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Spoilers Off for this game and every past game, including those from the original timeline and the MKX comics.

The classic Scorpion that appears at the end of the trailer is the Scorpion from the original timeline.
As a specter, he always comes back from death and the new character was seen touching an hourglass, hinting at some sort of time travel.

To add to the above, the Shao Khan we see is also from the original time line.
He looks different and more powerful. Winning Armageddon would do that to a person.
  • Jossed. All characters from the past are taken from the MK2 portion of Mortal Kombat 9's story.

Predictions of which MK Trilogy-Deception debuting characters will make their playable return in MK11.
  • MK Trilogy: Khameleon: the Nintendo Switch was announced to be one of the platforms MK11 will playable on, thus Khameleon (who has only been playable on Nintendo consoles so far in Trilogy and Armageddon) might get a chance to return.
  • MK Mythologies:Sub-Zero: Fujin (Given that Raiden has become corrupted, he'd likely have to take his place as aiding the heroes) and maybe Sareena.
  • MK4: Between Jarek Kai Reiko, admittedly low likelihood any of these characters return, though it should be noted that the last was considered for the roster of MKX thus might have a better chance than the other two. Depending on what impact the Black Dragon has on the plot, Jarek might have a chance (especially if they use aspects of his Armageddon revamp).
  • MKDA: Blaze (if Raiden wants to prevent a repeat of the Battle of Armageddon, he'll likely try to subdue him). Frost, Li Mei and Nitara (they have somewhat respectable character fanbases and thus NetherRealm Studios will likely keep that in mind), Mavado (true, he died in the MKX comics, but NRS has been shown to take a Broad Strokes approach to the comics as shown with the Injustice series. So they might come up with some sort of retcon.)
    • Frost is confirmed, as a story mode unlockable.
  • Mortal Kombat: Deception: Havik (Again yes he died in the comics, but as someone who has as large a fan following as he has, NRS is going to come up with some way to have him in it either by way of someone messing with time or perhaps his disciple Skarlet could to it via Blood magic in some way. And if messing with the flow of time is a plot point, Havik would be the perfect candidate to do that).
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  • Mortal Kombat: Deception: Onaga. He hasn't been defeated in the new timeline so he could make his move.

Safe to assume no other Deception (and Armageddon) debuting characters will make it given that the few details so far have stated the roster will consist of a mix of "new and returning characters", of which the latter is likely to be primarily from 1-3 and some of the MKX newcomers.

