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Now with nut-punching action!
Mortal Kombat 11 may be Bloodier and Gorier than previous titles, even for a franchise that has already largely relied on upping the ante in that regard with each passing game, but there's still a lot of humor to be found here.

Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny pages. All spoilers are unmarked.

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  • Both of Cassie Cage's finishing moves go for a morbidly wacky twist.
    • For her first Fatality, she warms up a big Shadow Kick before driving her foot all the way through their body and kicking their heart out (essentially Johnny's Fatality from the SNES version of MK1 but done right). Then she pushes her hands through their ribs and forms a heart shape with her fingers in the now-vacant space where their heart used to be and blows a kiss to the camera as the Overcrank kicks in.
    • For the first time since Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, a Groin Attack has been made into a Fatality, thanks to Cassie, being one hell of an American Gods (2017) Shout-Out to boot: after unloading several rounds into her opponent, she kicks them in their sourdough region so hard their skull and spinal column erupt from the top of their body!
  • Jacqui's second fatality (Nuthin' But Neck) has a hoot of a closer; after punching her opponent's skull into their chest and the blowing open their torso, she does a behind the back toss with one of her grenades that goes down the neck hole and activates a reflective energy wall that bisects them laterally. And you can even see and hear the heart beating against the far side of the wall!
  • Jade’s second Fatality is Black Comedy at its finest- impaling the enemy through the back of their head (and out through their eye) with her staff, slicing them in half with her glaive... and then spinning the enemy’s dead torso around in a perverse mimicry of a pole dance. It’s so brutally ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh.
  • Jax's second fatality entails him ripping off one of his opponent's arms, using it to knock his opponent's head into the air, then as the head comes back down, using the dismembered arm as a baseball bat and hitting a home run as the "Charge!" fanfare plays on pipe organ in the background.
  • Johnny Cage's first fatality is simple, but hilarious. He spins them around and punches a hole in their back, then kicks their legs off their body. With his hand still in his victim's torso, a spotlight falls on him, and he starts a ventriloquism act. After he delivers his joke, tomatoes get thrown, hitting the victim in the face, and Johnny puts on his best shit-eating grin.
    "Opponent": What did you do, Johnny?
    Johnny: Just what you asked!
    "Opponent": Not what I meant by "the splits"!

    "Opponent": Ninja Mime was awesome!
    Johnny: Yeah, I rocked it.
    "Opponent": It really tore me up.

    "Opponent": Ah, what's for dinner?
    Johnny: Spaghetti or Ramen.
    "Opponent": Man, I'm really torn!

    "Opponent": Is there a pub nearby?
    Johnny: Why, you thirsty?
    "Opponent": I could use a few pints.

    "Opponent": Ugh, this hangover...
    Johnny: Too much fun at happy hour?
    "Opponent": I got totally ripped.
    • Even better, unlike most fatalties where it happens at the killing blow or during a large spurt of gore, the Overcrank doesn't kick in until the tomato hits the "Dummy".
    • There's a mod which shows the fight on the sideview where it makes this fatality look like it's been watched by an off-screen audience, making the context funnier if you were to play certain stages where it'd look like there would be an audience when this fatality happens.
      • You can also hear someone shouting "YOU SUCK!", presumably from the back of the club, just as the tomato hits.
  • Johnny Cage's second Fatality brings some fourth-wall-breaking fun into the mix as Johnny does his original "Deadly Uppercut" finisher, only to have to do a few retakes before finally getting frustrated at take 19, where he gets his hand stuck in the head, then chucking the severed head at the camera. While flipping off the director, who's revealed to be none other than Ed Boon by the name on the clapboard.
    "Who hired this guy!? What the F%#@!"
  • Kano's first fatality involves taking a nice big swig of beer, breaking it over their head, and jabbing the bottle neck into their neck. You'd expect it to end there, but he proceeds to grab them by the wrist and dance the tango with them while blood spews out of the bottle as the results screen pops up. It seems Johnny's rubbed off on Kano just a tiny bit.
  • Kollector's first Fatality in which he tears his victim apart piece-by-piece is certainly horrific, but there's some Black Comedy to be had at the fact that he takes a moment to inspect the various bits of viscera he's pulling out as if deciding if any of it is worth selling, while still casually eviscerating the victim, before settling on the victim's heart and head and stuffing them in his pack.
  • Kotal Kahn’s first fatality has a humorous end. He summons an altar and slams the opponent against it, kicks their head into position, and then summons a large ornamental skull to crush it! If you listen closely, you can hear the skull laughing!
  • Kronika's fatality involves her grabbing her opponent in midair and ripping them in half horizontally, before reversing it, then doing it again vertically, and then ripping their skin off, and she does this forever. Even a time goddess has to get her kicks somehow, apparently. Bonus points for the lack of Overcrank!
  • Shao Kahn's first fatality may be the nadir apex of both brutal and hilarious for the entire franchise. Wielding his enormous warhammer, he delivers first blow to the stomach to double his foe over, another one to the back to send them on all fours, and then swings it like a golf club against their head hard enough to make the head and spinal column explode backward out of the defeated kombatant's lower back. Simply put: Shao Kahn gives Tiger Woods a run for his money!

