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  • Fontana's death. She knows she doesn't stand a chance against Calder, but she knows if he isn't stopped, he'll go through her men like a chainsaw. So she primes a grenade and runs right at him — only for Calder to grab her hand with the grenade in it and let it go off. He gets thrown clear, she loses her arm at the shoulder and bleeds out. Now that's Villainous Valour.
    Frank: Pretty self-sacrificing for a mercenary.
    Fontana: Wolves always take care of their pack.
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  • Hammond gets one when she uses a grappling hook she keeps on herself to sneak up behind Tom Pickton and club him to his death with a 2x4. She then proceeds to take over the Wilamette Survivors and lead them to safety.
  • Serves as one for Frank West as a whole. Despite being reduced to a has-been reporter known only for one story (canonically, the events of Off the Record never occured and he's been in hiding since before Dead Rising 3), it doesn't take much to get Vicki to start him on another Willamette story. From there, he takes on an entire Evil Army of Private Military Contractors, Elite Mook super-zombies, and The Horde of tens of thousands of regular zombies. Plus, the usual collection of lunatics and psychopaths. All this at the ripe old age of fifty-two (and he hasn't exactly been taking care of himself either).
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  • Frank's fight with Calder the Super Zombie is a special one, as not only is he facing down a super-human with his own exo-suit, but he's doing so in a fist fight with a trained soldier, an army of Elite Mooks, the ability to regenerate, and, oh yes, he has grenades. In the end, Frank manages to beat him up through sheer chutzpah as well as the help of his student.
  • Frank Rising... Frank West as a zombie... Sounds terrible, right? Well, you're practically immortal, you don't need to worry about the zombies, and you can even become even more powerful than the final boss of the main game!
    • Plus, completing that DLC means Frank survived becoming a member of the undead. How amazing is that?


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