Predictions for guest characters.
  • The Doom Slayer: Doom Slayer would be a natural fit for Mortal Kombat, especially considering the 2016 incarnation's increased focus on his agility and melee combat abilities and the fact that Glory Kills are basically the Doom version of Fatalities. Considering the runaway success of Doom 2016 and the opportunity for a crossover with DOOM Eternal, this would seem to be a pretty obvious choice for a guest fighter. The only complication I can think of is that Doomguy is a Silent Protagonist, meaning I'm not sure what his pre-fight actions would be aside from maybe cracking his knuckles or something. It might also be difficult to integrate him with the game considering his fighting style is mainly based around guns, though I don't think that'd be too much of an issue considering characters like Jax and Erron Black already exist. Alternatively...
    • B.J. Blascowicz: Specifically his incarnation in The New Order. Blascowicz would also work considering he's from an equally violent and gory series, and is fully voiced to boot, meaning pre-fight dialogue isn't an issue. His moveset could potentially incorporate the ax from The New Colossus and include some of the executions from that game as Fatalities. That said, considering MK doesn't, to my knowledge, contain any Nazis for him to brutalize, he might be a bit out of place.
      • Quake Champions doesn't contain any Nazis either, yet still...
      • Being a Silent Protagonist may actually increase the chances of Doom Slayer. The Guest Fighters in MK X all had in common that they couldn’t or wouldn’t talk. Even the Predator, whose species is able to understand and speak English, never talks during the intro.
  • Ash Williams: A character I'm surprised wasn't in one of these games already. Ash would fit the Mortal Kombat setting like a glove considering its similarities to The Evil Dead. His shotgun and chainsaw hand could be incorporated into his moveset in interesting ways, and his smarmy personality would lend itself well to amusing pre-fight interactions.
    • About to be confirmed in the future, thanks to leaked intro dialogues.
    • Ultimately Jossed, as the team has since ended DLC development with Ash not appearing after all.
  • Pinhead: Considering that all the guest characters in MKX were iconic horror movie villains, Pinhead would be a natural choice for a guest fighter. His powers could make for an interesting moveset and offer a lot of room for creative Fatalities.
  • Either Metal Sonic, Shadow, Fang the Sniper, Black Doom, Ixis Naugus or Mephiles: We know that Sonic the Hedgehog is a Family-friendly franchise and to a lesser extent, an Animal-based Universe. maybe an Anti-hero or a Villain or at least a Hero who is either Deeper, Down to Earth, Supernatural-based or Manly enough would appear. Also, if DC and Sonic can crossover in LEGO form, then why not? It would also be a nod to the fans of Sonic and Mortal Kombat are friendly to each other. Imagine Shadow performing a Fatality where he crashes the opponent, complete with his Bike. Ixis vs. Shang Tsung would also be a great match. Black Doom is the most intense villain of the games and is more likely to be a kombatant.
    • Okay, okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this would never happen. Ever. The Sonic franchise may embrace its status as a meme at this point and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but I hardly think that Sega would be too pleased with imagery of their kid-friendly mascot characters being brutalised gorily. It doesn’t matter if some of them are “manly” or “anti-heroes”; showing up in a LEGO game is one thing, but MK is quite another.
  • T-1000: T-1000 could make for an interesting character considering his ability to shape his body into any weapon, meaning he could have an interesting Confusion Fu fighting style similar to Azwel in Soul Calibur VI. He's also a fairly iconic villain, so brand recognition isn't an issue. However, his lack of blood or bodily organs might make it difficult to integrate him into Fatalities without Narm or Special Effects Failure, so there's that.
    • Close. A Terminator does make it in, but it's a T-800, with the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger no less, even incorporating robotic organs.
  • Red Miller: This one's admittedly really far fetched, considering that Mandy just came out and is hardly a blockbuster classic like Friday the 13th or Predator, but Red would fit really well into the Mortal Kombat setting considering that he's a Large Ham Blood-Splattered Warrior from an ultraviolent action movie. He could potentially use the Beast and the Reaper as weapons, and his Fatalities could be shout outs to the original film, such as shoving the Beast down his opponent's throat.
  • A DC Comics Anti-hero or Villain: The Injustice games had Mortal Kombat guest characters. so why not flip things around? Granted, it would have to be either an Anti-hero or a Villain that would have no problems with gory finishers such as the Joker, Harley Quinn, Lobo, or Deathstroke, but considering this game will most definitely be M-rated, at least their Fatalities won't be neutered down like in the previous attempt to give DC Comics characters Fatalities.
    • The Joker seems significantly more likely, given that his debut date (April 25th) is very close to the game's own release date (April 23rd).
    • As of now, confirmed. Joker is part of the Kombat Pack.
  • Spawn: He's a character that was previously teased to appear in both Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2, but ended up appearing in neither. This time, we also have Word of Saint Paul from Todd McFarlane, making his inclusion more likely.
    • It's now a Word of God, because Spawn is finally confirmed to be included in the first Kombat Pack.
  • Michael Myers: Another iconic horror movie villain, and one who was considered for Mortal Kombat X until the upcoming movie at the time was cancelled. Now that a new movie has come out, that most likely won't be an issue.
  • Console-exclusive characters: They were planned for the previous game, and Mortal Kombat 9 had Kratos for the PS3 version (albeit with no counterpart for the Xbox version).
  • Pennywise: First off, Warner Bros. owns the film rights, so it's easy to get. Secondly, he's another well-known horror character, with a movie that came out very recently with a sequel on the way. Thirdly, he is a shapeshifter, so he has the potential to be both unique and very scary. Finally, we never really had a Monster Clown in the franchise (aside from Joker, but he's not as brutal in his game, nor really as monstrous. The closest thing we had was Shang Tsung's second fatality in MK9), so this could really benefit the cast.
  • Samurai Jack and Aku: Warner Bros. both owns the Show and Netherrealm Studios, so it would work well in Mortal Kombat 11 because you finally get to see Jack dice up enemies that aren't robots.
  • Panty and Stocking: If Mortal Kombat is the king of violent video games, the fallen angels from the Gainax anime that is exploitation filled just like Mortal Kombat. Both angels can shoot at and cut up enemies in pieces. Panty's snarking and Stocking's dialogue would create some interesting quotes.
    • I'm not completely sure how Netherrealm could properly adapt the appearance of Panty and Stocking in an MK game, but assuming they can this seems like a solid choice.
  • Akira Fudo/Devilman: Like with above, and the fact that Devilman gained a resurgence thanks to the Netflix anime, it could be fitting for the Devilman himself to enter to something as gory and violent as his own world. With his jaw, claws and many other abilities, he could create some pretty interesting battles.
  • A Primal Rage character: One of the more infamous and better known games from the 90's that tried to imitate Mortal Kombat's style of gory visuals and finishers. To the justify the character being scaled down to human size, they could go the Primal Rage II route and have a human avatar turning into their respective god.
  • Venom: While Netherrealm is known for utilizing DC characters for MK vs DC and Injustice, it would be a neat turn of events to see a Marvel character turn up in Mortal Kombat; and Venom seems to fit well given that he is one of the darker characters of the Marvel universe. His brutality towards criminals is shown time and time again in comics; and given his threats to bite off heads, eat brains or other organs, or other such horrible deaths, even when the work he's in isn't rated for adults, Venom would be an easy fit as he can and would very easily make good on those threats. Even his symbiote has good potential to be scary, which can end up eating the opponent from the inside out or bonding with them, possessing them for a short period. Since Venom also has a variation of Spider-Man's powers, it would be interesting to see him use such abilities in much more violent ways, like shooting webs inside of his opponents, crushing and strangling organs within, or his own already deadlier version of Web Throw.
  • Wolverine: Wolverine could be likely to be a guest fighter for a Mortal Kombat game because as shown in Logan, the character is brutal enough to be a perfect Guest Fighter.
  • Deadpool: On a similar note to the Venom and Wolverine suggestions, the Deadpool franchise is more popular than ever given his 2016 film and its 2018 sequel, both relatively close enough to the release of MK11. And he will definitely be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in time. It's only natural this violent and hardcore Marvel character be a first pick should Netherrealm decide to include Marvel heroes and villains. Executive Meddling may make a similar decision to Kratos of the God of War series where Wade Wilson will either not panic or freak out as much during a fatality (Given his extreme Healing Factor), or overreact comicaly as a means of lampshading Mortal Kombat's tradition.
  • Bill Cipher, since it would be an amazing treat for both Gravity Falls and Mortal Kombat fans for a fight between two of Disney and Warner Bros.' most awesomely gruesome, savage and bloodthirsty Villains to the extremely Gorn-filled Death. Plus, Bill himself is not only a very fitting Mortal Kombat Guest but also, would be the very first Disney Villain Guest Fighter in a Mortal Kombat game.
  • Had the light novel/manga/anime released earlier and been more popular, Goblin Slayer would be a reasonable fit. The series is already gory, and as an isolated character he's pretty brutal. Unlikely, but fun to think about.
  • The Undertaker: Yes, yes. I know the Undertaker is technically a real life person, but think about it. His gimmick is that of an undead force of darkness with a mysterious power and some supernatural elements to his character. Even though it may seem unlikely, his type of character would be a perfect fit for the MK universe.
  • If Venom is beyond NetherRealm's reach then there is one other character that can easily take his place - Carnage. He is even much stronger and deadlier than Venom, and is also the perfect counter to the [["Insane Troll Logic Disney owns Marvel and must be kid-friendly"]] argument - Carnage not only darkens the setting he is in just by existing in it, but some of the works he appears in are adults-only (Carnage: Mind Bomb for instance). He would also likely be one of the only characters who would truly fit in MK, if not for his violent brutality (morphing his hands into weapons, making even deadlier use of Venom's abilities, etc.), but because he would simply fight and kill just for fun.
  • DIO. He fits with all the time shenanigans going on, and is suitably dark for an MK game. Plus, Jo Jo's in general has influenced games for years. He's certainly got the personality to mesh with the MK cast.
  • Max Rockatansky: Since Warner Brothers distributes the Mad Max movies, it's very possible. His Fatalities can include running his opponent over with the Interceptor, or Sadistic Choice he inflicted on Toecutter.
  • RoboCop: The supernatural powers most of the Kombatants use can be a loophole to allow him to kill unarmed enemies.
  • Eric Draven: Hell, he and Scorpion practically have the same backstory. He fits in so well, it hurts.
  • Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China. Considering how much that movie influenced the first game, it only seems fair. And assuming Ash Williams is indeed one of the guests, wouldn't you really want to pit Kurt Russel against Bruce Campbell?
  • The Mask. I figure they must have at least tried to fit this one into Injustice 2 when they were looking into the rights of non-DC comic properties.
  • Candyman: He would fit right in with the other horror movie characters featured in the series and has got a new movie coming out.
  • The Shredder. Since Netherrealm Studios got the eponymous Heroes in a Half-Shell themselves to participate in Injustice 2, there might be a very good chance for their arch-nemesis to join the Mortal Kombat roster. Shredhead would fit right in with his fierce fighting style and savage personality, as well with his different sets of armors from across the source franchise as gear options. And of course, it would be nice to see Super Shredder beating the shit out of Shao Kahn for once... or performing some kind of Fatality on other fighters.
  • Thanos. Believe it or not, but the entirety of MK universe should definitely be fearful of someone who makes Shao Kahn and Shinnok look like cuddly teddy bears. The Mad Titan certainly would fit the bill for an unrivaled DLC comic-book character: Thanos is an Omnicidal Maniac who is far worse than the aforementioned baddies; he's extremely powerful to the point that he is a force of nature which eats Elder Gods for breakfast; and he's definitely got the savage personality to match. The total recipe is ideal for such a character to join the MK11 roster. Also, it would be great to have Josh Brolin reprising the role of Thanos through the fighting interactions.
  • [[Wiki/SCP Foundation SC Ps]]: It would make sense to include one of the famous Foundation anomalies, given that it is mostly a horror-based web collective that’s growing in popularity, especially as of 2020. Candidates are probably 049 (Plague Doctor) 106 (Old Man) or 682 (Invincible Reptile).
  • Homelander or Billy Butcher. Imagine this interaction between Joker and Homelander.
    Homelander: I'd choose my words wisely if I were you clown.
    Joker: Seriously, "boy scout gone psycho" is so overdone now.

