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Heartwarming / Dead Rising 4

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  • Frank and Hammond's friendship. At the start of the game, Frank didn't want to spend too much time around Hammond, not wanting to grow close to her. However, Hammond continues to do favors for Frank and Frank slowly but surely begins to open up to Hammond. When Hammond is kidnapped by Tom Pickton and about to be killed, Frank puts his mission on hold and risks his life to save her, unwilling to lose another friend to zombies.
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  • Frank and Vick's reconciliation at the game's end. These two have been at each others throats throughout the entire game, but after they work together to kill Calder they are finally able to talk and forgive one another and promise to publish the story together.
  • Frank's journey itself throughout the game counts as well. When the game starts, he wants nothing to do with zombies or government conspiracies anymore. His trauma and PTSD has turned into a rude, callous jerk who pushes people away and is barely able to relate to people. However, he can't help but grow attached to those he meets and doesn't want anyone to die, even if he is unwilling to express it. When the story ends, He no longer sees Brad, Vick, and Hammond as just partners, students/rivals, or fellow survivors, but as good friends as well. It's implied that after he uncovers and publishes the story, he is going to start doing what he does best again, and do it right this time.
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  • The good ending to the "Frank Rising" DLC where Hammond gives Frank the fist bump he wanted when he saved her in the base game. Frank looks so touched.

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