    Pre-Fight Intros 
  • Noob has gained a far sharper tongue compared to his last appearance. As a result, many kombatants tend to get the short end of the stick from his snark.
    • Noob isn't impressed by Shao Kahn's attempt to recruit him to his side.
      Shao Kahn: Serve me and conquer realms!
      Noob: Name one realm you control.
      Shao Kahn: Sharp tongue, for a dead man.
    • And that's not his only jab at Shao Kahn!
      Noob: A Kahn with no throne...
      Shao Kahn: I will reclaim it!
      Noob: From beyond the grave?
    • Frost may have hated Kuai Liang, but Noob isn't about to go easy on her for that.
      Frost: You should have been Grandmaster.
      Noob: I would not allow female Lin Kuei.
      Frost: You're worse than Kuai Liang!
    • He also spares nothing towards his hated rival.
      Scorpion: Do not expect mercy!
      Noob: I expect incompetence.
      Scorpion: (obviously not pleased at being insulted) You will burn, Bi-Han.
    • Sibling rivalry at its finest:
      Noob: You disappoint me.
      Sub-Zero: The feeling is mutual, brother.
      Noob: Mother would be so proud.
    • Cassie has some choice words for Noob.
      Cassie: Talk about throwing shade...
      Noob: I am Shinnok's wrath.
      Cassie: Shinnok is my bitch!
  • Johnny Cage is a wellspring of humorous moments with his intros, so its hardly surprising for him to be here too.
    • He went a bit too far with his flirting:
      Johnny Cage: What's cookin', good-lookin'?
      Cassie Cage: Ewww, no! Seriously?!
      Johnny Cage: Wait, what?! Not what I meant!
    • Cassie can easily tell when Johnny's feeling himself.
      Cassie: Pop quiz: worst film you ever made?
      Johnny: My flicks only come in 'awesome' or 'boom'.
      Cassie: (visibly rolls eyes) It's amazing I was ever born...
    • Johnny really wants Scorpion to be in a movie with him.
      Johnny Cage: C'mon, on merch alone, you'll be killing it!
      Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu are not for sale.
      Johnny Cage: Way to waste a cinematic universe.
      • He apparently won't quit bugging Scorpion about it, either.
        Scorpion: The answer remains no.
        Johnny Cage: But you'd be co-starring with yours truly!
        Scorpion: Exactly.
    • Johnny Cage and Geras, both seamlessly paying tribute to Blade Runner.
      Geras: I have...seen things you would not believe...
      Johnny: Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion?
      Geras: Time to die...
    • His penchant for trolling hasn't changed one bit, either:
      Sub-Zero: Call me Grandmaster.
      Johnny Cage: (Mockingly imitating Sub-Zero's deep voice) Grandmaster Blueberry Ice.
      Sub-Zero: Even a CHILD has more discipline.
    • Got any embarrassing stories to share, Johnny?
      Johnny: Grandma Carlton told you my secret?!
      Cassie: (giggling) Johnny Pee-Pants?
      Johnny: I had one accident! ONE!
    • No one seems to believe Johnny Cage can beat an Elder God.
      Johnny: Once upon a time, I beat Shinnok!
      Shang Tsung, My, what a colorful imagination...
      Johnny: Look it up! I laid him out!
    • What's funnier than Johnny Cage? TWO Johnny Cages.
      Johnny 1: I need an answer, it's killing me.
      Johnny 2: What's the trouble, double-double?
      Johnny 1: Are we "Johnny Cages", or "Johnnies Cage"?

      Johnny 1: We. Are. Sexy.
      Johnny 2: We are sexy bitches!
      Johnny 1: This is ri-goddamn-diculous.

      Johnny 1: I got it: twin cops.
      Johnny 2: We'll hunt down a triad gang leader.
      Johnny 1: Yes. And we'll call it "Double... something".

      Johnny 1: I do my own stunts. You?
      Johnny 2: I got people for that.
      Johnny 1: Poseur.

      Johnny 1: Well, look at the two of us.
      Johnny 2: Star power to spare, homie!
      Johnny 1: We're gonna kill this summer's box-office.

