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Annie will be the protagonist of Dead Rising 4
There will also be several cosplay costumes of several different Capcom women for her to wear.
  • Supporting this theory is the most recent DLC, a 4-player co-op mode which allows you to play as the three previous main protagonists, and Annie. (And involves all of the characters cosplaying as Capcom characters, incidentally, not just Annie.)
  • Jossed. Frank's the hero of the fourth game. Though that's not to say Annie won't turn up again at some point in the future.

Hemlock is the real benefactor behind the Santa Cabeza incident.

There will be a Dead Rising 3: Off the Record.
It will star Chuck Greene, looking for Katey. Annie will be replaced by another character, only appearing near the end.
  • Seeing as we've now moved on to Dead Rising 4 proper...this is unlikely.

A future game will help to explain Isabela's Face–Heel Turn
She goes from wanting to atone for her and Carlito's sins however she can, to starting the Los Perididos outbreak in search of Nick? Something must have happened - there's no way they'd just leave it as a case of Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome. My guess is that in a future instalment to the series (most likely a spin-off taking place between 2 and 3, though a possible Dead Rising 5 could do it as well) will explain everything, including the exact event that caused Isabela to snap.

Brad Park may be homosexual or bisexual.
  • I mean... intentionally or otherwise, he did show Frank his nudes...
  • Alternatively, Brad Park may be asexual.

Red represents the eighth deadly sin.
A running theme with many of the game's psychopaths is that they're styled after the Seven Deadly Sins. Being a more prominent character than that, Red instead seems to represent one of the original sins and what some religions consider to be the eighth sin: Despair. As a self-proclaimed "realist", Red had twice given up on the Illegals, was quick to abandon the Illegals when the plane was ready and he explained that he betrayed them because he wanted to have a reward for his work within the Illegals instead of constant misfortune. This belief is also strengthened by one of his phrases during the battle where he says that his life is worthless in comparison to Nick's.

Future Psychopath Ideas for possible sequels or prequels, or even interquels
  • Some guy who is under the delusion that he is Chris Redfield. Reasons for attacking the protagonist may vary.
  • Some guy who is under the delusion that he is Leon S. Kennedy.

Diego desperately wanted to be accepted by white people, which lead to him briefly becoming violent due to jealously towards Nick.
Alternatively, he desperately wanted racism against his people to end, or at least be less prominent, which caused him to briefly become violent due to resenting how Nick was well-respected in society.

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