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Now with nut-punching action!
Mortal Kombat 11 may be Bloodier and Gorier than previous titles, even for a franchise that has already largely relied on upping the ante in that regard with each passing game, but there's still enough humor to ensure you'll bust a gut.

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  • Both of Cassie Cage's finishing moves go for a morbidly wacky twist.
    • For her first Fatality, she warms up a big Shadow Kick before driving her foot all the way through their body and kicking their heart out (essentially Johnny's Fatality from the SNES version of MK1 but done right). Then she pushes her hands through their ribs and forms a heart shape with her fingers in the now-vacant space where their heart used to be and blows a kiss to the camera as the Overcrank kicks in.
    • For the first time since Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, a Groin Attack has been made into a Fatality, thanks to Cassie, being one hell of an American Gods (2017) Shout Out to boot: after unloading several rounds into her opponent, she kicks them in their sourdough region so hard their skull and spinal column erupt from the top of their body!
      • And the skull is still screaming all the way up.
  • Jacqui's second fatality (Nuthin' But Neck) has a hoot of a closer; after punching her opponent's skull into their chest and the blowing open their torso, she does a behind the back toss with one of her grenades that goes down the neck hole and activates a reflective energy wall that bisects them laterally. And you can even see and hear the heart beating against the far side of the wall!
  • Jade’s second Fatality is Black Comedy at its finest- impaling the enemy through the back of their head (and out through their eye) with her staff, slicing them in half with her glaive... and then spinning the enemy’s dead torso around in a perverse mimicry of a pole dance. It’s so brutally ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh.
  • Jax's second fatality entails him ripping off one of his opponent's arms, using it to knock his opponent's head into the air, then as the head comes back down, using the dismembered arm like a baseball bat and hitting a home run as the "Charge!" fanfare plays on the pipe organ in the background.
  • Johnny Cage's first fatality is simple, but hilarious. He spins them around and punches a hole in their back, then kicks their legs off their body. With his hand still in his victim's torso, a spotlight falls on him, and he starts a ventriloquism act. After he delivers his joke, tomatoes get thrown, hitting the victim in the face, and Johnny puts on his best shit-eating grin.
    "Opponent": What did you do, Johnny?
    Johnny: Just what you asked!
    "Opponent": Not what I meant by "the splits"!

    "Opponent": Ninja Mime was awesome!
    Johnny: Yeah, I rocked it.
    "Opponent": It really tore me up.

    "Opponent": Ah, what's for dinner?
    Johnny: Spaghetti or Ramen.
    "Opponent": Man, I'm really torn!

    "Opponent": Is there a pub nearby?
    Johnny: Why, you thirsty?
    "Opponent": I could use a few pints.

    "Opponent": Ugh, this hangover...
    Johnny: Too much fun at happy hour?
    "Opponent": I got totally ripped.
    • Even better, unlike most fatalties where it happens at the killing blow or during a large spurt of gore, the Overcrank doesn't kick in until the tomato hits the "Dummy".
    • There's a mod which shows the fight on the sideview where it makes this fatality look like it's been watched by an off-screen audience, making the context funnier if you were to play certain stages where it'd look like there would be an audience when this fatality happens.
      • You can also hear someone shouting "YOU SUCK!", presumably from the back of the club, just as the crowd starts to throw tomatoes.
  • Johnny Cage's second Fatality brings some fourth-wall-breaking fun into the mix as Johnny does his original "Deadly Uppercut" finisher, only to have to do a few retakes before finally getting frustrated at take 19, where he gets his hand stuck in the head, then chucking the severed head at the camera. While flipping off the director, who's revealed to be none other than Ed Boon by the name on the clapboard.
    "Who hired this guy!? What the F%#@!"
  • Kano's first fatality involves taking a nice big swig of beer, breaking it over their head, and jabbing the bottle neck into their neck. You'd expect it to end there, but he proceeds to grab them by the wrist and dance the tango with them while blood spews out of the bottle as the results screen pops up. It seems Johnny's rubbed off on Kano just a tiny bit.
