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Heartwarming / Left 4 Dead

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  • From The Sacrifice: "You guys are the only family I've got!"
  • In The Sacrifice, Francis goes into Sincerity Mode and confides in Louis that he has Insulaphobia, the fear of islands. Louis offers to "Watch his back" when they reach the Florida Keyes. They then proceed to psyche themselves up by saying things like "Punk-ass Island BITCH, y'all better watch your back!"
    • The entirety of The Sacrifice is this as you see the how the characters from the first game have months later all formed an incredibly deep friendship.
  • Choosing to go and rescue an incapped survivor during the rush to the rescue vehicle in any of the campaign finales.
  • The first time you finish the last campaign of any given game, especially if you played through the campaigns in order. This is the moment when you can truthfully say that Left 4 Dead is a modern-day Odyssey, not just a game about zombies.
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  • In the Passing, when Ellis falls head over heels for Zoey. Love is not dead, even if everyone else is!


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