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Heartwarming / Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

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  • Compared to her Victory incarnation, Neptune is a much more earnest hero in this game, and, discounting several moments where she simply lacks tact due to social skills, she really is just a girl that wants to help everyone. This shows best in her scene with Noire, where Neptune says she wants to protect everyone around her, and the only reward she wants is to see the smiles on the faces of the people she's saved...and pudding. Then there's her relationship with Nepgear, which is much better.
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  • Neptune outright told Noire that, even though they're both girls, if Noire loves her, she'll accept her.
  • Noire putting aside her rivalry with Neptune during the events of Chapter 2, both due to defrosting around her (and IF and Compa) and deciding the safety of Lastation was more important then the Console War.
    Noire: For those who believe in me, I'll do anything for them—anything!
  • Vert breaking IF out of her A-Cup Angst by listing all of IF's qualities that make her Vert's cherished Iffy.
    • Vert and IF's relationship, period. To IF getting to meet her idolized Lady Green Heart, becoming friends with her and still admiring her despite the real Vert being very different than the image IF had of her at first, and getting closer as the story advances. Everyone Can See It, too.
  • Noire admits to Neptune being her best friend. It's slightly under her breath, but it's nice to see this Noire is a little more open than other incarnations. Of course, Neptune had to ruin the moment by being Neptune, but the sentiment was there.
    Noire: Uh, stop being stupid. You are, best...friend, anyway...
  • The gathering of everyone's friends and comrades in Chapter 7; after Victory stopped caring about the human characters entirely, seeing the gathering of the Makers that contributed to the Re;Birth 1 storyline was a very fulfilling feeling.
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  • Planeptune believing that Neptune is Purple Heart. Their faith and belief in their Goddess also restores Neptune's power, allowing her to transform again.
  • After the Candidates are born in Chapter 8, each CPU who gets a sister is very excited, and the shy nature of the newly born Candidates is endearing. Especially from Neptune, whose track record as a sister was tarnished EXTREMELY in Victory.
  • Finding Historie is important for Neptune because she wants to regain her memories. What happens when they managed to unseal Historie? Let's take a look back at the original, where the decision to restore or not restore Neptune's memories is in your hands and gives you some time to think about it, though if you decide to restore her memories, it must be done before a certain point in the game, as your choice will determine which of that game's three endings are available (Don't restore? One ending. Restore? One of the other two). In the remake, you don't get to choose, as Neptune decides on her own. Her decision? She refuses to have her memory restored. Why? Because she's afraid that getting her memories back would cause her to hate the other CPUs! Indeed, if you decided to restore her memories in the original game, Neptune does some rather rash actions, at one point in time, causes a fight that pits her AGAINST Compa and IF.
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  • Histoire and reformed Arfoire's reunion in the True End.
  • A minor detail, but the final line of text during end credits of the Re;Birth games make them feel more connected as an overarching story and would have been a nice way to end the story if 3 had been the Grand Finale.
    Re;Birth1: To Be Continued
    Re;Birth2: To Be Concluded
    Re;Birth3: The End


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