  • Kollector's first Fatality in which he tears his victim apart piece-by-piece is certainly horrific, but there's some Black Comedy to be had at the fact that he takes a moment to inspect the various bits of viscera he's pulling out as if deciding if any of it is worth selling, while still casually eviscerating the victim, before settling on the victim's heart and head and stuffing them in his pack.
  • Kotal Kahn’s first fatality has a humorous end. He summons an altar and slams the opponent against it, kicks their head into position, and then summons a large ornamental skull to crush it! If you listen closely, you can hear the skull laughing!
  • Kronika's fatality involves her grabbing her opponent in midair and ripping them in half horizontally, before reversing it, then doing it again vertically, and then ripping their skin off, and she does this forever. Even a time goddess has to get her kicks somehow, apparently. Bonus points for the lack of Overcrank!
  • Shao Kahn's first fatality may be the nadir apex of both brutal and hilarious for the entire franchise. Wielding his enormous warhammer, he delivers first blow to the stomach to double his foe over, another one to the back to send them on all fours, and then swings it like a golf club against their head hard enough to make the head and spinal column explode backwards out of the defeated kombatant's lower back. Simply put: Shao Kahn gives Tiger Woods a run for his money!
  • Due to his endoskeleton, using fatalities on the Terminator can yield interesting results: Baraka eating a metallic brain, Jax hitting the Terminator's head so hard that it reveals his real metallic face, Kotal Kahn's jaguar form eating a metallic heart, etc.
    • One in particular that gets amusingly weird is Frost's "The Cyber Initiative" fatality, which results in Frost blowing up his cyborg body to put his processors in another cyborg body.
    • And additionally, as some people have pointed out, a few of the game's Fatalities wouldn't actually stop a Terminator in the canon of the films. Special mention goes to Spawn flaying its skin off, leaving behind a fully intact (and presumably functional) T-800 endoskeleton, Kano simply stabbing it in the neck and waiting for the hydraulic-powered machine to bleed out and die while he dances with it, or Johnny tearing off its upper body and puppeteering it, considering that the first movie's T-800 continued functioning well after losing its lower half.
  • The Terminator's second Fatality has him kick his victim away, leave, get on his motorcycle, and run his opponent into the air before blowing them to bits with his shotgun. When they see him coming, the majority of the roster has an Oh, Crap! look, even characters like Shao Kahn and Noob. The one exception to this is the Terminator himself, who's expression doesn't change at all.
  • One of RoboCop's Fatalities has him fire a grenade at the opponent's head that bounces off and falls behind them. While it's still falling, Murphy takes his time to aim at the opponent's crotch and fires exactly when the grenade reaches that height, even posing as a Wild West gunslinger. The victim barely has time to clutch that groin before they explode, and Robocop walks off without even looking at the explosion.
  • One of the Joker's Fatalities opens with him handing a cake to his hapless victim, a sign dropping down from behind them with the word "FRIENDSHIP" spelled out in balloons with confetti to celebrate the complete and utter slaughter that is about to commence. The candle on the cake turns out to be dynamite, which blasts the opponent into the air. The Joker follows with machine-gun fire that blows his opponent's limbs off before leaving them to be crushed under the sign which, without the balloon letters, now reads "FATALITY", written in what could be either red paint or blood.
    • The little "Ooo" as the sign falls makes it even better. Almost like Joker didn't even expect the sign to fall on them.
      • The Overcrank shot doesn't even bother displaying "Fatality" as the announcer says it since it's already written in big red letters.
    • Laughing maniacally while brutally executing someone wasn't enough for you? How about singing a merry song to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel" while he punches a hole through the opponent's chest with his boxing glove gun and sticks a jack-in-the-box into it to have their head impaled on it as it opens?
      Bats would say that I'm a bad boy, to kill without a reason. But bodies stacked high never gets old... Blood's always in season!
      The fight is done and now's the time, to bring it to a crescendo. Crank the knob and what will I get? Your head as a memento!
    • Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight with the announcement of the Aftermath DLC, which will...
  • ...bring back FRIENDSHIPS for real! Warning, due to the hilarious nature of the following finishers, you are at extreme risk of dying of laughter. Read at your own risk.