  • Kotal Kahn knows that he struck gold with Jade, and isn't above flaunting it.
    Erron Black: So... you and Jade, eh?
    Kotal Kahn: Jealous, Erron Black?
    Erron Black: She's quite the looker, Kotal.
  • When Noob and his sharp tongue meet Johnny Cage and his Troll attitude, it can only end in humor, oftentimes from both sides.
  • Cassie Cage shooting the breeze with Frost:
    Cassie Cage: Hey there, Elsa, what's up?
    Frost: (rolls eyes, annoyed) Ugh, why does everyone call me that!?
    Cassie Cage: Oh, honey, let me help you.
  • Kano isn't exactly what you'd call intimidated by Noob's posturing.
    Kano: What're you, the Prince of Darkness?
    Noob: I am Death's hand.
    Kano: (unimpressed) Bugger off, mate.
  • Frost isn't impressed by Shao Kahn.
  • Like father, like daughter...
    • On the other hand, she does try to be helpful... sort of.
      Cassie Cage: Grandmaster Grumpy-Face.
      Scorpion: Do you challenge my honor?
      Cassie Cage: Just your sad-core outlook.
  • D'Vorah very bluntly mocks Kotal Kahn for his poor judgment of character.
    D'Vorah: You thought This One cared.
    Kotal Kahn: I thought you had faith.
    D'Vorah: In a blue-skinned bag of meat?
  • Just to drive home the fact that no one liked Quan Chi...
    Scorpion: I beheaded Quan Chi.
    Shang Tsung: Thank you for sparing me the trouble.
    Scorpion: You are next, Shang Tsung!
  • Shao Kahn has a thing for Cassie. She does not reciprocate.
    Shao Kahn: You will join my concubines.
    Cassie Cage: One -- eww! Two -- piss off!
    Shao Kahn: I like females with fire...
    • Speaking of concubines...
      Liu Kang: You respect Kitana, yes?
      Baraka: But not her concubine, Liu Lang.
      Liu Kang: (something between aghast and disgusted) ...Concubine?!
  • Cassie continues taking Shao down a peg.
    Shao Kahn: So the actor had a daughter.
    Cassie Cage: Unlike you, the old fashioned way.
    Shao Kahn: Careful whom you spite, Earthrealmer...
  • Erron Black pushing buttons with Johnny's vanity.
    Erron Black: I know how to fix that face.
    Johnny Cage: Ha! Fix? (face falls) What's wrong with it?
    Erron Black: Nothin' hot lead can't cure.
  • Cassie learns a little bit about Erron Black's family life.
    Erron Black: My Ma would've loved you, Cassie Cage.
    Cassie Cage: Aww, sounds like you miss her bunches.
    Erron Black: I hated Ma.
  • An odd Commonality Connection between a Shaolin monk and a cowboy.
    Erron Black: One hat-man to another, cool hat.
    Kung Lao: But your hat is no weapon.
    Erron Black: Well, that's just weird, Kung Lao.
  • Speaking of Kung Lao, several intros between Jade, Kitana and Liu Kang treat him as something of an Annoying Younger Sibling to the Chosen One, with the women annoyed by his flirting and asking Liu Kang to tell him to knock it off.
    Kung Lao: Double date with Liu Kang and Kitana?
    Jade: In your dreams, Kung Lao.
    Kung Lao: A simple "no" would have sufficed.
    • Speaking of Kung Lao flirting:
      Kung Lao: I don't think you have a sister?
      Kitana: There's Mileena.
      Kung Lao: ... Thanks. I'll pass.
  • From Kung Lao VS Kitana:
    Kung Lao: How have we not fought yet, Kitana?
    Kitana: Liu Kang felt losing would hurt your pride.
    Kung Lao: How would your loss hurt my pride?
  • Even Baraka doesn't skip out on some of the humor here.
    Baraka: Speak your joke to my face.
    Jacqui: Grandmother, what big teeth you have!
    Baraka: My Grandmother's were the biggest!
  • When Mortal Kombat devolves into playground name-calling...
    Baraka: Shapeshifter!
    Shang Tsung: Wasteland cretin.
    Baraka: I prefer "Wasteland Impaler"!
  • Apparently, Johnny Cage can't tell the difference between two names.
    Johnny Cage: How is Shao Kahn not a Shokan?
    Shao Kahn: It's irrelevant, imbecile...
    Johnny Cage: Dude, I LOSE SLEEP over shit like this!
  • Liu Kang has some choice words about his brother's work ethic.
    Liu Kang: Master Li Bing saw your potential.
    Kung Lao: Is that why he made life Hell?
    Liu Kang: That was because you are lazy.
  • Kano and Skarlet are certainly not on the same wavelength.
    Kano: Wanna taste Australia's best blood sausage?
    Skarlet: I'd rather taste your blood, Kano.
    Kano: (seductively) Would you settle for me sausage?
  • Apparently, Johnny's a little out of the loop on recent events.
    Johnny Cage: Since when are you and Sub-Zero besties?
    Scorpion: We joined forces to battle Quan Chi.
    Johnny Cage: Gotta stop missing story meetings...
    • Speaking of "story meetings":
    Johnny Cage: Your blue stone amulet stop cracking?
    Raiden: It disappeared in the time merger.
    Johnny Cage: So much for that MacGuffin.
  • Fans of Injustice 2 will get a chortle out of this banter:
    Raiden: I dreamt of a strange and unjust world...
    Sub-Zero: ...with a dark knight and a caped wonder.
    Raiden: How could you know my dream?
  • Most characters have some sort of explanation for their Mirror Match (same characters from different timelines, look-a-likes, Shang Tsung, etc.). One of Cassie's explanations? She literally points out how it breaks the fourth wall.
    Cassie 1: Oh cool, mirror match!
    Cassie 2: I love these, Cass! Don't you?
    Cassie 1: I know, so meta!
  • Baraka wants none of what Kano is selling.
    Kano: Better get right with Kronika.
    Baraka: NOKT you and Kronika!
    Kano: Heh, now that's a bonzer attitude.
  • Kollector is so greedy he's not even above scamming his own boss.
    Kollector: About those missing profits...
    Shao Kahn: Which profits, Kollector?
    Kollector: Nothing, Excellency...
  • Remember Johhny Cage's The Friend Nobody Likes intros in X? His younger self is even less popular.
    Johnny Cage: You really like Future Johnny better?
    Jacqui Briggs: Name someone who doesn't.
    Johnny: Me.
  • Trolling dark people is ill-advised. Especially when they're dark in literal sense.
    Noob Saibot: You cannot ignore the Face of Death.
    Erron Black: Well, not when you're all gussied up...
    Noob Saibot: Die, Black!
  • Erron Black's "Wanted Poster" intro has different values for each kombatant. Most of them are reasonable, as mentioned in the Fridge page, but there's something hilarious on how worth Johnny Cage is: $500. For the record, the next most worthy is the big bunch of kombatants who are worth... $100.000.
  • One of Kano's intro animations has him taking a leak on the ground. He will also relieve himself in his post-Brutality win pose. The intro is extra funny if he's the second fighter in the match and his opponent is someone like Sonya Blade, in which case they'll patiently wait for him to finish his business and turn around, rather than shoot the sucker while his back is turned. Guess even hardened criminals deserve a fair fight.
  • One of Johnny Cage's variant intros has him lifting weights...with his Snazzy award, which he tosses aside with a distinct "clunk!" before kissing his bicep.
    • Another intro variant has him on the phone with his agent, and not liking what he's hearing.
      "Page 62, 'Johnny Cage dies'? Is someone high?!"
  • One of Cassie's variation intros has her sliding down a rope, upside down, and saying "'Sup." before blowing a bubble and nonchalantly dismounting.
    • Another of her intros is her texting someone, leading to several conversations.
      Vogel: Why's Raiden so serious?
      Cmdr Cage: Deep down, he's a 🃏 (Joker)

