutscene showing what she witnessed when AEsir attacked her), with Neko fully reconciling with her father and accepting her stepmother into her life. In the present, Neko's relationship with her family is completely healthy, with Neko now interacting with Kenta and Yukiko like members of her family. It makes for a nice change of pace considering the Aroma and Nora DLC endings were nightmarish and heartbreaking respectively.
  • Even after it's revealed that Sherry's involvement with Simon's investigation wasn't truly born out of a desire to repent, it is very clear that she still values him over her arrangement with the Baro, best shown when she finds out about Simon's incarceration after he's framed for the AEsir attacks. Simon being out of the picture benefits the Baro in the long-run, but Sherry is more than willing to break her ex out of prison just to show him that he isn't AEsir.
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  • Aroma returns to The Academy with the help of Neko in order to find out information about Iris Baker, a girl she supposedly knew while attending who was basically her Only Friend. Upon finding Iris in the yearbook, Aroma is incredibly relieved to find out that the time she spent with Iris was not a fabricated memory, as she had her doubts before about it.
  • The end of Nora's chapter is one last message from Nora to her creation, ROBO_Head. In that message, she tells ROBO_Head that her time with him were some of the happiest moments of her life. She goes on to say that he is much more than a machine, and that he should be able to live his life free from the criminal connections that burden Nora.
    Nora: So, please, go pursue "your own" freedom and dreams... If you do that, it's like you're pursuing my freedom and my dreams.
  • Neko's sheer dedication to helping Aroma reclaim her memories is incredibly touching. Not many would devote that much of their time to helping a girl they've just gotten to know recently. It just goes to show that for all her obnoxiousness, Neko's heart has always been in the right place.
    Neko: Let's fight together! NEKO will absolutely help you figure out what exactly happened to you!
    Aroma: NEKO... Thank you.
  • When Clara, who had instigated the rumor in the Academy that Aroma was faking her amnesia, confesses her guilt and self-loathing for hurting someone she legitimately thought of as a friend, her boyfriend, Daniel, tells her he does not think she's a horrible person and advises her to apologize to Aroma the first chance she gets.
  • While Kaori is being reconditioned into Aroma's replacement, everyone involved gets to see her memories on screen. Many of them are pictures of a happy Hayato. No wonder Hayato is willing to go to such lengths just to find her. Even though the people present are doing something as terrible as stripping a girl of her identity, they all feel a measure of guilt upon witnessing this.
  • Aroma being solely credited for her and Neko's collab is finally brought up...and immediately swept under the rug by Neko after Aroma apologizes, with Neko acknowledging that it was solely Mono's fault. Considering how much Neko's sour view of Aroma was based on this incident, the fact that she could readily move past it speaks to how close the two became upon meeting each other. Neko even becomes excited at the thought of them doing another collaboration in the future.
  • Following the prison break, Cherry and Xenon finally have an honest heart-to-heart. Though Xenon does call Cherry out for being The Mole for the Baro, he also tells her that she's a far better person than she thinks she is, and that her many positive qualities are not just some act like she thinks they are. The two of them make a promise to be completely open with each other from that moment on.
  • Helena fully redeems herself and brings Aroma to JOEZ Cafe even after Noah tempts her with the offer to erase Aroma's memories again to start from scratch. And even though Aroma technically isn't her sister, Helena still fully intends to help Aroma achieve stardom, but on Aroma's own terms this time, and Aroma still considers Helena a sister to her despite them not actually being related by blood.
  • After so many Yank the Dog's Chain moments, Aroma finally remembers her past as Kaori. This is followed by Hayato and Kaori finally being reunited.
  • Considering what went down the last time they met, ConneR and Sasha meeting together once again in the present with seemingly no hard feelings between the two of them is pretty sweet, even if ConneR once again has more ulterior motives, albeit ones that are more benign this time around.

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