    • First off, there's the presentation of the finisher itself. Confetti sprays, an off-screen audience cheers and the letters are rainbow-colored balloons hanging from the ceiling complete with rainbow lighting, with the "X Wins" message (with the character's name in all-caps Arial) popping in on an animated star! Additionally, a blue banner with stars with "FLAWLESS VICTORY" (also in all-caps Arial) written on it also appears if the player achieves one. And finally, cheesy 80s music plays over it!
    • The Friendships trailer sets itself to Smash Mouth's cover of "Why Can't We Be Friends?".
    • Scorpion spears something off-screen and pulls it in. Said something is a giant teddy bear. Cue hug. Hilarious in Hindsight considering that back in Mortal Kombat 9, "[HE HATED] TEDDIES".
    • Sub-Zero makes an excited gesture like a little kid (seeing a pattern yet?), runs off-screen and comes back with an ice cream bike, even making a popsicle in the process! Grandmaster Blueberry Ice, indeed. The ice box even has cute little graphics of a happy-looking Goro holding four ice creams and a sad-looking Scorpion having dropped one.
    • Noob Saibot summons two clones to play jump rope. He even shows off by adding various dance steps in his jumps!
    • Kano uses his Eye Beam to cook a barbecue. Bonus points for referencing his "Would you settle for me sausage" quote to Skarlet. Eagle-eyed players might also notice some shrimp in there so that'll keep Cassie happy too!
    • Kung Lao sets up wooden train tracks along the rim of his hat and plays with a toy train like a little kid. He even makes train noises!
      Kung Lao: Woo-woo! All aboooard!
    • Jax puts on a pair of sunglasses, pulls out a saxophone and blasts a mean solo while dancing like the "Epic Sax Guy". Raw sexual energy indeed.
    • Raiden's Light Balance-based laser light rave party is amazing in itself but more importantly, it marks the long awaited return of yet another Mortal Kombat fan favourite — KIDD THUNDER!!
    • Johnny dons a top hat, grabs a cane and breaks into a Vaudeville dance! Why not? Bonus points for being a reference to Michigan J. Frog.
    • Geras, the massive, brutish, immortal golem and enforcer of Kronika's will... making sandcastles? Why not?!
    • The Terminator doing motorcycle tricks, sporting a goofy grin and giving a thumbs-up.
    • Jade breaking open a Shao Kahn piñata, dancing happily in the ensuing candy that drops from it, and eating said candy (while they're still wrapped) afterwards.
    • Shao Kahn himself using his hammer in a strength test carnival game that just so happens to be labelled Test Your Might. He aces it so hard, the bell at the top (labelled "Outworld Oddities") breaks in two! Yes, this is basically an updated version of Sektor's Frienship as well, but he never split the bell, did he? Addtionally, the rankings on the game: the lowest just says "You Suck" and the highest, naturally, is "Shao Kahn."
    • Skarlet painting something on a canvas and easel using her blood magic... and the result is a stickman!
    • Fujin trying, and failing, to fly a kite that has a picture of Raiden on it. He has a little more success once he breaks out his wind powers, though the kite might occasionally pull him along. What sells it is the whimsical orchestral music that plays and the way Fujin prances along with the kite!
    • Kitana playing patty-cake with Mileena and hugging her. The two giggling like little girls sells it!
    • Kollector becomes a one-Naknadan band.
    • Sindel failing to break a wine glass with her screaming (she breaks the camera instead) and drinking the wine before breaking the glass the old fashioned way, by just tossing it on the ground. Her reaction to the camera breaking even suggests she was aiming for the camera the whole time!
    • Nightwolf summons a hoop for Kiba to jump through, then rests a falcon on his arm while Komo dances on a ball in the background.
    • Jacqui beats up a Kronika inflatable toy. Which comes right back and hits her as she tries to laugh and strike a cool pose. Said toy even speaks in squeaky Kronika lines too.
    • Liu Kang is feeling that disco fever once again as he boogies on the dance floor, complete with a proper dance floor!
    • Frost creates her own personal ice rink and puts on a ballet show, ending on a perpetual spin of her body... while her head remains perfectly in place.