Mortal Kombat 11 will receive an AO rating at first.
As Hatred and Agony proved, video games can receive the AO rating for sheer violence alone. Even Mortal Kombat X was pushing the M rating, and since NRS makes a point of making each game bloodier and gorier than the last, it would not be surprising if the ESRB gave Mortal Kombat 11 an initial AO rating. The very worst Fatalities may have to be censored for an M rating.
  • Jossed: It received a Mature rating, as usual.

If the Nintendo Switch version gets Amiibo support and an Amiibo line
And then imagine one of the skins of the game featuring Collaboration Outfits, like Liu Kang as Mario or Johnny Cage as Captain Falcon.If a Nintendo Anti-hero or a Villain appears as a Guest, it would be included into the Amiibo line.

The newest character at the end of the MK 11 trailer is an Elder God or an Emissary
Realizing that Dark!Raiden taking matters into his own hands as one big middle finger for their apparent inactions and cowardice against Shao Khan and Shinnok, the Elder Gods decide to step in and put an end to their disgruntled ex-employee. According to the leaked roster, the character could be Kronika.

Mortal Kombat 11 will feature the return of Hsu Hao.
He will be resurrect to serve as the training dummy for people to practice moves and fatalities on.
  • Seconding this with the additional explanation of this being the punishment Liu Kang and Kitana sentence him to for all eternity for his crimes. It would nice to have an Asshole Victim to do guilt free practice rather than doing Fatalities on sympathetic and/or charismatically cool characters.
  • He will appear in the story mode solely to get killed again.
  • Surprisingly enough, confirmed! He appears in the background of the Black Dragon Fight Klub stage, alongside Kano.
    • Double confirmed: he's a decapitated head in a sack in one of Erron Black's intros.

From leaks
Here are the entries hinted by way of datamining and other unconfirmed information.
  • Scorpion (Confirmed)
  • Sub-Zero (Confirmed)
  • Raiden (Confirmed)
  • Liu Kang (Confirmed)
  • Kitana (Confirmed)
  • Jade (Confirmed)
  • Rain (Confirmed as DLC)
  • Jax (Confirmed)
  • Sonya Blade (Confirmed)
  • Johnny Cage (Confirmed)
  • Noob Saibot (Confirmed)
  • Smoke
  • Cyrax (Story mode only)
  • Sektor (Story mode only)
  • Reptile (Jossed by way of the Krypt, even though he's alive, sort of; future DLC?)
  • Goro (Jossed by way of the Krypt and the Goro's Lair Throne Room stage)
  • Shang Tsung (Confirmed as DLC)
  • Kung Lao (Confirmed)
  • Bo' Rai Cho
  • Frost (Confirmed, story mode unlockable)
  • Kenshi (Jossed by way of the Krypt)
  • Daegon
  • Kotal Kahn (Confirmed)
  • Erron Black (Confirmed)
  • Cassie Cage (Confirmed)
  • Jacqui Briggs (Confirmed)
  • Takeda
  • Kung Jin
  • Diederik
  • Reina
  • Geras (Confirmed)
  • Kronika (Confirmed)
  • Cetrion (Confirmed)
  • Kollector (Confirmed)
  • Shao Kahn (Confirmed / Pre-Order Bonus)
  • Ermac (Jossed by way of the Krypt)
  • Li Mei
  • Nightwolf (Confirmed as DLC)
  • Nimbus
  • Michael Myers
  • Pennywise
  • The Joker (Confirmed as DLC)
  • Terminator (Confirmed as DLC)
  • Sindel (Confirmed as DLC)
  • Spawn (Confirmed as DLC)
  • Ash (Hinted as DLC, although Bruce Campbell has stated that Ash will not be part of the DLC)
  • Fujin (Confirmed as DLC)
  • Sheeva (Confirmed as DLC)

Kharon will be a DLC character.
His model is extremely unique and was given unusual focus for background character, and of the named new members of the cast he's the only one who isn't encountered outside of a cutscene/ Kronika is likley a shoe-in for DLC, so why not Kharon?
  • Building off of this guess, I theorize that if Kharon is made playable his moveset may involve sickles or laingscythes of some kind, a they are archtypical symbols of death associated with psychopomps such as Kharon' Greek namesake Charon.

