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As it turns out, neither the Shaolin Monk nor the Edenian Princess are out of either one's leagues.

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  • MKX's story worked miracles in burying the hatchet between Scorpion and the younger Sub-Zero. In several pre-match dialogues, it becomes apparent they have become considerably less hostile, seeming to regard the other as less of an Arch-Enemy and more of a Worthy Opponent. The story mode seals the deal, making it clear that this is now canon. Hanzo and Kuai Liang have become Bash Brothers in Earthrealm's defense and have a chapter dedicated to their team-up.
    Scorpion: I still grieve my wife and son.
    Sub-Zero: I'm not so cold as to mock your pain.
    Scorpion: A wise choice, Sub-Zero.

    Scorpion: You'll lead the Lin Kuei?
    Frost: Sub-Zero made us weak.
    Scorpion: He restored your clan's honor.
  • Kotal Kahn's reaction to seeing Jade after the Time Crash begins is perhaps the single most humanizing moment for him as a character. When past Kombatants arrive Kotal begins to realize that if Baraka, Skarlet and Kitana are alive among them that Jade must be too, something she cuts him off on before he can say it himself. The quiet joy in his voice as he addresses her again is echoed by her gentle smile towards him, and once they get a moment of quiet and solitude during the ensuing battle they waste no time in sharing a kiss as both were each-other's Lost Lenore in their respective timelines.
    • They have several more tender moments throughout the story, such as Jade musing how surprised she is that no other woman has tried to become Kotal's queen, only for him to counter that many did but none were Jade, and her holding his hand as they reconcile after his second fight with Shao Kahn. He'll also tell Sonya in one fight intro that no woman measures up to Jade in his eyes.
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    • It's really telling how much Kotal values Jade when he's more concerned that she's still wiling to stay by his side despite his faults rather than the fact that Jade's (rather justified) actions led to his near execution and eventual crippling by Shao Kahn.
  • Shao freaking Kahn of all people gets one. While explaining the events of the timeline he was in, D'vorah offhandedly mentions that she killed Mileena. She probably didn't expect him to care that much given that she bothered to mention it, and the audience probably wouldn't expect it either. As it immediately turns out, this legitimately pissed Shao Kahn off and he tries to kill D'vorah on the spot before Kronika arrives. Either Mileena's death somehow inconveniences him greatly, he considered D'vorah as untrustworthy for this, or in some sick twisted way, Shao Kahn actually cares for Mileena as a daughter.
    Shao Kahn: You killed Mileena!? If this is true, you will DIE!!!
    • Shao Kahn isn't the only one: Shang Tsung also gets a heartwarming moment in that he genuinely considered his champions friends, including Goro - who he outright says in a somber tone that he misses him the most. Even the worst of Outworld can show affection to one another after all. He also seems happy to resurrect the Wanderer, whenever he's killed by any hazard in his island.
    • Also from Shao Kahn of all people, when in one interaction Kano tells him he is holding Kollector for ransom, Shao tells him to return his minion or face death. And that's Shao Kahn we're talking about. It's possible that he just doesn't want to show weakness by paying the ransom instead of taking him back by force, but the fact that he values Kollector enough to fight for him rather than just write him off is still rather "nice" of him.
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  • When Sub-Zero restores the cyberized Cyrax's free will, he is frightened at the machine he had become. Before taking the Cyber Lin Kuei network offline, Cyrax beseeches Sub-Zero to find a way to restore his humanity. Sub-Zero, knowing all too well what it's like to have his humanity stolen from him, assures Cyrax that it doesn't matter if he is man or machine: he is still a proud warrior, and the Lin Kuei will always welcome him.
  • Following the events of MKX, the reconciliation of the Cage family appeared a distinct possibility. Come 11, and it turns out that it did take: Sonya has not only mended her relationship with her daughter, but has got back together with Johnny. She positively beams with pride when promoting Cassie to Commander and the smile stays on her face as Johnny comes in for a hug with their daughter. She's also not shy of public displays of affection with her husband, pulling him into a kiss to see him off. This, however, makes the Player Punch at the end of Chapter 1 all the more painful.
  • Looking closely at Johnny's win pose with the action figure of himself reveals it is Cassie's toy as signified by her name written on its foot Toy Story style. [1]
  • While the revelation that Kronika has reset the timeline more times than she can count, is horrifying, there's a bit of Heartwarming int the reveal that Raiden has discovered this before, and he's always called her out and made peace with Liu Kang. Even at his worst, Raiden still wants the best for his student and friend.
  • When two characters are the focus of chapter, you're allow to choose a character to fight as before each fight. But in Past Jax/Jacqui's chapter, when you face Present Jax, you automatically select Past Jax, as if the game wants to spare Jacqui from having to fight her own father.
  • When confronted by his past self, Scorpion, Hanzo pleads with him that vengeance isn't everything, that Shirai Ryu rebuilt in a better light. When Hanzo dies in the arms of Scorpion, he felt obliged to pass on Hanzo's last will and go to the Fire Garden, to which he witness it was truly rebuilt and the clan lives on, with a faint relief in his voice that it was all true.
  • Past Liu Kang's faith in Raiden. Even when told of his terrible future and Raiden's part in it, Liu Kang still chooses to believe in Raiden because that's just how much he trusts him. The only thing that makes this faith waver is when Raiden is being actively corrupted by Shinnok's amulet and seemingly proves the Revenants' claims to be true, and even then it comes right back when Raiden comes back to his senses.
  • The good ending for Story Mode has a now mortal Raiden and the newly ascended protector of Earthrealm Liu Kang finally make peace with each other as the former vows to make the most of his now finite lifespan to help Liu Kang restore the timeline and the realms. And if Kronika is defeated the first time you fight her, Kitana will survive Kronika’s temporal apocalypse and accompany Liu Kang on his quest to reshape a better timeline. After all the pain, suffering and death Liu Kang went through in both the original and rebooted timelines, he finally got a break.
    • Raiden and Liu Kang's parting words to each other in the Good Ending after the hell both characters went through from Mortal Kombat: Deception to this game, giving both characters closure to their character arc:
    Raiden: I look forward to meeting again, in the next timeline.
    Liu Kang: Then I will not say goodbye.
  • Both Johnny and Cassie's tower endings see them content to leave the timeline as is, except for one difference: preventing Sonya's death as she destroys Revenant Liu Kang's castle.
  • Sonya's tower ending involves her becoming a god with the people she cares about the most. Cassie, Jax, Jacqui, and even Johnny.
    Sonya: But only because Cassie insisted. And maybe I missed him a little. Just don't let him know that.
  • Jax's tower ending has him choose to use Kronika's hourglass not only for his own benefit, but to Set Right What Once Went Wrong in regard to the treatment of black people in the USA, turning the nation (and possibly the whole world) into a utopia free of discrimination and bigotry. All that, and he does it in a way that still allows him to meet Vera and become Jacqui's father.
  • After spending the last two games locked in a Face–Heel Turn, the sight of seeing a purely heroic Liu Kang not only remaining that way throughout the story but giving his evil future self several measures of ass-kicking is a very refreshing change of pace. Also, he didn't die permanently.
  • Hanzo's attitude towards Jacqui and Takeda's relationship. His intros with Jax and Jacqui reveal him to be a major Shipper on Deck, treating both of them with complete respect and declaring any enemies of the Briggs become the Shirai Ryu's enemies as well.
    Scorpion: Your daughter will soon be Shirai Ryu.
    Jax: I'm supposed to feel good about that?
    Scorpion: Her enemies will become ours.

