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  • When Brad goes to recruit Frank, he asks him if Vick is one of his students. Brad goes to show Frank a picture on her on his cellphone, but he accidentally shows Frank a bathroom selfie of himself.
    • Frank's been declared a criminal as well, so he's living under an alias. Said alias? Hank East.
    • When he realizes Brad's there for him, Frank first attempts to open the window in the classroom so he can escape, but it's shut tight. Then he plays for time before trying to throw a chair through the window... and the window isn't so much as scratched.
  • The description for the fedora is simply "M'lady."
  • Sadistic Claus is a combination of this and Nightmare Fuel. On one hand, there's the rather horrifying fate of his victims (having your body stuffed full of presents and sent to some other poor sod). On the other, his Rhymes on a Dime dialogue and ridiculous weapons and outfit, coupled with the fact that he can teleport, are particularly funny.
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  • Upon meeting Queen Sandra's knights, Kris (the gate guard) tells Frank to "fucketh right off."
  • The intro of the game is a nightmare Frank is having that takes place in the original mall. During the nightmare, Frank chases after a ghost of his past self. The ghost spouts out various quotes from past games, the first one being the famous "I've covered wars, ya know."
    • Frank repeats the famous line to Hammond later on in the game, but when she calls him on it by asking "Which wars?", Frank changes the subject immediately.
  • Some of the comic book stores in the game have t-shirts with the Street Fighter V logo on them. That game is a PlayStation 4 console exclusive. So, the irony of it showing up in a game that's initially an Xbox One console exclusive is pretty amusing.
  • Frank has Seen It All, so upon seeing another raincoat-wearing cult in Willamette, he just sighs and accepts it as Willamette being it's weird self.
  • Many of Frank's lines whenever he rescues a survivor and they leave for safety
    Frank: Look out for zombies n' shit.
  • Frank can find a Dead Rising 2 Slash Fic. A very poorly written Chuck/TK Slash Fic.
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  • In the Frank Rising DLC, Blackburne wonders if getting a sample of Frank's blood that she could study. Frank's response?
  • When you go to Toms' Farm if you drive through the gate instead of jumping round the side, the gate guard basically shouts several What the Hell, Hero? things at you if you do it constantly. driving through the gate has no impact on the Farms security as it is protected by and invisble wall.

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