      Jacqui B: You aren't worried, Cass?
      Cmdr Cage: He's no samurai, Jac.

      Daddy: Sorry! Those pics were for mom!
      Cmdr Cage: Ya think?!
    • One of her text buddies is good ol' noobde once again:
      noobde: Kome on, krush him!
      Cmdr Cage: What's with all the K's?!
  • There are three instances where the curse words get a Sound-Effect Bleep. Considering Mortal Kombat's Rated M for Money status, and some other character intros dropping uncensored Precision F Strikes, these are pretty much Censored for Comedy and given that most of them are from lovable Aussie Kano, a possible Take That! at Australia banning MK9:
    Cassie Cage: (In a mocking Australian accent) Throw another shrimp on the barbie!
    Kano: You sound like a shit-ass American tourist.
    Cassie: Even crooks are critics these days...

    Kabal: So you're Hollywood royalty.
    Johnny Cage: Feel free to curtsy, peasant.
    Kabal: Fuck that!

    Kano: Jackson Briggs.
    Jax: Ready to end this, Kano?
    Kano: Well, we ain't here to fuck spiders.
  • Geras occasionally drops hints as to just how old he really is.
    Geras: You... remind me of someone.
    Cassie Cage: Johnny Cage? Sonya Blade? Helen of Troy?
    Geras: Joan of Arc, the young martyr.

    Geras: You are an "Old West" enthusiast.
    Erron Black: Yeah, I'm your huckleberry, what of it?
    Geras: In 1881, Wyatt Earp shot me!
  • Cassie Cage going for the low blows against Kabal. He even sounds insulted.
    Kabal: Think you're fast?
    Cassie Cage: I think you're butt-ugly.
    Kabal: That's just hurtful, Cage.
  • Kabal's not exactly the best judge of character around.
    Sonya: Who said I tortured you?
    Kabal: Kano. He's got no reason to lie.
    Sonya: Except, y'know, he's Kano!
  • Baraka manages to be genuinely snarky.
    Baraka: Nay aka ratakka tahar kombat.
    Kung Lao: All I understood from that was "kombat".
    Baraka: Then you understand enough.
    • He even joins in the cast in mocking Frost, as well!
      Baraka: You'll be a good practice dummy.
      Frost: I am the future of pain, Baraka.
      Baraka: More like future of scrap metal.

  • Kung Lao doesn't skip on the Frost-roasting, either.
    Kung Lao: What have you done to your body?
    Frost: Allowed Kronika to make me the greatest.
    Kung Lao: To think, all I needed was a hat.

  • Kitana against herself has this gem as a Brick Joke from Story Mode.
    Kitana 1: Liu Kang is committed to me.
    Kitana 2: I actually prefer his friend.
    Kitana 1: Kung Lao is not in our league.

