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Nightmare Fuel / Mortal Kombat 11

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As always, Mortal Kombat 11 antes up the violence.

But as every title progresses through its Darker and Edgier plot, this one has eventually reached its Darkest Hour. As stated, there are, in fact, Fates Worse than Death.

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The Fatalities are no slouches in this entry, and the way the animations slow down and stop on the final blow only ups the pain factor. It's important to note that one of the game's developers was apparently diagnosed with PTSD while working on these fatalities.

  • Scorpion:
    • "You're Next" has a flaming Scorpion lunge through his opponents abdomen, leaving on their spine and burning insides. Then he decapitates, kick their head into the air and spears them through the mouth.
    • "Chain Reaction" has Scorpion delivering a heated spear into their gut. Then flips over them, dives into the Netherrealm with the chain still attached, then he moves into the position he was still in and leaps out of the Netherrealm, cutting his opponent in half. The fact that the chain was wrapped over his opponents face, causing them to scream in agony from searing pain doesn't help.
  • Sub-Zero:
    • "Frozen In Time" is yet another gruesome spin on his classic Spine Rip fatality. First creates an ice clone wielding a spear and ice slides into them, knocking them over his head and impaling them on the spear. He then punches into the opponent's chest and tears their spine out through the front, taking their head off with it. Not content yet, he then impales the head onto the spear through the back, spearing an eye out in the process. Depending on the kharacter, the head is still screaming after Sub-Zero has already torn it off.
  • Baraka:
    • "Food For Thought" He rips off the opponent's face, then the front of their skull. Then he tears out their brain and channels the spirit of Mileena by taking a big chomp out of it. You can also hear the death rattles of the unfortunate sap that ends up being the recipient of this fatality. It's quite chilling.
  • Skarlet:
    • "Bloody Mess": Skarlet forces blood out of her opponent, then hardens it into spears and plunges them into their body. One becomes lodged in their head, which she thrusts all the way through, spearing their eye in the process.
    • "Heart Condition": Not skimping out on brutal ways to kill her opponents, Skarlet also can pump her blood right into her victim's heart a la Eisidisi, where it visibly changes color before it cannot take any more and bursts through the chest.
  • Kabal:
    • "Road Rash" is outright painful to watch. First, he hooks his opponent with one of his swords, then takes off running with his Super Speed, dragging his opponent with him and causing their face to get grinded off by the sheer speed, starting with their eyes being torn from their sockets! After their face has been reduced to a bloody skull, Kabal then stops, sending his opponent flying. He then proceeds to use his speed to teleport into his opponent's path, holding out a single sword that then proceeds to cut the opponent in half. Lengthwise.
    • "Hooked" is no slouch, either - first, he slices the opponent in the gut, spilling their intestines and turning them around. He then slices clean through their ankles, and as they fall forward, hooks his swords into their mouth. He then pulls - you can audibly hear the sound of the victim's teeth cracking - until his swords come clean through the head, bisecting it horizontally. This gets even more nightmarish when you look at the faces of the victims while this is happening. There is genuine fear. It's horrifying.
  • Kano:
  • Jade:
  • Jacqui:
    • Spider-Mines: Jacqui plants several bombs into her opponent (with two of them going into the victim's eyes) then detonates each one in sequence to slowly tear the opponent to shreds.
  • Geras:
    • "Peeling Back" will make you wince. He smashes his victim into a rock, which they get stuck in. He then proceeds to rip their arm in half lengthwise, before ripping the entire front half of their body off.
  • Kotal Kahn:
    • "Totem Sacrifice" has him summon a sacrificial alter, throw his opponent against it, then kick their head with enough force to separate it from the body, with the spine still attached. As if the brutality of it wasn't enough, he then summons a giant stone skull to crush his victim's disembodied head. Bonus points for one of the unlucky sap's eyes flying at the screen when the Overcrank kicks in.
    • "Kat Food" is quite the terrifying throwback to the animalities of the third game. Kotal Kahn uses his sickles to slice open the opponent's chest, and then he morphs into a jaguar, pouncing on the victim and ripping their throat out before grabbing the opponent's heart in his jaws and crushing it savagely.
  • Noob Saibot:
    • "Double Trouble" first has him slice open his opponent's guts with his sickle, which causes their intestines to fall out. He then shoves his fist into the open hole and sends his clone into the opponent's body... which is followed by the clone ripping itself out, starting by ripping the jaws open from the inside and tearing the opponent in half vertically from the inside.
  • Kollector:
    • "For the Kollection" echo's one of Mileena's in X; He knocks the opponent on their back, looms over them, and proceeds to claw their ribcage and rip them to shreds as they're screaming in agony. He pockets their heart, rips off their head for his macabre collection once the spine is the only thing even holding it on, then crushes the lungs in one final overhead swing.
  • Erron Black:
    • "Melted" is a harrowing combination of violence and pure sadism, has him toss a flask of acid on the ground in front of his victim, creating a glowing green puddle of corrosive death. He then kneecaps them and, while they're doubled over, pushes their head down with his boot into the acid puddle, melting half of their head before stomping on the other half and crushing it.
