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  • In 'The Blood of Elves' Yennefer's mentorship of Ciri at the Temple of Melitele grows into this, as when the Lion Cub is scared of her visions and untamed power, she refers to the sorceress as "mother." Even better, when Ciri draws power too quickly from an Intersection of the Force and begins to hemorrhage as a result Yen frantically cries out "daughter!" while she heals her charge's accidental damage. It's quite clear that they have become family.
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  • Ciri being accepted into the outlaw gang known as the Rats, a motley collection of girls and boys whose lives have all been touched by war.
  • They met in a place where the corridors came together to form an arch.
  • "I’ll never leave you again,” Ciri said dully. "Never again."
  • Both this and a Tearjerker come when no-one or nothing will stop the family from leaving Castle Stygga.
    Geralt: Excellent, Ciri.
    Ciri: I want to see the sky.
    Geralt: I love you.
    Ciri: I love you, too.
  • Emhyr, the Emperor of the most powerful nations in the world, keeping his promises to both Geralt and Yennefer.
  • Geralt saving Abigail from the lynch mob, because who would he be otherwise?
  • This fantastic exchange between Geralt and Zoltan in Act II.
    Geralt of Rivia: Got a minute?
    Zoltan Chivay: What's eating ya?
    Geralt: I warn you, some philosophy's involved...
    Zoltan: The meaning of life, eh?
    Geralt: The Evil that witchers fight stems from chaos, from actions aimed at disturbing order. For where Evil spreads, Order cannot be established. Instead of the light of wisdom, the glimmer of hope and the glow of warmth, darkness ensues. And in darkness you find nothing but blood, fangs and claws... like in the outskirts.
    Zoltan: Nicely put, but as young Cerro said to King Vridank on their wedding night: "does it have any practical uses?"
    Geralt: The right of witchers to live and function in the world has fallen out of balance, because the struggle between Good and Evil now plays out on a different battlefield with different rules. Evil has ceased being chaotic. No longer a blind elemental power, Evil follows rules according to the rights it's been granted. It functions in line with treaties...
    Zoltan: That's progress. With more of us living longer, we can slaughter one another in the thousands. Progress is like a herd of pigs. The herd brings many benefits, but no one should wonder at all the shit.
    Geralt: Shit or no shit, witchers exist to slay monsters. How can I when the real monsters hide behind ideals, faith or the law...?
    Zoltan: The biggest Evil is moral relativity, which kills more than the Catriona plague and dragons combined. Witchers will always be needed, no matter where that pig herd takes us.
    Geralt: I'm not so sure.
    Zoltan: Let me tell you something, witcher. Once we led a group of women and children through a war-torn land. They slowed us down. We had to feed them, protect them, and we had to hide in the woods to pee instead of pissing by the road. In short, they were a burden, and ungrateful at that. Know why we helped them? It was the right thing to do.
  • The good ending of the quest 'Beauty and the Beast' in the first game. Carmen is moving mountains to find a remedy to cure her lover, Vincent, of his lycanthropy affliction. Geralt finds three remedies, and when the first two don't work, Geralt mentions the third: true love. Carmen is convinced that Vincent doesn't love her because she's a whore, but when Geralt goes to Vincent and tells him of her feelings, he's willing to give it a shot. It not only lifts his curse but they also get married!
    • The simple fact that Carmen, a frail city girl with her puny dagger, dares to go to the monster-filled swamp, despite being obviously nigh-paralyzed by fear—all just to help the man she loves, is extremely heartwarming.
  • A potential solution to 'In The Heat of the Day' can be one too: if Geralt defended Abigail against the mob in Act I, she suggests poetry to put Alina to rest. Dandelion whips up a poem at dusk, and after Alina understands that she's dead and a noonwraith, her sister (now a nightwraith) shows up, and begs forgiveness for killing her. Alina forgives her, the two reconcile, and Alina moves on to the afterlife. And if you completed 'Hunting the Wild Hunt' and asked for the Wreath of Immortelles, you can put Celina to rest too.
  • If Geralt decides to cure Adda of the Striga curse again instead of killing her, there will be a small cutscene in which Geralt says that although witchers are renowned for slaying monsters, they (or at least, he) take far more pleasure in lifting curses and breaking spells on people. Even more heartwarmingly, said cutscene ends with a bright, colorful picture of Adda and Radovid obviously Happily Married.


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