Characters who might die in the course of story mode
  • Reptile: Given that he got used as the host for Onaga in the old timeline, Raiden (who would likely still have some memories of his visions of the future) might decide to kill him in effort to avert Onaga's resurrection.
    • Reptile is seen alive in the Krypt, but whether this is canon or not remains to be seem.
  • Raiden: Either it be at the hands of another antagonist or perhaps in an effort at a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Current incarnation of Dark Raiden does die but his existence is overwritten by Classic Raiden as per the rules of the Sands of Time.
  • Shang Tsung: While his survival in any form has still not been confirmed as of this writing, but if he is present, Raiden will likely seek to kill him to prevent him from forming a new Deadly Alliance and/or seeking to resurrect Onaga's army (which in turn could unwittingly lead to the Dragon King's own revival).
    • Seems to be alive, sort of, he greets the Wanderer in the Krypt. No story mode involvement, though.
    • Aftermath Edition update: He is confirmed to be around in this story DLC continuation... and also dies depending on how one chooses to plays for the Fire God Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung battle at the end.
  • Jax: Given that two different Arcade endings in MKX involve Jax dying, this may happen (though not necessarily in the ways it is depicted).
    • Both incarnations of Jax survive until Kronika rewinds time back to its origin. Jossed?
  • Blaze: Granted Raiden may not be able to kill him, but he'd certainly seek to remove his presence in whatever way he can.
  • Johnny Cage: Given that he (along with Cassie) can wield a god negating aura and that he would likely take issue with Raiden going down his dark path, Cage and Raiden might get into a violent altercation in which Raiden kills him for trying to prevent what he thinks is necessary for the common good.
  • Kotal Kahn: Given that Shao Kahn was a target of assassination in the old timeline, it is also possible that a new Deadly Alliance will seek to kill him. If Havik is present, simply promoting chaos is one thing he'd have for doing such a deed.
    • Kotal survives until Kronika rewinds time back to its origin. Jossed?
    • Aftermath Edition update: He does die in the Aftermath continuation by Shao Kahn. Whether it sticks will depend on players choosing to play as Liu Kang or Shang Tsung in the story's final battle.
  • D'Vorah: Now that Baraka is back through yet to be explained means, and had his Badass Decay be undone, it is entirely possible that he will avenge his own death and personally end D'Vorah.
    • D'Vorah survives until Kronika rewinds time back to its origin. Jossed?
  • Sonya Blade: So far one pre-fight dialog between Cassie and Raiden has the former telling the latter "You're the reason I lost mom!" Whether this means that she gets killed or has some other unfortunate fate befall her is unknown as of this writing.
    • Current!Sonya dies in the first chapter. Not so much for Past!Sonya, who survives until Kronika rewinds time back to its origin. Jossed?
  • Technically, all of these characters on this list with the exception of Raiden die, as Kronika erased the timeline, erasing everyone except Liu Kang, Raiden, and Kronika, with Kitana being brought back afterwards.

A Deadly Alliance... with totally new Characters?
Though a multitude of already existing characters have been speculated to create a new version of the Deadly Alliance (Shang Tsung, Havik, Noob Saibot, Tanya, and etc.) but based on the leak of the names "Kronika" (who seems to most likely be the bald lady next to the hour glass in the trailer given that time manipulation will be part of the plot given that the name is play on Chronos (or Khronos if one wants to go with the original Greek word, of which happens to keep with the MK series K replacing) as well as "Salina" (who has been described as a goddess of dreams in an alleged leak of information, and in turn might be the same Woman in White who took possession of Jade in her MK9 ending), these two possible characters could be the current timeline's equivalent of the Deadly Alliance.
  • Aftermath Edition update: Interestingly this does end up happening, to some extent, and in a very surprising way: Shang Tsung and Fujin. [[Spoiler: Also like the alliance of the original timeline, Shang Tsung turns to betrayal.]]

Mokap and the rest of The Scrappies will return.
They will appear in the background of stages as dead bodies.