    • "Deathtrap" skimps on the sadism, but doubles down on the violence by ripping out his opponent's guts with a bear trap. Then he shoves his rifle into the newly-created gaping orifice, angles the barrel up, and blows his victim's brains (and eyes, natch) out.
  • Kitana:
    • "Gore-nado" has her split open the victim's abdomen, allowing their intestines to spurt out. She then begins creating a massive cyclone that begins vaccuming their innards out before finishing with a flourish of blood and viscera.
    • "Royal Execution" where she throws her fan at the midsection and the neck of her opponent's body. The thing that's nightmarish is that her opponent is still alive for about half of the fatality before they are trisected.
  • D'Vorah:
    • "New Species". Remember how D'Vorah killed Mileena in Mortal Kombat X's story mode? Well, her first fatality is similar to that, except even worse, looking like something from The Thing (1982) that would make John Carpenter proud. She first stabs her victim in the shoulders to bring them to their knees, then vomits bugs into their mouth. As the victim's body writhes and convulses, giant spider-like legs emerge from their torso and finally their head splits in half as a bug's head emerges and takes its place, basically turning their body into a disgusting Big Creepy Crawly.
    • "Can't Die" is just...EURRGGH. D'Vorah pins her opponent to the ground with a sticky fluid, then uses her ovipositors to peel the opponent's skin off like a sticker from their head to their torso, leaving their organs exposed.
  • Shao Kahn:
    • "Back Blown Out" doesn't skimp on any brutality: after forcing his opponent to double over with well-placed hammer blows to the gut and head, he then bashes in his victim's head like a croquet ball and sends their cranium flying out of their back, spine still attached!
    • "Kahn Sequences". For starters he slams his hammer atop of his opponents skull so hard their head gets lodged into their chest. Then he skews them with his spear, lifts the body off the ground and back down, cutting it in half while the head and intestines drop down.
  • Frost:
    • "Ice Sculpture" is utterly gruesome. She creates two ice drills: one to turn her victim's brains into a frosted slushy, and the other to disembowel them. She then places an ice bomb in her victim's gut. When it goes off, the exploded torso is flash-frozen into a macabre ice sculpture.
    • "The Cyber Initiative" is yet another twist on the iconic Spine Rip, this time with her firing a frosty Chest Blaster that freezes her opponent, shattering her victim's flesh, then ripping out the spine with the brain still attached. If that wasn't bad enough, a drone then takes the brain and spine and implants it in a Cyber Lin-Kuei body! Even Dr. Eggman, who is notorious for turning people into robots, would find this a bit too much! Granted, some of the kombatants like Shao Kahn are unpleasant to begin with but to see them being turned into robot ninjas against their will is, as Dark Raiden would say, a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Cetrion:
    • "Good and Evil" displays just what kind of power an Elder God possesses. First she entombs the opponent in rocks leaving only their head poking out, and then she proceeds to grow many times their height and lifts her stilettoed leg to stomp them into the ground like an evil dominatrix would (which she may very well be). But if you thought that that was terrifying (such as she could freely do this if she wanted to), behold Cetrion's true terror as she enlarges so much that she is taller than the planet's diameter is wide, and she finally finishes off her fatality by shrieking out a massive ray of light to barrel down and destroy her enemy. The best part is if Cetrion is decked out in her "Dark Cetrion" get-up (the same look she had in her own ending and in the last chapter of the story mode), making her look far less like a benevolent goddess of nature and virtue and more like an evil goddess of death, much like her brother Shinnok.
  • Sonya Blade:
    • "Supply Drop". Sonya snaps her opponents arm in half and elbows them to the ground. Then she deploys a drone right on top of them, cutting them in half. If that wasn't bad enough, the poor sap is still alive... long enough to watch the drone blow a hole right through their face.
  • Jax:
    • "Coming in Hot" starts with Jax putting a mine in his opponents back and kicking them a good enough distance for it to detonate. When it does, the explosion the opponent right to a Jax delivering a lariat that cuts them in half.
  • Shang Tsung:
    • "Kondemned To The Damned" is absolutely painful to behold. He holds his opponent in the air with chains, then opens a portal to the Netherrealm that looks like a pool of lava. From that portal pops two Revenants that proceed to rip his victim's guts out and their face off before yanking their skeleton out of their skin, the Overcrank kicking in just before the removed skeleton is pulled into the portal.
    • "Shokan Reborn". The bastard is known for taking souls, but not necessarily for reconstituting them; that's where this first one comes into play. He hot-charges the soul before flinging it into his victim's body, leaving a clear gaping hole, only for two muscular arms to rupture out the victim's sides, rip the host's own arms off, and replace them with two more. The four hands converge on the gaping hole, rip with full force, and the victim comes apart as what looks to be Kintaro emerges from within!
  • Nightwolf:
    • Nightwolf buries his tomahawk in the opponent's jaw and unhinges it. What follows next is a display of pure brutality as Nightwolf grabs the jaw and rips off the front of their torso, spilling entrails on the floor. For the good measure he also throws the axe at the opponent's heart, cleaving it in two.
  • What’s worse than your standard Fatality? One that never ends. Kronika’s Fatality has her bisect the opponent horizontally, then rewinding time until they’re whole, before bisecting them vertically, then rewinding again and ripping all their skin off... before starting the cycle all over again, trapping the opponent in a looping montage of their own deaths. For as long as Kronika wants.