    • Shang Tsung is once again all about rainbows. What sells it is the massive grin on his face (and the foliage blooming under his feet) as he does. Even before he creates the rainbow, he briefly rolls his eyes in annoyance as if forced to be friends with his opponent against his will.
    • D'Vorah enters a cocoon... and emerges as a beautiful butterfly! Or rather, herself with pretty butterfly wings now.
    • Kabal, with his Super Speed, batters a marimba.
    • The Joker tries to subvert this and ends up on the wrong end of a Batarang. He gripes to the off-screen Batman, then pulls out balloons as a halfhearted apology. And offers the audience a quieter, possibly even genuine 'sorry' for not giving them what he knew they wanted. He then keeps glaring offscreen at Batman between forced smiles.
      Joker: Hey! C'mon, Bats! (motions his hand between the gun and fallen opponent in a "It's a finisher, c'mon!" style)
      • The other possibility is just as funny. Batman chucked a Batarang at Joker to remind him that he's supposed to be doing a Friendship and not a Fatality.
    • Cheesy cowboy music plays as Erron Black smirks evilly... and aces a carnival shooting game.
    • Baraka takes cutting cake to the next level with his arm blades, with one final slice dropping on his head.
    • Sonya throws a stick and her drone, which is now acting like a playful puppy, runs off to fetch it. Instead, it brings in the corpse of a random Tarkatan.
    • Kotal Kahn pulls up a lawn chair and uses both a reflector and his sun powers to work on his tan.
    • Cassie does what comes naturally to her and snaps a few selfies, filters included.
    • RoboCop doing the robot! With '80s like static on the camera, a gold OCP pendant on his neck, and a retro stereo system! Apparently his newest prime directive is "bust a move on the dance floor".
    • It turns out Spawn has a secret hobby. He uses his cape as a hammock and starts reading Hellish Desires, a saucy romance novel with a woman (who may or may not be his beloved Wanda) tightly embracing another suit-clad hellspawn on the cover while a romantic cue plays! Spawn flicks his finger on his face like you would normally scrape your finger on your tongue before flipping to the next page as if he forgot he’s wearing a mask. He then gets startled and tries to hide what he is reading when the Friendship fanfare starts playing. As if that image weren’t unbelievably hilarious enough, if you look at the book, you’ll notice the golden NetherRealm Studios seal on the cover!
    • Cetrion growing an enormous tree from the ground, dropping a looped vine down from a thick branch, and sitting down on it like a garden swing, swinging her legs to go up and down. It's even funnier in that she of all people — an almighty Elder God, sister of Shinnok, and a typical Perpetual Frowner — holds onto the vine swing like a little kid on a playground, and has a genuinely cute smile as she plays on it.
    • Sheeva shows that she's quite the musician with musical glasses, putting her four arms to perfect use.
  • Honorable mention also goes to PC modding community: all these Friendships can be swapped between different characters, making overall results even funnier. Netherrealm Studios themselves enjoyed this so much that they've implemented compatibility of facial expressions in order to avoid bizzare glitches.

  • Stage Fatalities have returned with an update on one of Liu Kang's classic finishers, and this time everyone can use it. Upon activation in the Tournament stage, the background screen shows Finish Him/Her and the victor lifts the Deadly Alliance cabinet and throws it on top of their victim squashing them displaying Fatality on the broken monitor.
    • Even better - It displays Fatality in the exact same font Deadly Alliance used.
      • Further bonus for longtime fans, you'll notice the arena plays both the musical sting for MK 2's fatalities, and the resultant drone after the fatality has played out.

  • Johnny Cage is a wellspring of humorous moments from his trailer alone. In a game as grimly vicious as MK11, Johnny's less serious tone provides a charming aside.
    • He has a Counter-Attack where he pretends to be inside an invisible box, probably a send-up to the "Ninja Mime" movie that he starred in. You can amplify this move to have him keep doing it for longer too. As expected, it has a brutality version where Johnny basically mimes bashing in his victim's head with an invisible door.
    • In addition to having his stunt double run in and put his opponent in a full nelson hold so he can follow up, Johnny's double (named "Jim") can also run across the screen and deck his opponent with a massive clothesline. This looks especially funny if you manage to connect with it from all the way on the other side of the screen.
