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Heartwarming / Wing Commander

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  • Through the first two games you get bits and pieces about Spirit's fiance. In the second she brings up dreams of a Roaring Rampage of Rescue.
  • In the second game after Spirit dies in a suicidal attack against the Kilrathi, you are left to console Angel who is devastated at the loss of her friend; soon a romance blossoms between the two of you as you lean in to share a passionate kiss, vowing to look out for each other for however long the war goes on. Unfortunately, as the third game reveals, Blair lives to see the end of the war, but Angel dies just months shy of it, on a pathfinder mission paving the way for Blair's successful attack.
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  • The story of how Hobbes saved Downtown when he was a child. It makes the latter's death all the more gutwrenching when Hobbes, a Kilrathi, laments that he feels like he's lost a son.
  • After Hobbes goes through a Face–Heel Turn, he still respects Blair enough, even despite being a Manchurian Agent, to leave behind a message explaining his actions.