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Heartwarming / Assassin's Creed: Unity

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  • The friendship and romance of Arno and Élise. Especially when they were children and how Arno backs her against the Assassins despite how much it costs his standing.
  • Pierre Bellec's death is a Tear Jerker mixed with heartwarming when you realize that all, the time, his demeaning insult of "pisspot" to you is because of his friendship with Arno's father. He really did like Arno and it broke his heart to strike at you.
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  • The ending of Dead Kings. Arno changes back into his original Assassin robes, having regained his optimism, and decides to remain in France. De Sade's final narration also leaves a sense of hope for both France and Arno's future.
    De Sade: Ah, dear Arno. Our hopes to the future condition of the human species may be reduced to three points: The destruction of inequality between different nations, the progress of equality in one and the same nation, and, lastly, the real improvement of man.
  • Arno's big-brotherly friendship with Léon, and how Léon spurs Arno to have hope and take action again at the end of Dead Kings.
  • In a real-world example, the game's near-perfect recreation of the Notre Dame (which, by the way, was painstakingly done by Caroline Miousse in a span of two years, down to the brick) had somewhat inadvertently made the game an aid at rebuilding the cathedral following a fire that caused significant damage in April 2019. Ubisoft has since announced they were donating €500,000 to the restoration and offered ''Unity'' for free for players who did not previously own a copy of the game to be able to explore the cathedral. Ubisoft also stated that they are more than willing to lend their expertise with the Notre-Dame to help in the restoration.
    • Players then went and started giving the game positive reviews as a reward for Ubisoft's actions. Sure, many of these reviews may not delve into the game itself, but it's cool to see a game being bombarded by positive reviews for what it's developers did.

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