  • Not even Liu Kang and Kotal Kahn are immune to being Henpecked Husbands.
    Liu Kang: I expect we'll see more of each other.
    Kotal Kahn: If our women have their way...
    Liu Kang: Isn't it best to let them?
  • Cassie claiming herself to be a Superior Successor over her dad.
  • Johnny Cage and Kung Lao have a familiar conversation with each other.
  • Kollector doesn't have the highest opinion of a certain Drunken Master.
    Liu Kang: My master was Bo' Rai Cho.
    Kollector: That lazy drunk trained you? HA!
    Liu Kang: Drunk, yes, but not lazy.
  • Kano is definitely aware he swindled Kotal Kahn, and he clearly has no regrets about it.
    Kano: C'mon, it was business, not personal.
    Kotal Kahn: Your business is cheating buyers?
    Kano: Well, yeah.
  • Erron Black thinks Noob's voice is wretched.
    Erron Black: Goddamn, your voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
    Noob Saibot: It will be the last thing you hear.
    Erron Black: Aw, hell no.

  • Sub-Zero had apparently approached Sonya on the assumption that she's somehow a cryomancer like him. The reason?
    Sonya: Sorry, I don't practice cryomancy.
    Sub-Zero: Johnny Cage called you "Ice Queen".
    Sonya: *sigh* Of course he did...
    • The fact that Sub-Zero actually believed Johnny Cage. This cannot be emphasized enough: Sub-Zero, one of the most realistically grounded and skeptical characters around—especially playing the straight man to Johnny's silliness, took him at face value when he called Sonya an ice queen and went to Sonya with the likely intention to train and induct her into the Lin Kuei, and it ends with his genuine confusion that she didn't turn out to be like he thought Johnny said. Jax said it best; he does not get out much.

  • An exchange between Geras and Kotal make a nice reference to The Princess Bride:
    Geras: Kill me and I become stronger.
    Kotal Kahn: Then I will fight you to the pain.
    Geras: I am not familiar with that phrase.
    • It's also present in one of Erron Black's Mirror Match intros:
    Erron Black 1: Us fightin' could muck up our timeline.
    Erron Black 2: That's damn near inconceivable.
    Erron Black 1: I'll just leave you mostly dead.
  • Johnny Cage gets a bright idea talking to Kotal Kahn.
    Johnny Cage: You just need a cop, a sailor, and a cowboy.
    Kotal Kahn: For what, Johnny Cage?
    Johnny Cage: Only the greatest disco reboot ever!
  • Cassie's attempt at mediation doesn't go as smoothly as she'd hoped. Bonus points for Erica Lindbeck briefly slipping into her Futaba voice near the end.
    Cassie: I promise, [Johnny] gets better with age.
    Sonya: (scoffs) He's cheap beer, not fine wine.
    Cassie: Hey! That "cheap beer's" my dad!

  • Jax and Johnny make for a hilarious Straight Man and Wise Guy act.

  • A broken clock is right twice a day - right, Frost?
    Johnny: What's up, Frosty the Snow Chick?
    Frost: Your time, Cage.
    Johnny: Clever girl...

  • Sonya might have a bit more in common with Johnny than she cares to admit.
    Sonya: Are you some kind of ancient alien?
    Geras: Ancient, yes. Alien, no.
    Sonya: Well, that's a bummer.

  • Shang Tsung has a proposition for Erron Black.
    Shang Tsung: Would you consider serving a sorcerer?
    Erron Black: ...on a hot skillet with beans, maybe.
    Shang Tsung: I will not extend the offer twice.

  • Shang Tsung missed the memo on Kabal's policy regarding curtsying.
    Shang Tsung: Men like you serve men like me.
    Kabal: I don't bow, curtsy, or give a shit!
    Shang Tsung: Then why waste our breath...?

  • Feeling a bit stalk-ish, Shang Tsung?
    Cassie Cage: Another "friend" of my parents...
    Cassie Cage: Do you practice being creepy?

  • Here's a nice Call-Back to the first live-action movie.
    Shang Tsung: I have a dress your size, you should wear it.
    Sonya Blade: Are you out of your damn mind?
    Shang Tsung: Which was sewn by the finest designers of Outworld.

  • Shang seems to have an interesting taste in movies.
    Shang Tsung: In seven days, I can make you a man.
    Geras: A mortal man who can be killed?
    Shang Tsung: I see you quiver with anticipation...

  • Shang Tsung doesn't exactly appreciate Noob making his island more unsettling than it already was.
    Shang Tsung: No more haunting my island's shadows!
    Noob Saibot: Your island is Kronika's property.
    Shang Tsung: So she is your master now?
    • Of course, Kano also got his own plans for said island...
      Kano: Your island's gone to shit.
      Shang Tsung: Then why be so keen to claim it?
      Kano: None of your damn business!

  • It seems there is a serious deficit with Earthrealm memes reaching Outworld...
    Shao Kahn: Prostrate yourself, Earthrealmer!
    Cassie: Can't. Took an arrow to the knee.
    Shao Kahn: I will suffer no excuses!

  • Erron Black suffers a little bit of pop-culture failure.
    Erron Black: Sure glad I pack silver bullets...
    Nightwolf: I'm Nightwolf, not a werewolf.
    Erron Black: Good... Silver's expensive.

