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Heartwarming / The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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  • Foltest's response to a question of what will happen to the bastard children that set off the war in the beginning of the game.
    Foltest: They're my children. If I hear the word "bastard" one more time, someone will die! Painfully!
  • Also from the Prologue: Foltest has a friendly chat with a common soldier he recognizes from a previous battle several years ago. On learning of his hardships over the years, he promotes the soldier on the spot. Say what you will about Foltest, but he does genuinely seem to care for his soldiers.
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  • Triss promising to help Geralt find Yennefer. Doubles as a Tear Jerker, since she's obviously heartbroken about it (being in love with Geralt since forever and all), but she's willing to suck it up for her friends.
  • Roche comes to Geralt's rescue in the Kaedweni Camp on Iorveth's path despite the fact that Geralt betrayed him for the infamous Elf.
  • If Geralt decides to go to the Nilfgaardian Compund in Loc Muinne to rescue Triss in Chapter III: Shildard is killed by the commander of his guard on what is revealed to be the orders of the Emperor himself. This is strongly hinted to be because Shildard was willing to kill Geralt; whom the Emperor is fond of, as the Witcher did him a great service in the past.
    • Of course, then they try to take Geralt down anyway...
  • Even though it's a taboo in Dwarven society, Cecil Burdon is The Teetotaler due to making a promise to his nephew's mother to be sober as a judge for the rest of his life.
  • Finding Iorveth's dream in Vergen, which depicts him sitting quietly at home, his bow leaning against the table as he smokes a pipe while a pig roasts over the fire.
  • Any ending in which you spare Saskia. In a genre in which dragons are more or less cannon fodder to be slaughtered, that this one stands out by treating her with respect from her place in the story and from the characters in game, especially Geralt, is a nice change of pace. His line at the end, when on Roche's path and saving Triss, sums it up best:
    Geralt: You know that could be one of the last dragons alive. A noble and beautiful creature.

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