      • Speaking of Jim, the very fact that he's such an Obvious Stunt Double with visibly lighter hair and the "Johnny" tattoo poorly written across his chest in what appears to be a marker is in itself good for a few laughs.
    • One of his projectile attacks is chucking his sunglasses at his opponent, immediately after which he pulls out and puts on a new pair of shades. The brutality in a Shout Out to Mission: Impossible II turns them into self-destruct glasses that land right onto the victim's face and eventually, kaboom.
      • His opponent's reaction to being finished off this way adds to the humor. The sunglasses land on the opponent's face, and he strikes a pose. After awkwardly shuffling for a bit, the opponent realizes that the sunglasses are about to blow up and lets out a brief Oh, Crap! reaction before his head blows up.
    • One of his mid-match victory poses has him flipping multiple birds while shouting "Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU!" The other one (if the opponent falls right next to him) has him backing away from his opponent, and knocking his head against a stray overhead mic (True to form, it's also usable in a brutality as detailed below)
      "Argh! You flock of fucks!"
    • He also has a special move which is a Blinding Camera Flash, which stuns and deals damage that can KO someone OR becomes a brutality that can disintigrate the victim's head into a skull. It can also be converted into a brutality that has him follow up by slamming and then impaling the head with the snazzy.
    • One of Johnny's non-Fatality win poses has him playing with an action figure of himself, making it punch and finishing by him putting it into the splits to replicate his infamous Nut Punch. Also a bit heartwarming as it's revealed the figure originally belonged to his daughter, who wrote her name on its foot (you can see it when Johnny puts it into the splits; the above image was taken from an earlier version of the pose before this was added).
    • His toy self is also featured in his Brutality win pose, where he positions the action figure to boastfully sit upon his arm. It can get tiresome with how long the animation takes, and the announcer doesn't even say "Johnny Cage wins" until after he's done, but this too is a funny bit, as in, the announcer has the decency to wait for Johnny so he can finally finish the match.
    Johnny Cage: Johnny Cage!... that's right.
    • One of his throwing brutalities has him grab the boom mic from off-screen, and then impale it through his victim. He then gives it a quick mic-check before playing with his action figure.
    • Johnny Cage is an announcer option. The jokes practically write themselves. (Wait until you get a load of Kabalsack!)
    • Cage's Fatal Blow has two regular attacks, but for his third attack, he pulls out his Oscar (which briefly shines and goes "Ding!") and stabs his opponent with it.
    • The fourth stage of the Gauntlet towers is a fight against 8 "stunt doubles" of Cage before a proper battle with him. Aside from the real Cage attacking you on occasion, what else do you have to deal with during this rush of clones? Razzies that will occasionally be thrown in.
  • His daughter's no slouch either, on any front.
    • Cassie has some creative uses for her floating drone. For one of her throws she holds her opponent down while the drone acquires a target then drives itself right into their crotch. She is also able to pick up her opponent while the drone moves towards her and low-bridge her foe with a clonk to the head.
    • It's subtle, but one of Cassie's pistol gear options is a Mokap pistol and her drink in an intro is a Mokap Mocha with her name spelled wrong on the order. This gives the impression that Mokap decided to venture away from motion capture and stunt work and into lucrative business ventures. Doubles as a mild, yet amusing poke at the series's penchant for Kombat Ks, in that the misspelling in question is "Kassie." That's right, Cassie actually inverted the series' usual habit!
  • Erron Black's forward throw is straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon: he stomps on his opponent's foot, then throws a lit stick of dynamite at them. Cue opponent frantically juggling it until it blows up in their face. Better still, the explosion blows Erron's hat off his head, and he snatches it back in the nick of time.
    • Even better is the Brutality version, where instead of throwing the dynamite at his opponent, Erron simply drops it gently on the ground. The opponent, apparently brain-damaged from all the hits they took during the fight, bends down to pick it up and looks at it like they're trying to figure out just what this thing is before it explodes and takes off their arm.
    • Delay dropping the dynamite for too long and with his own health critical enough, and Erron Black ends up looking at it in confusion before getting himself blown up.