Characters who could have chapters in story mode
  • Scorpion: For an obvious reason.
    • Confirmed. Chapter 10.
  • Sub-Zero: Also as a well regarded fan favorite, no surprise he'll also likely get a chapter.
  • Raiden: Perhaps even as two chapters (regular Raiden and Dark Raiden) akin to how Injustice: Gods Among Us had two chapters for Batman (the prime one and the Injustice-verse one).
    • Confirmed that he has a chapter, but only one, as his good self (Chapter 11).
  • Shang Tsung: As part of a Villain Episode akin to Scorpion and Cyrax in MK9 and D'vorah in MKX.
    • Aftermath Edition update: Confirmed in that Shang gets a chapter (Chapter 17) as part of the Aftermath update.
  • Kenshi Takahashi: Given the Red Dragon plot line mentioned in his and Takeda's MKX arcade endings (and along with the fact that it will likely cover certain parts of Deadly Alliance (where Kenshi was introduced) and Deception's plots), it is safe to assume that he will get to have some focus in the story.
  • Takeda Takahashi: In the event that Kenshi doesn't get any chapters, it is likely that Takeda would have a chapter devoted to him at least.
    • Jossed. Neither even appear outside of a few cameos in arcade endings for Takeda and a corpse in the Krypt for Kenshi.
  • Cassie Cage: Whether she will keep her protagonist status in MK11 is unknown as of this writing, but regardless the fact that she was able to take down Shinnok will regardless bring her to the attention of others, especially the Red Dragon.
    • Confirmed her own chapter. Chapter 1.
  • Frost: Given her belligerent relationship with Cassie, she'll get a chapter involving some Teeth-Clenched Teamwork.
  • Fujin: Given that Raiden has become corrupted into Dark Raiden, he may get to have a chapter in which he acts behind Raiden's back to curb some of his more questionable actions.
    • Jossed. Intro dialogue between Raiden and Centrion imply she killed him.
    • Aftermath Edition update: Funnily enough, confirmed in that he gets a chapter (Chapter 15).
  • Mavado: As part of a Villain Episode like Shang Tsung's described above.
  • Li Mei: Depending on the situation of Outworld, she may get some focus in which she fights to defend her village.
  • Erron Black: Given that he has managed to become one of the most popular newcomers from MKX, he might get a chapter devoted to him, which might include a flashback to flesh out some of his past. His chapter would most likely take place if the situation for Outworld becomes dire.
  • The Liu Kang and Kung Lao from another timeline: Granted. They're seen fighting against their revenant selves in a Mirror Match and Kronika's actions dragged them into the plot.
    • Confirmed. Chapter 3. Also Liu Kang gets a chapter of his own at the very end of the game.
  • If NRS continues the trend of adding stuff from the previous game into the new one, it's a safe bet that the branch system from Injustice 2 may be featured on this game's story mode. Some predictions:
    • Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs.
    • Scorpion and Sub-Zero. (Maybe called "Fire and Ice" after a cancelled sequel to Shaolin Monks)
      • Confirmed. Chapter 4. It even has the name.
    • Sonya and Jax/Johnny Cage. (and it's a safe bet the chapter would be called Special Forces)
      • Jossed. Past!Jax gets a team-up chapter with Jacqui while Cassie, Past!Sonya and Present!Johnny all get individual chapters.
    • Takeda and Kenshi.
    • Sub-Zero and Frost.
    • Scorpion and Kenshi/Takeda.
    • Kung Lao and Liu Kang (and it's a safe bet the chapter would be called Shaolin Monks)
      • Confirmed. Chapter 3. And it's even called "Shaolin Monks".
    • Sub-Zero and Raiden/Fujin (and it's a safe bet the chapter would be called Mythologies)

The Switch version will have a secret code that turns all the blood into "sweat"
As a little easter egg reference to the first Mortal Kombat game's SNES port, which did the same thing by default in addition to altering the Fatalities to be non-lethal.

Kronika is being unknowingly manipulated by the One Being
Just like Shao Kahn, Shinnok and Onaga before her. Her actions in trying to restore balance across the universe will end up with a realm merger attempt, bringing the One Being back to life.
  • Or she is the One Being.
    • The One Being is broken into the Realms so it can't appear as an actual character.

The Switch version of Mortal Kombat 11 will have a version exclusive fighter.
The fighter will be Khameleon, who has only appeared on Nintendo's systems.

The human Kung Lao of this game is from the timeline where he's the immortal champion of Mortal Kombat.
Liu Kang has the MK Dragon logo in the first two timelines (as seen in MK VS DC and 9, at least before his deaths). This time, the Kung Lao from another timeline wore it instead, since The Great Kung Lao was the Immortal Champion of Mortal Kombat before Goro took over.

An Expy of Shaggy will be a new character in this game, instead of the official Shaggy
Because there is no way in hell a character from a Family-friendly franchise such as Shaggy (although it would be okay to include a Villain fitting for an M-Rated Universe) will appear in an M-Rated game.
  • It's gonna be a burnout Tarkatan with a really huge appetite but an all-encompassing fear of anything having to do with actually fighting.

Jade will return... as a puppet/servant of Kronika
Considering the fact that the mysterious woman who appears with her in her MK9 ending and Kitana's MKX endings has been confirmed to be Kronika, it's entirely possible she'll be brought back to assist her and Geras.
  • Half-confirmed and half-Jossed. Current Jade is still a Revenant under the command of Liu Kang and Kitana, but she does end up serving Kronika by proxy. Past Jade makes a return and is allied with Raiden.

Skarlet is working for Kronika.
One of Geras's intro dialogue when fighting against Skarlet has him saying 'Kronika will not abide your attack on me.' with her replying that his blood would make her immortal. Considering that Kronika is most likely gathering forces to stop Dark Raiden, it wouldn't be a stretch that Skarlet would join in exchange for Kronika/Geras's blood.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Skarlet is a servant to Shao Kahn, and he is actually working for Kronika.

Shinnok's plan all along was to corrupt Raiden
This explanation will be long. As we know, back in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, only six characters survived the Battle of Armageddon: Raiden, Shao Kahn, Liu Kang's disembodied spirit, Shinnok, Taven and Daegon. Out of these, Shao Kahn killed Raiden (but not before he sent a message to his MK1 self), and Shinnok survived by sending a clone to fight in his stead, and got to send a message, but to Quan Chi. These events set the new timeline up. Having witnessed how ruthless Dark Raiden was in the original timeline, perhaps he wasn't going to corrupt the Jinsei as his end, but as a means to another end: to get Dark Raiden corrupted again, as evidenced by his speech at the beginning of the Story Mode for MK11.

There will be a Big Bad Ensemble between Kronika and Dark Raiden.
While Kronika is the primary antagonist and Final Boss for the game proper, the corrupted thunder god could serve as the alternate villain, as he would use any method to protect Earthrealm and possibly attack other realms in retribution. This would be similar to Injustice 2, in that while Brainiac served as the Big Bad proper for the game, Superman was looking to restore the Regime once Brainiac was neutralized.
  • Alternately, while Kronika will still be the Final Boss for the game's arcade mode, she could end up becoming a Disc-One Final Boss halfway through the story, with Dark Raiden taking over as the true Big Bad for the adventure mode. If this occurs, everyone, including the revenants, their un-corrupted selves, etc. would have to do an uneasy Enemy Mine to stop the corrupted thunder god from jeopardizing everything.
  • Jossed. Kronika's goal is to completely erase Raiden from history, across ALL timelines. Dark Raiden ends up getting erased, but as per the rules of the Sands of Time, his existence is simply overwriten by Past Raiden.

Connecting with the previous theory, Shao Kahn will appear as the third villainous force.
  • Jossed. He's just a mere lackey of Kronika who gets killed in Chapter 7.