    Fatal Blows 
The Fatal Blows are no slouchers in terms of Nightmare Fuel either.
  • The Kollector's Fatal Blow features him bashing his opponent in the head with his magic lamp, then brutally stabbing them in the back a couple dozen times in a few seconds. The worst part, however, comes when he jams a knife through his opponent's head before slitting their throat with another, an insane smile on his face the whole time.
  • Shao Kahn's Fatal Blow is exceptionally brutal, featuring him slashing at the opponent with his spear before swinging upward at their chest, shoulder barging them in mid-air and throwing them hard against the ground, coming down and impaling them with the same spear before smashing their head in with his hammer - all in rapid, unrelenting succession.
  • Frost's Fatal Blow stats out with freezing her opponent, surrounding the battlefield with ice spikes. She then charges forward, stabbing them with two icicles in the lungs while another impales them in the back. She grabs them, forcing them forward, breaking several more icicles before going eye-first into one that goes all the way through their head. Finally, she tosses them up, where a final icicle stabs them through their head.
  • Jax's Fatal Blow isn't very gory, but makes up for that with sheer brutality: Jax first punches his foe's face 5 times before delivering a super punch at the end, then punches their stomach repeteadly with the last hit making his opponent vomit blood, clapping his superheated arms around the falling opponent's head, before shooting them in the face at point blank range with his M67 grenade launcher sending the enemy across the screen.
  • Scorpion pulls no punches in his Fatal Blow while giving a massive preference for screwing up his foe's eyes: he first slashes them with his katana before stabbing both of the opponent's eyes out with both of his kunai. Not satisfied, he them kicks them away before yanking the chain and kicking both of the kunai further into their skull, before grabbing his opponent and bashing their head, with the kunai still attached, into the ground.
  • Beffiting for a crook as cruel as Kano, his Fatal Blow is brutal and cheap, with him first grabbing his opponent and stabbing them in the gut a couple times before leaving the knife in. He then jumps, uses the knife on the opponent's gut as a stairstep and puts his boot to the opponent's face while falling down, stepping on it. He then steps aside, kicks the opponent in the ribs, and violently steps on the knife stuck on the opponent's stomach before unlocking a spike attached on his boot and stabbing the opponent in the throat before dragging them foward with it.
  • Skarlet makes creative use of blood in her Fatal Blow. She first stabs his opponent in the shoulder to stun them before going for a series of stabs in their abdomen followed by slitting it upward with an absolute expression of delight in her face, before pulling her opponent's blood out of the wounds, forming a huge blood scythe and impaling their opponent on a upward motion, launching them into the air. She then conjures a blood spear and chucks it at her opponent, impaling them through the mouth.