  • A little bit of judgement from a Native American warrior.
    Nightwolf: You've led a privileged life.
    Johnny Cage: What can I say? I piss greatness.
    Nightwolf: Is that what it is?
    • There is also one thing that helps Nightwolf relate to Johnny.
    Johhny Cage: We have something in common?
    Nightwolf: I too, was once young and foolish.
    Johhny Cage: But I looked good doing it!

  • Shang Tsung loves to mention tournament gags...
    Shang Tsung: A Nightwolf came to my island once.
    Nightwolf: She was my predecessor.
    Shang Tsung: I finished her in a Flawless Victory.

  • Kotal has some difficulty understanding the concept of a Legacy Character:
    Kotal Kahn: We met long ago.
    Nightwolf: You met a Nightwolf, not me.
    Kotal Kahn: Explain yourself, Earthrealmer...
    • And so does Jacqui, apparently.
      Jacqui Briggs: There have been other Nightwolves?
      Nightwolf: I am the latest in a long line.
      Jacqui Briggs: Mind. Blown.

  • Who says that the Native American people can't be sarcastic?
    Nightwolf: If we'd met, I'd remember it.
    D'Vorah: This One always makes an impression.
    Nightwolf: You're going to give me nightmares.

  • Historical feuds can't be dealt with, as this intro can attest.
    Cassie Cage: How do we fix this, Nightwolf?
    Nightwolf: Give back our ancestral lands!
    Cassie Cage: Wish I was the person who could help with that...

    DLC Fight Intros (SPOILERS
  • DLC characters have their intros revealed a lot earlier than expected, thanks to leaked files. By the way, one of such characters is none other than Terminator himself. Several of his intros contain heavy dose of Shout-Outs to his famous actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Terminator: Leave - or be terminated.
    Johnny Cage: Not to be.

    Shao Kahn: You will serve me, cyborg.
    Terminator: What is your mission?
    Terminator: Your observation is incorrect.
    Jacqui Briggs: You sure? That neck is pretty thick.
    Terminator: It's not a tumor.

    Baraka: What did Cage teach you to call me?
    Terminator: An "ugly motherfucker".
    Baraka: I will eat him alive!

    Terminator: Why are you upset?
    Jax: Because Johnny switched on your learning computer.
    Liu Kang: Your Mars has blue skies?
    Terminator: I can recall those files totally.
    Liu Kang: This I have to see...

  • Another guest character, Spawn, also gets some attention.
    Spawn: Imagine Outworld free of slaves.
    Shao Kahn: Over my dead body!
    Spawn: Today's the day, skull-fucker.

    Kabal: Don't run, that's too easy.
    Spawn: Shit... I can teleport.
    Kabal: Isn't that convenient, freakazoid?

    Johnny Cage: I know, I seem like a clown to you...
    Spawn: And I HATE clowns.
    Johnny Cage: Then DO NOT watch Ninja Mime.

    Spawn: No more jokes, no more laughs.
    The Joker: Sounds like you've got a case of the grumps!
    Spawn: I fucking hate clowns...

    Spawn: Ash Williams.
    Ash Williams: You get lost on your way to a convention?
    Spawn: I must destroy the Necronomicon!

    Cassie Cage: I hear you're Satan's general.
    Spawn: No. I'm the King of Hell.
    Cassie Cage: And I'm the Queen Shit of Fuck Mountain.

    Cassie Cage: Guns, magic, you can't just choose?
    Spawn: I can go both ways.
    Cassie Cage: Well, that explains the fetish wear...

  • Yet another epic shout-out.
    Jacqui Briggs: Prepare to die...

  • Jax tries to display some gentleman attitude.
    Jax: Fighting ladies? Not my thing.
    Sindel: There are other ways to be physical.
    Jax: Woman, I'm an officer - not some gigolo!

  • Savage - and fun - at the same time.
    Johnny Cage: Maybe on our second date, sweetheart.
    Sindel: Is Johnny Cage a competitive lover?
    Sindel: Perhaps he'll serve as my love slave.

    Sonya Blade: Your empire picked the wrong fight.
    Sindel: Nothing on Earthrealm can stop us.
    Sonya Blade: Two words, bitch: Nuclear Weapons.

    Sindel: Earthrealmer! You will die.
    Erron Black: Damn, Silver Fox! That voice is sexy! note 
    Sindel: Want me to scream for you?

    Sindel: Ever lie with an Edenian woman?
    Jax: That's not something on my bucket list.
    Sindel: Have you ever been dominated?
    Sindel: Submit. You may enjoy it...

  • Another mention of a certain alliance?
    Sindel: How are we to move forward?
    Shang Tsung: Perhaps we should form an alliance.
    Sindel: We're both too deadly for that...

  • Even the Wind God is able to have fun... in a certain way.
    Jacqui Briggs: Frost and Cetrion tried taking you out?
    Fujin: Thankfully, I got my second wind.
    Jacqui Briggs: You been hanging with Dad, Fujin?

    Fujin: It's true, Johnny. I'm a fan.
    Johnny Cage: You, sir, have excellent taste!
    Fujin: Say nothing to Lord Raiden.

