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Annie Greene will change her name back to Katey Greene in a sequel.

Future Psychopath Ideas for possible sequels or prequels, or even interquels
  • A Radical Islamic Terrorist. To balance things out, an innocent Muslim could appear as a survivor.
  • A man who is under the delusion that he is Mega Man.
  • As a form of Self-Deprecation, Expies of Capcom Employees who happen to be currently working for the company.
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  • A man cosplaying as an in-universe Batman Expy.
  • A woman obsessed with fire. Her weapon of choice would either be explosives or a flamethrower.
  • Expies of the Alt-Right and SJW movements.
  • A Yandere that is after the main protagonist.

If there is ever a Dead Rising 5, it will reveal that DR 4!Frank was actually an imposter
  • It would certainly explain the sudden change in Frank's personality in DR 4.
  • -cue Vicky punching Imposter!Frank in the face and demanding where the real Frank is-

Vick was gang-raped by fraternity boys prior to Dead Rising 4.
Which might explain why Vick acts hostile against Frank for most of the game.

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