    Story Mode 
  • The story prologue shows Raiden slowly and brutally electrifying his Arch-Enemy Shinnok for no reason other than to punish the fallen Elder God. Despite being completely immortal, it's agonizing and he's not even interrogating him, he's just making him suffer. Shinnok is no saint but Raiden just shocking him over and over knowing that he'll never die from it is just cruel...and then he decapitates his ever-living head to present to the Netherrealm rulers as his warning, shown in The Stinger to X. Dark Raiden even briefly sports a Slasher Smile as he's about to behead Shinnok.
  • One of the stages in the game is a laboratory where soldiers of the Cyber Lin Kuei comprised are built. This includes a process where the brain and spinal cord are implanted into a robotic body. The Elder Gods only know how they got those, from whom, or even if they were willing...
    • The appearance of the factory in Story Mode confirms everyone's worst suspicions: the subjects are, indeed, unwilling. The process of getting their brains for the cyberization process are, similarly, barbaric. To make things worse, it is Frost who is behind the cyberization process, leads the Tekunin alongside Sektor, and she herself has voluntarily turned herself into a cyborg. When Sub-Zero and Scorpion face her, they are visibly disgusted by what Subby's one-time protégé has turned into.
  • Chapter 5 in the Tarkatan camp that takes place after Jade defeats the Kollector. At first everything seems hopeful, Kotal and his forces have come to rescue her and they'll be able to escape together, but then Kotal has his forces round up all the nearby Tarkatans. He then has all of them, including the ones who had nothing to do with the fight and even the children lined up to be executed! Making the scene worse is Jade's reaction, the slow shift from confusion to horrified realisation at what Kotal is doing.
    • Earlier, Jade has to escape from a group of Tarkatans by running on to their "meat wagon" — a caravan filled with flayed corpses hanging on meat hooks, ready to be cooked.
  • In Chapter 7, when Liu Kang and Kung Lao try to infiltrate the Tarkatan camp while dressed as common soldiers, they come across Skarlet while she's painfully extracting blood from Jade's head. Needless to say, Jade's screams while she's going through the ordeal are nothing short of bloodcurdling. What makes it even worse it's that it's presented in a homoerotic way that makes it seem like rape.
  • In Chapter 11, Scorpion offers aid to Earthrealm’s forces in order to cross the Sea of Blood and attack Kronika’s Keep in the Netherrealm. However, under the influence of Shinnok’s amulet, Raiden believes Scorpion is leading them into a trap and begins torturing the undead ninja like he did to Shinnok, slipping back into his Dark Raiden persona. This causes history to once again repeat itself as a horrified Liu Kang attacks Raiden.
    • While fighting, Raiden suddenly remembers that this is not the first time he and Liu Kang have come to blows. In a series of flashbacks featuring Raiden and Liu Kang fighting each other across multiple timelines, Raiden realizes to his horror that Kronika has destroyed countless timelines over the eons, and in each one has manipulated Raiden and Liu Kang into kombating each other to prevent them from interfering with her plans.
      • Perhaps the creepiest part of the flashback is that, if you pay attention, all the different versions of Raiden and Liu Kang are performing the same moves on an endless loop. Raiden's flying kick, Liu Kang countering it, throwing Raiden against a pillar and torching him, Raiden breaking free to grab Kang and throw him across the room, to be followed up with the flying kick...
      • Worse still, Kronika confirms that this isn't the first time Raiden has seen through her deception. But in those timelines, even knowing the truth changed nothing.
  • Whatever Geras does to that one poor Special Forces soldier - the camera pans away when he stands over the guy's body and grabs his face, and we just hear the guy screaming as his body starts jerking in agony before subsiding into random twitches as a large pool of blood slowly collects under him.
    • Really, the entire scene plays out as a Mook Horror Show where all the special forces soldiers are brutally killed by Geras. He first tosses a poor soldier off a balcony before jumping down to face Sonya, Johnny, Cassie and the other Special Forces present. They all start firing his rifles at him and Geras isn't even fazed. The first guy gets his head punched off, the second gets knocked to the ground and gets his head stomped into a bloody mess, and the third gets impaled by a blunt iron bar Geras picked up and is tossed aside. Then the fourth guy bashes him with the stock of his rifle, but the hit does nothing and he gets Geras' Offhand Backhand as a prize before the golem crushes the unfortunate sap's head using nothing but his massive hands. Fifth guy gets decked in the face so hard he gets his neck snapped instantly as their body uncontrollably spins in the air, before the last guy ditches his gun, tries to slash Geras with his combat knife to no avail, and the above scene plays out.
      • It's notable that we had already seen Geras splat a guy's head like a watermelon seconds earlier with his bare hands, so what Geras actually did to the guy in the ground was probably worse.
  • All of the characters in this game are scary for their own reasons, but the Kollector stands out in particular: a greedy Multi-Armed and Dangerous servant of Shao Kahn who is obsessed with accumulating wealth at all costs. This is demonstrated in one of his intro animations, where he is seen taking a priceless ring from a dismembered hand.
    • Several of Kollector's intro quotes show just how far he'll go for money - not only does one with Johnny have him planning to set a market price for human flesh, but if he fights Cassie he'll mention needing breeding stock for his slavers. He might actually be more despicable than Kano of all people.
  • Geras' fate. He ends up sinking into the never-ending Sea of Blood, and since he's immortal he can never die.
    Raiden: That is unfortunate for you. The Sea of Blood is bottomless. You will fall forever.
    • One of the intro dialogues between him and Scorpion implies this fate doesn't stick, which isn't comforting either.
  • If you lose the first round against her in Story Mode, Kronika wins; Liu Kang needing to catch a breather allows her to finish resetting time. While it's more than possible to beat her, by that point she's already Ret Goned everyone who was ever important to him, minus Raiden. Odds are, he's not feeling too victorious.
    • If you lose against her in the second round? Non-Standard Game Over time! In which Kronika decapitates Liu Kang and enjoys her solitude, completely cementing her victory and dooming time to her hands.