    Jax: Not sure I like Jacqui with one of yours.
    Scorpion: Takeda is worthy, commander.
    Jax: He damn well better be.

  • This game's versus interactions make a point of addressing some of the more controversial issues introduced in the last game. Yes, Sub-Zero is still upset about losing Smoke. No, Liu Kang and Kung Lao are not homophobic, their past selves like Kung Jin just fine, Lao is actually disgusted with their family for treating him poorly and it's confirmed they didn't even know about him at the time of their deaths so they weren't a part of said poor treatment.
    Sub-Zero: The Netherrealm can have you.
    Noob Saibot: It also has your friend, Smoke.
    Sub-Zero: Do not speak of my friends!

    Kung Lao: You know of Kung Jin's interests.
    Raiden: You sit in judgement, Kung Lao?
    Kung Lao: Of my family's shameful treatment of him.
    • And despite Kung Jin having moved onto the White Lotus Society and away from the Special Forces, and that his relationship with Cassie Cage isn't exactly the best either, Cassie Cage does tells Kung Lao that Jin still has a home for him should he ever need it again. And likewise, when she goes up against Shang Tsung, Kung Jin texts Cassie to see if she needs air support, suggesting that even with strained relationships he still has her back.
  • Sub-Zero's tower ending has him intending to use Kronika's hourglass to restore the Lin Kuei, but realizes before he can redeem the Lin Kuei he will have to redeem Bi-Han first. While his corruption goes back even further than being resurrected as Noob Saibot (As far as being tempted to corruption by Sektor), after a few tries he finally sets him on the right path as both Sub-Zeroes become co-Grandmasters of the Lin Kuei. Even after disowning his brother, Kuai Liang still wishes to have him by his side.
  • Noob Saibot, of all characters, gets a small one in his battle intro with Frost, as he finds her being the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei a horrible prospect and states that Kuai Liang, despite he and Noob bearing a Cain and Abel dynamic between them, is better in all accounts. Repeat: Frost is so bad, Noob Saibot defends Sub-Zero despite all the bad blood. Perhaps the original Sub-Zero isn't all gone just yet...
    Noob: One clan will rule the New Era.
    Frost: That clan will be mine, Bi-Han.
    Noob: Kuai Liang would be a better Grandmaster.
  • Considering Johnny normally likes to troll almost everyone, the interactions where he's respectful are oddly sweet.
    Scorpion: What is different, knowing you have a child?
    Johnny: I get the "avenge my family and clan" thing now.
    Scorpion: "Having" is not the same as "having lost".
  • Even though Kotal Kahn had to have sense beaten from him by Jade before slaughtering a Tarkatan village, there are several interactions between him and Baraka where they are slowly growing mutual respect and understanding for one another — when Baraka isn't rightfully skeptical of him, of course.
    Kotal Kahn: You are freed of Shao Kahn's yoke.
    Baraka: Tarkata now controls its own fate.
    Kotal Kahn: Outworld is better for it.

    Kotal Kahn: Your people serve Outworld smartly.
    Baraka: We are not the dogs Shao Kahn thinks us.
    Kotal Kahn: I am shamed to have doubted you.
  • For one who died before she was ever born, Nightwolf has some respect for Cassie Cage. In some ways the feeling is mutual.
    Nightwolf: You also inherit a mantle.
    Cassie: Being Cage 2.0 isn't as cool as being Nightwolf.
    Nightwolf: Do not sell your family short.


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