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Heartwarming / Clock Tower 2

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  • Helen and Jennifer's embrace in Ending A of both of their scenarios. They've been through hell and suffered through the deaths and torment brought on by Scissorman, but now that he's gone they're just filled with relief and joy. The nightmare is finally over.
  • Think whatever you like of Nolan and Jennifer's relationship, but it certainly counts. It's only vaguely hinted at in the game, but the novels point out that one of Jennifer's biggest issues with her trauma is the simple fact that nobody believes her story, most believing it's her trauma causing her to believe Scissorman is a supernatural monster. Nolan in-game not only seems to believe in her, he also goes the lengths he can to take care of her. His invite to dinner has him desiring for her to simply talk, a likely more comfortable setting for her than in a therapist's office where the therapist obviously thinks of her as research and nothing else. He doesn't question her asking him to find the Devil Statue for her at Rick's place when she believes it's an important clue. And in the last scenario, in either side, he puts her safety above his and will even face down Scissorman for her. Nolan's relationship with her may be considered creepy to some people, but it's obvious he cares more about her than Barton, her therapist, actually does.

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