    Arcade Mode 
  • Kronika's death upon finishing up Arcade Mode is quite gruesome compared to 9 and X, which are more or less Defeat Equals Explosion. The player punches her into the massive hourglass-like object in her keep's background, causing the glass on it to crack and her crown to fall off her head. The hourglass then shatters, the shards strong enough to slice her legs and hand off. As the object starts sucking everything in, Kronika's desperately trying to crawl toward her headwear. Right when she's nearing it, one last glass shard bisects her head and kills her, allowing the hourglass to suck her in, restore itself to normal and leave her crown behind.
  • Some of the Arcade endings certainly count:
    • D'Vorah's Arcade ending: Reasoning that humanoid races are inferior to insectoids, and disgusted that insectoids are regarded as nothing but vermin, D'Vorah uses the hourglass to somehow alter the course of evolution so that all humanoid races are tiny, and that the kytinn such as herself are colossal, all-powerful giants. The result is a scene right out of Attack on Titan, showing humans and outworlders fleeing in terror as D'Vorah and other kytinn scoop them up and devour them, or simply crush them underfoot.
      D'Vorah: Time for This One to write a more just history. One in which pesky humanoids finally take the rightful places they deserve... scrambling beneath our feet!
    • Baraka's Arcade ending: Taking in Kronika's power to share with the Tarkatan tribe, Baraka rewrites history so that Tarkatans were all-powerful. He and his forces immediately seized Edenia, Outworld and the goddamn Netherrealm, before finally challenging Earthrealm in one last Mortal Kombat before Baraka takes that over too, and take it over he does. Enslaving all residents of all realms they touched, the realms now belong to the Tarkatan horde.
      Baraka: Within a thousand years, all realms fell to Tarkatan blades...and we have not run out of meat since! DAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!!
    • Sonya's Arcade ending is mostly hopeful with her forming a god squad with her family and the Briggs. There is, however, one detail that's terrifying to think of. Evidently, cosmic horrors exist in the Mortal Kombat franchise, which Sonya's describes one she finds as an "omni-deity" and needing her squad to win against. Sure, it's a little Lovecraft Lite due to actually winning, but keep in mind that not only was she and her family gods, but she only barely made it against one.
    • Noob Saibot's Arcade ending. Infusing Kronika's Sands of Time with his own shadowy essence, Noob comes to the realization that he can now shape destiny as he sees fit, and gains a twisted new ambition. He uses the hourglass to sculpt a universe in which there is no light. There is only a cold, bleak cosmos of eternal night where only darkness and evil reign. With his new power, the being once known as Bi-Han has become something much, MUCH worse than a wraith: he has become Death itself.
    • Shao Kahn's Arcade ending: Merging all timelines into one, Shao Kahn rewrites history so that the singular timeline is a world entirely under his rule: the weak serve the strong, who compete in Mortal Kombat tournaments for power, wealth, his own favor, and perhaps even for sport. For centuries, the tournament has had a champion that's gone undefeated. That champion is none other than Shao Kahn himself.
      Shao Kahn: For centuries, the tournament's Champion has gone undefeated. That Champion... IS ME! HAIL THE KONQUEROR! HAIL SHAO KAHN! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    • Skarlet's Arcade ending. By binding the Blood Code to the Sands of Time, Skarlet becomes a Blood Goddess and creates a universe in which she reigns supreme over all of Outworld. Even Shao Kahn, her former master, bows to her. She even describes in detail the glory of being a god with disturbing glee, reveling in having temples and disciples devoted to her and sacrifices to appease her, in addition to the slaughter of those who would dare oppose or refuse to worship her.
    • Shang Tsung's ending. With his sheer mastery of sorcery, he is easily able to take Kronika's soul and power. Combining his newfound status as Master of Time with his deadly intelligence, Shang Tsung decides not to flaunt his position as Kronika once did, leaving traces of her existence as rumors and legends. Instead, he remains in the shadows while others do his dirty work for him. And who does he decide to use as his pawns? The other Titans. Yes, you heard correctly. Shang Tsung manipulates beings more powerful than even the Elder Gods like it was mere child's play. Now with an infinite supply of souls, he creates a universe where the concept of morality has no meaning and the cunning prosper while the good suffer. Have a nice day.