Why Skarlet is dressed this time
It's because of the Blood Magik infusion, back in the MKX comics. It probably was what allowed her to resist D'Vorah's poisonous blood. She doesn't need to be stripperiffic all the time in order to benefit from her opponent's blood, and said clothing was able to counter a bit the effects of D'Vorah's blood.
  • Nope, this Skarlet is from the past so those events never happened to her.

Skarlet trained under Nitara for Blood Magik.
Connecting to the previous WMG, she most likely trained under the vampire as there are a few items that seems to be hinting at this such as the 'Crimson Flask of Vaeternus' and 'Nitara's Gemstone'.

Kronika is a Hero Antagonist while Dark Raiden is the Villain Protagonist
We're always led to believe that Earthrealm is a heroic realm and that Raiden protecting it, no matter how dark it is, is a good thing. However, Kronika is about to put a wrench on that, trying to restore timeline. Perhaps Kronika knew an outcome where Raiden does not need to get corrupted, heroes do not get turned into revenants and preventing Armageddon in the same time, but doing so means purging this timeline which has been so far rather depressing where esteemed heroes fall into evil and giving little hope to the future. However, Dark Raiden is not aware of this and considered her a threat to Earthrealm, therefore coming to blows against Kronika, who considered Raiden's vision of 'extreme protection of Earthrealm' no better than what other villains do.
  • Jossed. As the story progresses it becomes clear that Kronika is a Mad God, and fully a villain, while Dark Raiden ends up an Advertised Extra who gets replaced early on by the still benevolent past Raiden.

The original 7 from MK1 will always return in any future main MK games.
Them being Kano, Liu Kang, Raiden, Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Sonya. Since all of them have been present, playable and accounted for in all three of the rebooted timeline games (9, X and this one), if one counts the collective identity of Sub-Zero as one character (since in 1, it was Noob Saibot/Bi-Han when he was still alive, and in all future games it was Kuai Liang who assumed the title), it is likely they will continue to be roster mainstays going forward, provided they also retain Plot Armor throughout the story modes. And now that Noob Saibot himself made his way into the game, it could be possible that he too can be a part of the OG package deal.

The game will have multiple story endings
Following on from the Injustice 2 stylings and since the game is dealing with time travel with a being who's more then willing to bring back and team with Shao Kahn. Not to mention that this is Ed Boon's final MK game in the new universe. Signs are pointing to allowing the player to pick if the light or dark forces end up winning in the end.
  • Confirmed - but not in the relation to the aforementioned point. The ending depends on how much rounds were lost in the fight against Kronika. Two rounds ensure bad ending, one leads to the normal ending, and winning the fight without losing provides the best ending.

The final chapters will be between past and present versions of Scorpion
Just as upon defeating Brainiac in Injustice 2 then lead to the player having to choose to playing as either Superman or Batman (in which the final opponent will be the other character not chosen), this time the possible last chapters will be between either past era Revenant!Scorpion or Present era Hanzo Hasashi. Given that Revenants have a notorious one track mind, Revenant Scorpion might try to take a time manipulating device from Kronika to prevent the massacre of his family while Hasashi would try to reason with his younger self that doing so will endanger the time stream and bring about unintended consequences, most notably that come characters (Cassie, Jacuqi, and Takeda) might never be born. In the process of this argument, other characters would intervene joining one of the Scorpions and wanting to change the flow of time for a range of well intended (e.g. Kitana and/or Jade wanting to restore Edenia's independence as had happened in the old timeline) and selfish (e.g. Kano wanting to either kill or inflict a debilitating injury (e.g. paralyzed) his opponents in the past so they can't oppose him in the present) reasons.
  • Partially Jossed. Revenant!Scorpion and Grandmaster Hasashi did clash in a part of the story over Scorpion wanting to restore his family through Kronika's promises and Hasashi wanting to move forward with the renewed version of his clan rather than dangerously cling to the past. However, this clash would not be the all-encompassing lead of the plot that the other characters galvanized around, as that was left up to Kronika's own war with Liu Kang and Raiden.

An Expy of Sonic the Hedgehog will be playable in this game, NOT the official version.
Again, there is NO WAY IN HELL a character from a family-friendly series will ever appear in this game. Therefore, the only way for Sonic to be referenced in this game is through an Expy, or at least a Captain Ersatz or Alternate Company Equivalent.
  • There's already an expy of Sonic in the Mortal Kombat universe: Kabal. He's fast, cocky, and has swords instead of spikes.

Current Timeline Sonya is dead.
So far the playable Sonya appears to be from the past given her many interractions between Cassie and Johnny, Supporting this is that one of Cassie's interractions with Raiden is "Your action's cost me mom!"
  • Confirmed. Current Sonya dies at the end of the first chapter.

At the end of the Krypt mode, Shang Tsung kills the traveler and takes his soul.
Because why else would he let some random trespasser ransack his house?

One of Shang Tsung's costume options is his Badass Longcoat from the movie
It's an iconic costume to the character not just in the movie, but in other forms of Mortal Kombat media.
  • Thankfully confirmed! Said longcoat is featured as one of his alternate costumes.

The Krypt will include one or more troll Easter Eggs for those who go outside the bounds of the game's coding.
Shang Tsung invites the traveler to "take what they want...within reason." He's not joking, and Netherrealm have hidden some interesting, but perhaps nasty, little surprises for those who try to hack the game in order to reach places, or perhaps items, that are not meant to be accessed.

Mortal Kombat 11 will have Premier Skins.
Featuring characters that didn't make the roster.
  • Reiko will be a premier skin for Shao Khan.
  • Sub Zero (Bi-Han) will be the premier skin for either Noob Sabiot or Sub Zero (Kuai Liang).
  • A Christopher Lambert skin for Raiden, to go along with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa coming back as Shang Tsung.
  • Jarek skin for Kano
  • Mavado skin for Kabal
  • Khameleon skin for Kitana, Mileena(?), or Jade (If Khameleon isn't a playable character herself)
  • Chameleon skin for one of the male Ninjas (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, etc.)
  • Kai skin for Liu Kang
  • Li Mei skin for Mileena (Unless Li Mei makes it onto the roster as unlockable or DLC)
  • Havik skin for Shang Tsung (Unless Havik makes it onto the roster as unlockable or DLC)
  • Tanya skin for Jade.
  • Quan Chi skin for Shang Tsung.
  • Sindel skin for Kitana.
    • Jossed. Sindel herself is confirmed as DLC.
  • A Sareena skin for Skarlet.
  • Classic Sindel. More specifically, her personality is intact from the older with the classic skin on.
  • Black Canary for Sindel: Dying Sindel's hair blonde and having a black costume with gear featuring a Domino Mask, black boots with stockings, and a bo staff.
  • Cyborg for Jax: Jax's entire body goes enhance with gear featuring advance tech arms, Cyborg's symbol or S.T.A.R. Labs symbol on the buckle, and high tech shotgun.

