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  • When the game was first announced at E3, many were concerned that the game would leave out the more comedic elements. But more information that was released about the game showed that Capcom hadn't completely abandoned the silly, over-the-top nature that the series is known for.
  • This TV spot utilizes Soundtrack Dissonance by having Nick Ramos slicing up zombies to The Turtles' "Happy Together".
  • The existence of Sentry Cat. It's both a robotic pet and a deadly weapon!
  • Gary constantly failing to Mercy Kill Nick when he gets bitten by zombie; first, the gun gets jammed and Nick has to unjam it for him, then he slips and ends up shooting what happened to be his last bullet into the dead girl they were carrying.
    • And when he has Nick drive the corpse over to the club, he claims to his boss that he's doing it himself.
  • For a bit of darker comedy Zhi, the psycho dressing and talking like an Asian martial arts master, drops the act as he reveals his Trauma Conga Line just before the game takes place: losing his job, his wife leaving him for a refrigerator salesman and his kids being brats.
    Zhi: Now this? A goddamn zombie outbreak!? SERIOUSLY!? SCREW YOU, YOU PIECE OF CRAP!
  • One mission has Nick gather some volatile fuel components for a redneck to soup up his RV. Once you give them to him, the side mission update reads "Get Away Fast!" and the guy blows himself to kingdom come seconds later.
  • While some may consider Darlene to be frightening due to how disgustingly obese she is, she is otherwise hilariously over-the-top due to how hammy she is, plus the fact that she uses a giant spork as a weapon.
    • Nick lets out an Oh, Crap! when he realizes he pissed off Darlene by implying she was fat.
    • When Darlene uses her vomit as a weapon by turning around in circles on her scooter.
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    • Once you finally defeat her, there's a certain part where she'll attempt to run over Nick with her scooter only to slip on her own vomit, splattering the thousand pounds of her sorry lardy ass on the ground and choke on her own fluids.
  • When Nick first meets Jherii, the Psychopath of the sin of Pride, he mistakes her for a man.
    • And when he sees her flexing her muscles, he awkwardly tries to join in flexing with her.
    • After the battle and Jherii crushes herself under her trophy case, instead of the usual look of horror and disgust Nick has for killing someone, he just amusingly flex his muscle again, with a "not bad" smirk on his face.
  • After dealing with his drones and his complaining, Nick breaks through Teddy's defenses and storms in to retrieve the armory key. Teddy panics and suddenly suffers from a fatal heart attack. And farts as he dies. Twice.
    • His complaining can be funny as well; he is so lazy that the best he can do is let out a feeble "Stop it!" when Nick wrecks his toys.
  • One of the ways that you can distract Dylan, the psychopath of Lust, is by having Nick pole dance for him.
    • Seeing Nick using Dylan's weapon is really funny too. You don't expect him to do those kind of moves ...
    • His Famous Last Words upon defeat are pretty amusing as well:
    Dylan: *Chuckles* You gave me blue balls, you tease! (Cue him falling into the ground, dead, with a stoned facial expression)
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  • Kenny's pathetic attempt at trying to imitate Nick by dressing like him, using a similar name, and making a combo weapon, which is really just a ball of sharp objects stuck together. The female survivor he's holding captive even makes snarky remarks towards him.
  • When Nick, Dick, and Diego are about to get hit by a flash grenade and captured by soldiers, Diego's reaction is to scream like a little girl.
  • When Gary and Rhonda reunite, the first thing they decide to do is have sex in the back of the van.
  • Every one of the "Tragic Endings" that Nick discovers is actually played for dark comedy, with the caption making some snarky remark relating to how that person died.
    • One Tragic Ending in particular, located in the more affluent parts of the world map, has a female corpse sitting at one end of a bathtub and a massager at the other end of the bathtub. The caption reads ":Sometimes, it's best just not to ask."
  • Just when you thought Dead Rising 3 was getting too dark, Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition Ex Plus Alpha comes along and throws all seriousness out the window by turning it into an over-the-top, colorful, multiplayer arcade game.
  • If Nick has a survivor with him while changing clothes, the survivor will sometimes offer his or her opinion on Nick's new outfit. Nick will sometimes offer his own opinion on what the player has chosen for him to wear. For example, a tuxedo will elicit a compliment. A man-thong? Swear words.
  • All of the playable characters have unique reactions to Disembowel. Kane screams victoriously, Angel taunts the zombie, and Hunter is unfazed. Brad? He reacts with absolute disgust.
    "Ugh. Who am I?"

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