  • Baraka's Brutality victory animation has him pull out a severed brain and start eating it on the spot. Mileena would be proud.
    Baraka: Save me the eyes!
    • This animation has since changed to his signature x-blades pose, but even it seems...different. From when he whips out the blades to after he poses, Baraka's movements are visibly deranged looking, his bestial nature barely keeping still after having violently slaughtered his opponent. It can even be interpretated that the reason behind his animalistic movements even after killing his opponent, is because he wants to do it again.
  • While pretty much all the brutalities are terrifying in their own right, Geras' stone cold one-liners add to the horror of his brutalities, regardless if he's erasing you from existence or snapping your neck with one of your eyeballs popping out of its socket. His voice doesn't make it any better.
    Geras: Your death serves Kronika...

    The Krypt 
  • The Krypt continues piling on the disturbing imagery, as well as continuing the gag of sudden jumpscares. If you put on Kenshi's blindfold, very rarely you'll be attacked by a roaring, skinless, angry spirit from the Spirit Realm. If you don't remove the blindfold or attack it fast enough, it grabs you by the neck and pops your head like a blister.
    • Goro's Lair in the Krypt has a few "lesser" jumpscares when you walk past certain parts of the scenery, such as seemingly dead prisoners suddenly trying to escape from dungeon cells, and heavily mutilated corpses emerging out of the blood pits with a loud roar before dissipating into a red mist. There are also death traps which gruesomely mutilate your body if you fail to figure out the timing to run past them. Venture down far enough into the depths of Goro's Lair while in the Krypt, and you'll find D'Vorah's hive, which is a nightmare for anyone with trypophobia and arachnophobia. The malevolent spiders are also back this time around, only this time, they can shoot flames out of their mouth to instantly incinerate you.
    • The Courtyard itself in the Krypt, while relatively calm compared to other areas, has its own set of nightmarish aspects. Occasionally, a meteor will fall from the sky and land in a random spot in the Courtyard. In the wrong place at the wrong time? The meteor will smash you without warning, and you're greeted with a nice closeup of the player character's disembodied head with your eyes still frozen in shock. Even if you're not hit by the meteor, you'll still hear the unexpected boom in the areas surrounding the Courtyard. The meteor makes a distinct sound before it crashes, but sometimes it fails to play properly, which means that the loud impact may occur with no warning whatsoever. Made worse by the fact that there's no music and it's almost dead silent outside some creepy ambient noises. There are also bodies hanging at the scaffolding in the center of the Courtyard. Some of which are still wiggling and making noises. Yeesh.

Noob Saibot: There are fates worse than death.

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