  • Kotal Kahn certainly loves Jade, and Jade alone... or does he?
    Sheeva: Ages ago, I had a crush on you.
    Kotal Kahn: And now, Queen Sheeva?
    Sheeva: Now I will simply crush you.

  • Jeez, Shao, keep your fantasies to yourself...
    Sheeva: Does it surprise you that I'm Queen?
    Shao Kahn: No, but I miss your skimpier attire.
    Sheeva: I do not dress for you, Shao Kahn.

  • Who could provide better laughter than the Clown Prince of Crime himself?
    The Joker: You can't kill me — heroes have moral codes!
    Spawn: Who said I was a hero?

    The Joker: Would you like to smile?
    Terminator: This is beyond my programming.
    The Joker: Ahh, such a party pooper!

  • Johnny Cage is a wellspring of humorous moments from his trailer alone. In a game as grimly vicious as MK11, Johnny's less serious tone provides a charming aside.
    • He has a Counter Attack where he pretends to be inside an invisible box, probably a send-up to the "Ninja Mime" movie that he starred in. You can amplify this move to have him keep doing it for longer too. As expected, it has a brutality version where Johnny basically mimes bashing in his victim's head with an invisible door.
    • In addition to having his stunt double run in and put his opponent in a full nelson hold so he can follow up, Johnny's double (named "Jim") can also run across the screen and deck his opponent with a massive clothesline. This looks especially funny if you manage to connect with it from all the way on the other side of the screen.
      • Speaking of Jim, the very fact that he's such an Obvious Stunt Double with visibly lighter hair and the "Johnny" tattoo poorly written across his chest in what appears to be a marker is in itself good for a few laughs.
    • One of his projectile attacks is chucking his sunglasses at his opponent, immediately after which he pulls out and puts on a new pair of shades. The brutality in a Shout-Out to Mission: Impossible II turns them into self-destruct glasses that land right onto the victim's face and you guessed it- kaboom.
    • One of his mid-match victory poses has him flipping multiple birds while shouting "Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU!" The other one (if the opponent falls right next to him) has him backing away from his opponent, and knocking his head against a stray overhead mic (True to form, it's also usable in a brutality as detailed below)
      "Argh! You flock of fucks!"
    • He also has a special move which is a Blinding Camera Flash. It also deals damage that can KO someone. Converting it into the brutality has him follow up by slamming and then impaling the head with the snazzy.
    • One of Johnny's non-Fatality win poses has him playing with an action figure of himself, making it punch and finishing by him putting it into a splits to replicate his infamous Nut Punch. Also a bit heartwarming as it's revealed the figure originally belonged to his daughter, who wrote her name on its foot (you can see it when Johnny puts it into the splits; the above image was taken from an earlier version of the pose before this was added).
    • His toy self is also featured in his Brutality win pose, where he positions the action figure to boastfully sit upon his arm. It can get tiresome with how long the animation takes, and the announcer doesn't even say "Johnny Cage wins" until after he's done, but this too is a funny bit, as in, the announcer has the decency to wait for Johnny so he can finally finish the match.
    Johnny Cage: Johnny Cage!.... that's right.
    • One of his throwing brutalities has him grab the boom mic from off-screen, and then impale it through his victim. He then gives it a quick mic-check before playing with his action figure.
    • Cracked files reveal that Johnny Cage has recorded announcer voices. The jokes practically write themselves.
    • Cage's Fatal Blow has two regular attacks, but for his third attack, he pulls out his Oscar (which briefly shines and goes "Ding!") and stabs his opponent with it.
  • His daughter's no slouch either, on any front.
    • Cassie has some creative uses for her floating drone. For one of her throws she holds her opponent down while the drone acquires a target then drives itself right into their crotch. She is also able to pick up her opponent while the drone moves towards her and low-bridge her foe with a clonk to the head.
    • It's subtle, but one of Cassie's pistol gear options is a Mokap pistol and her drink in an intro is a Mokap Mocha with her name spelled wrong on the order. This gives the impression that Mokap decided to venture away from motion capture and stunt work and into lucrative business ventures. Doubles as a mild, yet amusing poke at the series's penchant for Kombat Ks, in that the misspelling in question is "Kassie." That's right, Cassie actually inverted the series' usual habit!
  • Erron Black's forward throw is straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon: he stomps on his opponent's foot, then throws a lit stick of dynamite at them. Cue opponent frantically juggling it until it blows up in their face. Better still, the explosion blows Erron's hat off his head, and he snatches it back in the nick of time.
  • Kollector's non-fatality outro highlights his Greed in a hilarious fashion. He takes off his backpack and gleefully examines the treasures in it, only to notice the camera, swiftly pull his backpack back and greedily hold it against his chest while scowling at the camera as if to say, "MINE!".
    • Another one involves him taking out a sizable backpack, dragging the defeated opponent offscreen, and then walking off with their feet sticking out of the bag with no indication of them having been butchered. Must be a Bag of Holding.
  • As a loving Call-Back to the early games, one of Shao Kahn's mid-fight taunts is him barking: "You suck!"
  • Kung Lao's tower ending has him undo the defeat of his ancestor, The Great Kung Lao. Because of this, Earthrealm never loses another Mortal Kombat tournament, and millions are inspired to join the White Lotus, who inspire rebels to overthrow Shao Kahn and make peace across all the realms. When a great evil arises, it is defeated by Kung Lao himself. His last line is "Beat that, Liu Kang." indicating that he only did all of this just so he could one-up him.
  • The fact that one of the stages is a Netherrealm Studios-sponsored E-Sports tournament with various Mortal Kombat arcade cabinets (primarily made up of games that never released in or would even work in arcades), and the implication that either this is an abstracted representation of a tournament matchup, or the two kombatants were there to compete in the gaming tournament, but ended up getting so angry they started fighting to the death for real.
  • For her Brutality victory animation, Jacqui pulls out a tiny American flag and waves it around like she was celebrating the 4th of July.
  • One of Kabal's Brutalities is an amazingly hilarious Call-Back to one of his Mortal Kombat 3 Fatalities: he takes off his mask and scares the shit out of his opponent with his Nightmare Face (now Censored for Comedy!), his hapless victim Giving Up the Ghost (which runs like hell).
    • Doubly hilarious if Kabal wasn't even wearing a mask in the first place. Triply so if it's unburnt Kabal, who doesn't even have a Nightmare Face. What's he doing to scare them?
    • It gets better. The 1.06 patch altered the animation for Kabal's Brutality. His face is no longer blurred, and it's shown that he does not take off his mask, but instead he just uses his super speed to make it appear as though his eyes are bulging out of his head and his hair is twisting around wildly in a shameless reference to Large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
  • Remember Noob Saibot's Babality in Mortal Kombat 9 where he accidentally summons two portals at once (one above him, the other below), and is stuck in an endless loop of falling through them? Now he has a Brutality that can do the same to his opponent. His Victory Quote fits it to the T:
    Noob Saibot: There are fates worse than death.
    • Noob Saibot’s mid-match victory pose is his shadow clone lifting him into the air Lion King-style.
  • Kitana's Kiss of Death is now back as a Brutality, especially when followed-up by one of her victory quotes:
    Kitana: That was fantastic.
  • The fact that Scorpion's Brutality win pose has him spitting fire around like he was a dragon. It's a small detail, but it's so OOC with such a serious character that it's funny. And he does it even when his mask is on.
  • The Krypt is undoubtedly not a fantastic place to be in, filled with charging angry spirits from the Spirit Realm, Kytinn spiders from an underground Kytinn Nest, and a bunch of booby traps from top to bottom. However, whenever you die, Shang Tsung, who is running this dead temple, does provide a bit of snark to lighten things up a little bit. Just a little.
    Shang Tsung: I would have thought you smarter.
    Shang Tsung: How much time do you need?
    Shang Tsung: Your time would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Shang Tsung's Arcade Mode ending is equal parts awesome and horrifying as he becomes the new master of time and gains control over an entire pantheon of Eldritch Abominations, but you'll be dying of laughter as you hear Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa pleasantly cap it off with the infamous text from Shang's MK2 ending: "Have a nice day."