    • While not as cartoonish, his back throw is also funny as he clubs his opponent in the face with his rifle, then calmly walks past them before stomping on his victim's head a few times.
    • One of his intros has him checking a "Wanted!" Poster of the opposing kombatant. While almost all of them have the bounty of $100,000 or $500,000, there are two exceptions: Cetrion, who is worth a whopping $999,999,999, and Johnny Cage, who is only worth $500.
  • Kollector's non-fatality outro highlights his Greed in a hilarious fashion. He takes off his backpack and gleefully examines the treasures in it, only to notice the camera, swiftly pull his backpack back and greedily hold it against his chest while scowling at the camera as if to say, "MINE!".
    • Another one involves him taking out a sizable backpack, dragging the defeated opponent offscreen, and then walking off with their feet sticking out of the bag with no indication of them having been butchered. Must be a Bag of Holding.
  • As a loving Call-Back to the early games, one of Shao Kahn's mid-fight taunts is him barking: "You suck!"
  • Kung Lao's tower ending has him undo the defeat of his ancestor, The Great Kung Lao. Because of this, Earthrealm never loses another Mortal Kombat tournament, and millions are inspired to join the White Lotus, who inspire rebels to overthrow Shao Kahn and make peace across all the realms. When a great evil arises, it is defeated by Kung Lao himself. His last line is "Beat that, Liu Kang." indicating that he only did all of this just so he could one-up him.
  • The fact that one of the stages is a Netherrealm Studios-sponsored E-Sports tournament with various Mortal Kombat arcade cabinets (primarily made up of games that never released in or would even work in arcades), and the implication that either this is an abstracted representation of a tournament matchup or the two kombatants were there to compete in the gaming tournament, but ended up getting so angry they started fighting to the death for real.
  • For her Brutality victory animation, Jacqui pulls out a tiny American flag and waves it around like she was celebrating the 4th of July.
    • Her forward throw Brutality has her throwing a shield generator into the ground which doesn't activate right away. The opponent then kneels down to try to pick it up, only to get decapitated by the sudden force field.
  • One of Kabal's Brutalities is an amazingly hilarious Call-Back to one of his Mortal Kombat 3 Fatalities: he takes off his mask and scares the shit out of his opponent with his Nightmare Face (now Censored for Comedy!), his hapless victim Giving Up the Ghost (which runs like hell).
    • Doubly hilarious if Kabal wasn't even wearing a mask in the first place. Triply so if it's unburnt Kabal, who doesn't even have a Nightmare Face. What's he doing to scare them?
    • It gets better. The 1.06 patch altered the animation for Kabal's Brutality. His face is no longer blurred, and it's shown that he does not take off his mask, but instead, he just uses his super speed to make it appear as though his eyes are bulging out of his head and his hair is twisting around wildly in a shameless reference to Large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
  • Remember Noob Saibot's Babality in Mortal Kombat 9 where he accidentally summons two portals at once (one above him, the other below), and is stuck in an endless loop of falling through them? Now he has a Brutality that can do the same to his opponent. His Victory Quote fits it to the T:
    Noob Saibot: There are fates worse than death.
    • Noob Saibot’s mid-match victory pose is his shadow clone lifting him into the air Lion King-style.
  • Kitana's Kiss of Death is now back as a Brutality, especially when followed-up by one of her victory quotes:
    Kitana: That was fantastic.
  • The fact that Scorpion's Brutality win pose has him spitting fire around like he was a dragon. It's a small detail, but it's so OOC with such a serious character that it's funny. And he does it even when his mask is on.
  • The Krypt is undoubtedly not a fantastic place to be in, filled with charging angry spirits from the Spirit Realm, Kytinn spiders from two underground Kytinn Nests, and a bunch of booby traps from top to bottom. However, whenever you die, Shang Tsung, who is running this dead temple, does provide a bit of snark to lighten things up a little bit. Just a little.
    Shang Tsung: I would have thought you smarter.
    Shang Tsung: How much time do you need?