Some possible premier skins for guest characters (Do note that as of this writing, these characters are unconfirmed and thus purely speculative) in order please those fans who dislike Guest Fighters taking slots for MK characters:

  • Havik for Joker: Given that the Joker is all about stirring up chaos and bloodshed for his twisted amusement, Havik would fit.
  • Blaze for Spawn: Admittedly a bit of a stretch, but given that Spawn has supernaturally derived powers and Blaze is himself a supernatural being, some of spawns powers will be fire based and in turn the Blaze skin will have some chains incorporated into his design in order to match Spawn's abilities.
  • Cyrax and Sektor for Terminator: Unlikely given that the T-800 (which is the most likely one that will be used here) does not have the same agility as those two cyber Lin Kuei warriors and definitely has never used weapons like the ones they have, but it might be done for the sake of justifying Ed Boons pledge not to have unplayable NPC opponents again.
  • Cyrax for Ash Williams: In the event that Terminator gets only Sektor as a skin, the Cyrax (who happens to have buzzsaws equipped as weapons) skin could be given to Ash Williams (who is presumably referenced as "Ash" in the leaked DLC list) with some of Ash's chainsaw attacks changed to match with the movements of the Cyrax skin.

This game will bring back the original timeline.
  • Likely Jossed. Although God Liu Kang can now direct time however he pleases, his God status all but guarantees that he can't participate in history the same way he originally did.

Shao Kahn will not remain as a Pre-Order Bonus, and will become free DLC later on.
Much like Goro in MKX, it is very likely that Shao Kahn won't just be a pre-order bonus - give or take a few months and he'll end up coming back as a downloadable character for players who didn't get to pre-order him at first - and of course, by the time an Updated Re-release comes up, he'll already be on the disc and available.

Jacqui's fate after her ending.
She had changed history, so her dad never became a revenant, which caused her to never of been born. However I think Jax would end up meeting Vera anyway, which would lead to Jacqui being born and her soul would be of the Jacqui that was Ret-Gone.

The ending serves for NRS to go with the original plan following Armageddon.
Originally the battle of Armageddon was set up so everyone died and the next game would have an entirely new cast.The way 11 ends leaves it open that this original plan might take effect save for Liu Kang, Kitana and possibly Raiden, Assumming there will be a Mortal Kombat 12.

Liu Kang created the Street Fighter timeline, the Tekken timeline, the Dead or Alive timeline and the Virtua Fighter timeline after the game's events.
It's like saying that Chris Jericho invented WWE. Let alone the fact that these videogame series belong to different companies.

The new timeline will be just like the original timeline, minus the events of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

Tremor is Cetrion's Son.
It would explain his earth powers. Once upon a time Cetrion found herself visiting Earth for some fun and had a one night stand with a human. She wasn't allowed to bring him back with her and so left him in the human world. One of the reasons she's going along with Kronika's plan is to get a chance to see Tremor again and be a part of his life.

One of the DLC Characters will be 2B from NierAutomata
If you take a look at the Ed Boon's tweet announcing the DLC characters, notice how he used "2B" instead of "to be", It could be that he either ran out of characters for his tweet or this could be a subtle hint that 2B's gonna be joining the roster.

DLC characters from elsewhere in the franchise
  • Kai. A disgraced bum robbed of his destiny as Liu Kang's successor due to Raiden's time meddling, he becomes a servant of Kronika to help fix the timeline.
  • Human Cyrax. Time travel makes it possible and his human design was pretty cool.
  • Shinnok. Because you can't introduce his polar opposite sibling and then not provide us some means to make them fight each other.
  • Havik, and perhaps someone from Orderrealm. If I count correctly, the new timeline has just about caught up to where the original one was with Deception or Armageddon.
    Hotaru: We must restore the stability of the Realms!
    Raiden: What is stability without justice?
  • Art. Time to finally see what this guy's all about.
  • Takeda and Kung Jin, of course. Just because there wasn't room in the story for them doesn't mean we can forget about them.
  • Goro. It just doesn't seem complete without him, does it?

Kronika is not the only Titans messing with the timeline.
While Kronika is the Titan most associated with time, and the only doing most of the Time manipulation shenanigans, there might be other Titans messing with the MK timeline as well, in order to ensure that certain events actually happen no matter what. The reason is because these events NOT happening will lead to the person or people involved becoming a major threat to them otherwise; this is similar to how Kronika believed that Liu Kang and Raiden teaming up will eventually lead to her defeat, thus set it up that the two will ALWAYS come into conflict, resulting in one of them dying, as a sort of cosmic, universal law.

The biggest piece of evidence is Scorpion's Ladder ending: He uses the power of the hourglass to prevent the murders of his clan and family, but he fails every. Single. TIME. This leads him to realizing there are other Titans besides Kronika and promptly kills one, starting with possibly the one to benefit from the Shirai Ryu being massacred.

The Krypt is an Alternate Timeline.
Think about it, there is a place where you can mount the heads of all the playable characters on spikes, you find the dead bodies of Ermac, Goro, Kenshin, and for some reason Kano despite being a playable character, and items like Shao Kahn’s hammer, Scorpion’s weapon, and Raiden’s staff are found on the island. The reason Shang Tsung allows the traveler to take what he wants (within reason of course)? Probably because he doesn’t need it, why? Because in this timeline Shang Tsung Wins! Fatality! To Everyone! (except Reptile).

The Joker will get the Dimitri Vegas treatment and get a new costume with a different actor.
...It will be his Batman: The Animated Series or Batman: Arkham Series incarnation, voiced by Mark Hamill.