    Story Mode 

  • Many of the variants shown off take a more witty approach in their naming conventions. How so? One of Scorpion's fighting styles is literally named "Boon's Main".
    • The first Kombat Kast was delayed by a week due to the Polar Vortex, so during Kabal's gameplay demo, they practiced against a Sub-Zero variation called "Polar Vortex".
    • One of the Johnny Cage variations showcased in the third Kombat Kast was called "Do My Own Stunts". Said variation was built around using Johnny's stunt double as an Assist Character.
  • The Kotal Kahn Reveal. Actually, scratch that, it's actually Jacqui's because she's kicking Kotal Kahn's ass in his supposed 'reveal trailer'.
  • During one Kombat Kast, Jacqui Briggs’ first Fatality was shown off- namely riddling the opponent with explosives and blowing them up, piece by piece. While that’s not really funny, the developers’ comment afterward is:
  • The Christopher Lambert Ad. A player gets destroyed by Raiden and asks the other player how he can be so good with Raiden, the game was just released. The camera reveals Christopher Lambert who says "Let's just says that him and I, we go back a long way."
    Lambert: Heh heh heh heh... sorry.
  • The blood in this game is so realistic that YouTube tends to automatically flag any unedited demonstration of the finishing moves as age-restricted or unsuitable for monetization, which is inconvenient for anybody trying to show them off to people who don't have the game. Luckily, two creative solutions to this problem have cropped up: one is editing the videos and turning them into something out of a Mushroom Samba, and the other is turning D'Vorah into a hapless test dummy.

    Gear & Kosmetics 
  • While the appearances of most of the gear and kosmetics aren't all that amusing, the names of them can elicit a chuckle or two.
  • Johnny Cage
    • Should you change Johnny's belt buckle, before seeing the belt on Johnny, the camera zooms in on his face, then Johnny suggestively smiles and nods downwards. When the camera pans to his belt buckle though, you can see Johnny flipping off the player.

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