    Shang Tsung: Your time would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Shang Tsung's Arcade Mode ending is equal parts awesome and horrifying as he becomes the new master of time and gains control over an entire pantheon of Eldritch Abominations, but you'll be dying of laughter as you hear Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa pleasantly cap it off with the infamous text from Shang's MK2 ending: "Have a nice day."
  • Terminator's Fatal Blow involves a bit involving him grabbing his opponent by the leg and pulling them in for a beating. Sounds like typical Terminator stuff, but what really makes it funny is Terminator saying "Get over here!", in his robotic tone and Austrian accent. And before that, he gives his opponent a thumbs up with a smile right before he fires.
  • If Terminator wins a match after activating his endoskeleton resurrection move, he will remain in that state in his victory animations. While this doesn't make most of them any funnier, this does mean you can potentially watch a sinister-looking Skele Bot casually ride a Cool Bike down a highway.
  • The Joker has a barrage of morbid Crosses the Line Twice moves:
    • Occasionally does Joker bring out a Batman-styled Scarface doll with a Gatling gun in its mouth - Joker even mimics Batman's Guttural Growler voice as well and can have conversations with it. In other words, Joker had managed to make Batman kill - the Literal-Minded way.
    • Joker may also bring out a troubled Mook with certain moves - he either whips them out of a wheelchair (referencing what he did to Barbara Gordon) and throws them around like a mace, or has them Bound and Gagged hopping toward the opponent - if the mook is hit, they self-destruct.
    • Joker also has the classic extending pneumatic boxing gloves as weapons; this time, with brass knuckles on them. His throw in particular has him also aim them at an opponent's groin and even crush the opponent's testicles a la Cassie Cage.
    • As a nod to his Harmless Villain tendencies, Joker can also utilize a Scary Jack-in-the-Box which explodes, sending its head flying... and coming back down to perfectly clonk off the opponent's head as if it were a slapstick cartoon.
    • One of his non-fatality victory animations, "Sudden Death", is an amusing nod to The Dark Knight, casually walking away from his opponent as he presses down a trigger for dynamite near them... only for it to take a few tries before it suddenly goes off for real. Unlike The Dark Knight, we get to see Joker's close-up reaction in glorious slow motion.
  • The Joker's ladder ending is similarly morbidly amusing, wherein he and Havik use the Hourglass to give Orderrealm a metaphorical wedgie. And they're not done yet!
    The Joker: Maybe we'll come to your house and slip live grenades under your pillow! Maybe we'll gut your favorite pet! Or maybe we'll just break your TV right now! (shoots your TV and laughs maniacally)
    • Also of note is the fact that when he first meets Havik, he shakes the cleric's hand - only for it to tear off at the wrist. The two of them of course have a laugh over it.
  • One of Joker's Brutalities has him Batter Up! and send his victim's head flying towards the screen. Nearly every character has a unique quote moments before their craniums are forcibly disconnected from their torsos.
    Johnny Cage: Not the face!
    Shao Kahn: End it!
    Erron Black: Aw, hell...
    Kollector: I'll pay!
    Baraka: Cut!
    Joker: Mommy!
    • Johnny Cage's opponents also say the say thing when he finishes them off with his self-destruct sunglasses.
  • In Fujin's ending, a reference to The Last Supper, with everyone around the table, including villains, many people with knowledge of the artwork see that Shang Tsung is sitting where Judas sat, because of course he is.
  • For one of Robocop's Brutalities he holds the opponent at gunpoint before aiming his gun down to their crotch and firing and letting them bleed out, this can even work on the Terminator and even himself, but the real kicker is the secret variant that's done to female kombatants, first Robocop does a similar thing by holding them at gunpoint and aiming down, but he also aims back up to simply blast their head off instead. Just shows that one way or another, someone's head is gonna get blown off.
  • The Aftermath update adds a whole new level of retro funny to the game in the form of the Retrokade level, modelled after an arcade facility complete with patterned floor. Then there's the Midway arcade cabinet cameos including Rampage, Primal Rage, Joust and long forgotten Midway arena shooter The Grid, the cardboard standees of Deception!Scorpion, a flying Raiden suspended by blue wires, a hovering Ermac held up with green wires and finally, big screens in the background displaying classic Mortal Kombat arenas such as the Courtyard, Throne Room, Living Forest, Kahn's Arena, Subway and Temple. Finally, classic MK music plays during the match, with the Courtyard theme on round 1, Living Forest's theme on round 2 and the Subway theme on subsequent rounds.