Jade and Kotal Kahn's relationship was engineered by Kronika.
Neither Jade or Kotal had brought up each other before meeting in MK11. If their love is so true, why not mention it to anyone during their long lives? The truth is, they didn't. It was yet another of Kronika's scheme of manipulating time.

In one timeline, Kotal and Jade did find love in each other, and during that time, they had a child. With both of his parent's upbringing, the boy would grow into a powerful and skilled warrior. Kronika saw this potential, and took the child for herself. She used her power to make the boy into a fixed point in time, even giving him a new name: Geras.

But in order for her powerful enforcer to continue his existence, their parents need to have met and fall in love, regardless of whatever point in their lives they are. When they met during the time distortions, they remembered their past in the previous timeline, although it never happened in this one. This meeting continued Geras' existence and Kronika's plans continue.

If someone were to break this connection, remind Jade or Kotal who it is they really love, the manufactured love would vanish and Geras would die for good.

Sindel's turn to evil was due to her memories being rewritten.
There is a lot about Sindel's recent turn to evil that makes no sense. She was always evil? She didn't kill herself, but Quan Chi killed her? Then who erected the barrier surrounding Earthrealm, the very reason Mortal Kombat tournaments happen at all? None of it makes sense!

That's because the truth Sindel believes is also a lie. Shang Tsung managed to defeat her and bring her to his palace. Rather than brainwashing her again or possessing her with a banshee (which he considered), he opted for a more permanent way to keep her on Shao Kahn's side. Using his magic, he peered into her memories, and rewrote them.

The end result was more than even Tsung could imagine. Gone was the benevolent queen and loving mother. In her place was a evil tyrant and manipulative seductress, ever loyal to her lover, Shao Kahn. No longer needing to be controlled, Sindel now serves Kahn loyally. At least, that's what she wants them to think. Tsung's manipulations also gave her a sense of ambition. She patiently waits for the chance to overthrow Shao Kahn and take the throne of Outworld for herself.

Can Kitana's love for her mother snapped her out of this trance? Or is her mother dead for good?

  • Also, other characters with significant differences between timelines were also subject to the same.

Construct!Skarlet from Mortal Kombat 9 and Orphan!Skarlet from this game both exist, and the latter assisted Shao Kahn in creating the former.
Shao Kahn taught Skarlet Blood Magic after all, which means he must know of at least some of it, and Skarlet having what's effectively a homunculus version of herself acting as a double would be a great advantage in her job as an assassin, enabling her to be in two places at once or to have an unfair advantage from the shadows. In fact, one could suspect that the construct version of her was the known active one before the new characters came along, and at some point they may have discovered the true Skarlet and her origins, possibly through her resurfacing after the construct was killed by someone.

Someone was working to stop Kronika who wasn't allied with the main heroes.

I was watching a video on YouTube where the person was saying it made no sense that she brought both villains AND heroes from the past to the present. So while he was talking I came up with a theory on the spot: either she didn't, or barring that, didn't mean to. Think about it, if she wanted to conquer all the realms, why would she bring forth the ONLY people who can stop her? Yeah she can just say "Fuck you" and reset the timeline, but that still begs the question, why would she? I think someone is actively trying to work against her and the other titans. Though who that is I have no idea.

  • Problem is that is does make sense to bring forward heroes as well as villains. Each of the past heroes, aside from Kitana, ends up facing their future selves and most of them try to convince their past selves to turn against Raiden and join Kronika to ensure they avoid their future fates. Every success would strengthen her side and weaken Raiden's.

One of RoboCop's Brutalities will involve shooting the opponent in the groin.

Bonus points if said Brutality is called "Your Move, Creep."

Robocop's Arcade ending will involve undoing his own creation
He'll use the Hourglass and go to a timeline where he shoots Boddicker and his gang dead before they kill him, and perhaps one that leads to the whole Robocop program being scrapped before it begins, hurting OCP in the process.
  • Jossed, his ending has his limiters removed informing him of the sheer extent of OCP's corruption. He proceeds to enlist the Earthrealm's special forces to help take it down.

Cassie got Scorpion the bear seen in his friendship
She did express an interest in "improving his sadcore outlook" and she could have customized it that he could harpoon it without real damage.

A future character in the game will be Kazuma Kiryu
Yes, the Dragon of Dojima wwould finally get his own fighting game debut at last and bring the HEAT to MK 11. And in a game with a Knife Nut like the Joker, he'd definitely call him Kiryu-chan. He's immediately on Kiryu's shitlist for all of his crimes, but especially if he plans to pay a "visit" to his daughter Haruka.
  • Less likely, because according to Yakuza creator, Kiryu is less likely to guest-star in a fighting game because it will require him to fight women, and that would break his personal code of 'not beating up women' that he'd apply many times, let alone 'brutally kill' a woman per MK rule if he's pitted against one. Not even a 'Heroic Brutality', even to the biggest bitches in the game (D'Vorah, Reboot!Sindel). But Majima, on the other hand...

Much like Terminator and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rambo's lines will contain allusions to other non-Rambo roles by Sylvester Stallone
Including most famously the Rocky franchise (asking if someone is gonna fly now), or perhaps something like Judge Dredd (though Rambo isn't exactly a law-aligned man).

If they decide to do another game that ISN'T a sequel to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, it will confirm that Shang Tsung's Aftermath ending is cannon
Maybe it's just me but they seem to be heading toward another reboot. This game had more similarities to Armageddon than it did to Deadly Alliance, at least to me. For instance:

  • Introduction of a never seen or heard of before that point villain that has apparently been orchestrating events from behind the scenes all along. (Though to be fair the same could be said of Onaga in the Original Timeline as well).
  • Final battle involving two massive armies, including several heroes/villains.
  • The final battle ends with all but 3 or 4 characters dead, though we don't find that part out Armaggedon until 9.
  • General air of finality for the game.

Now of course Netherrealm wouldn't give up on one of their biggest series, especially with how well this one was received. So if they do make another game, it'll probably be another reboot.

Final Round... FIGHT?

Next Kombat game will be reboot set years before the original torunament
Featuring ancestors of the original characters including the Great Kung Lao (seen in Aftermath talking to time god Liu-Kang).