    Story Mode 

  • Many of the variants shown off take a more witty approach in their naming conventions. How so? One of Scorpion's fighting styles is literally named "Boon's Main".
    • The first Kombat Kast was delayed by a week due to the Polar Vortex, so during Kabal's gameplay demo, they practiced against a Sub-Zero variation called "Polar Vortex".
    • One of the Johnny Cage variations showcased in the third Kombat Kast was called "Do My Own Stunts". Said variation was built around using Johnny's stunt double as an Assist Character.
  • The Kotal Kahn Reveal. Actually, scratch that, it's actually Jacqui's because she's kicking Kotal Kahn's ass in his supposed 'reveal trailer'.
  • During one Kombat Kast, Jacqui Briggs’ first Fatality was shown off- namely riddling the opponent with explosives and blowing them up, piece by piece. While that’s not really funny, the developers’ comment afterwards is:
  • The Christopher Lambert Ad. A player gets destroyed by Raiden and asks the other player how he can be so good with Raiden, the game was just released. The camera reveals Christopher Lambert who says "Let's just says that him and I, we go back a long way."
    Lambert: Heh heh heh heh... sorry.
  • The blood in this game is so realistic that YouTube tends to automatically flag any unedited demonstration of the finishing moves as age-restricted or unsuitable for monetization, which is inconvenient for anybody trying to show them off to people who don't have the game. Luckily, two creative solutions to this problem have cropped up: one is editing the videos and turning them into something out of a Mushroom Samba, and the other is turning D'Vorah or Spawn or Robocop into a hapless test dummy.
  • "I Must Consult With The Elder Gods" is so popular that Brock Baker got to say a Buffy the Vampire Slayer variant as Giles in this clip.
  • This trailer showcasing many of the Friendships set to be added in the Aftermath update, set to Smash Mouth's cover of "Why Can't We Be Friends?" Probably the last song you'd think to be in a Mortal Kombat trailer, yet it perfectly fits with how cheesy the whole thing is.
  • Fans have long requested and harassed Ed Boon for Mileena to be playable again after she was Put on a Bus after MKX. For the Aftermath DLC expansion, Ed Boon reveals in this tweet that Mileena is coming back... except she's part of Kitana's Friendship, finally disconfirming her playability.

    Gear & Kosmetics 
  • While the appearances of most of the gear and kosmetics aren't all that amusing, the names of them can elicit a chuckle or two.
  • Johnny Cage
    • Should you change Johnny's belt buckle, before seeing the belt on Johnny, the camera zooms in on his face, then Johnny suggestively smiles and nods downwards. When the camera pans to his belt buckle though, you can see Johnny flipping off the player.
  • Sub-Zero
    • One of Sub-Zero's gear options is the projectiles he carries on his belts. While knives and bombs are expected choices, one of the other options is basic bottles of water.
  • One of the Terminator's sunglasses options is a pair of plastic Kanye West-style shutter shades. It may not be sparkly, star shaped male stripper glasses, but it's pretty darn close.
    • Additionally, a lot of the T-800's other sunglasses look exactly the same as some belong to Johnny or Cassie. Implying that he stole them. "Give me your clothes" indeed.
  • The Joker, fittingly enough has quite a bit of humor when you go look at his many gears especially with how he presents them.
    • For his "Disguise" selection, the Joker has to beckon the cameraman to come forward, since even they are unwilling to get too close to the Mad Clown Prince of Crime. They are quite right to be afraid as the moment they come close, he raises his kane menacingly and makes a menacingly maniacal mug. He then laughs his ass off after you move onto the next category.
    • For his Kane selection, a little graphic appears on the side of the menu that makes it look like an infomercial, complete with 555 phone number.
    • When going to his Jack-in-the-boxes he throws his kane aside non-nonchalantly, which causes a commotion off-screen as he hits something accidentally, complete with him flinching a bit with a smile on his face.

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