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Heartwarming / Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

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  • The game is set late enough into the loop that all of the main five have already contracted, but Kyouko is still on friendly terms with Mami and even Sayaka, who she has partnered with.
  • Everything about Homura's sidestories.
  • Due to abundance of witches in Kamihama, magical girls aren't as pressured to compete with each other, and in fact are better off teaming up due to the witches' strength, a contrast from the original portrayal of teaming up.
  • Ren's sidestory begins as a Tearjerker with Ren's heartbreaking backstory until Rika finds her by chance and saves her from committing suicide. Afterward, despite being a complete stranger Rika treats Ren with genuine kindness and acceptance (likely the first girl her own age to ever do so), trying to help her while also being careful to make sure that she's comfortable and not being forced to divulge anything that she's not emotionally ready to. Rika even goes so far as to tell Ren her own sad story despite it being painful as a sign of trust. By introducing Ren to her friends, all of whom are kind and accepting toward Ren, Rika manages to convince Ren that You Are Not Alone and she decides to live. At the very end, despite still not being able to tell Rika her story, Ren manages to say "thank you."
    • Speaking of Rika telling Ren her backstory, it becomes obvious to Ren that Rika feels extreme guilt over what she did, and is moved that Rika opened her heart to her. When Rika calls herself a "disgusting human being", Ren emphatically disagrees, assuring Rika that she thinks that she's a good person, which almost moves Rika to tears herself.
  • The end of the "My Diary With You" event, which is a continuation of Rika's and Ren's story. Ren, spiraling back into depression because she thinks that Rika is avoiding her, is holed up in her school's AV room, and Rika, wanting to clear things up but also wanting to respect Ren's space, calls her instead of forcing the door open until Ren decides to open the door on her own. Then Rika reveals that the reason why she had been "avoiding" Ren was because she had been busy making her a birthday present: an engraved metal pencil case. Rika going so far just for her causes Ren to burst into tears, and the two make up closer than ever.
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  • Ayame bonds with Kako and Felicia in her sidestory and parts of the Azalea' event, a bond that is crucial to mediate the three way clash between groups in Kamihama City. It wasn't Konoha's authoritarianism that save the day, it also wasn't Hazuki's eloquence that prevent a possible bloodshed out of misunderstanding; it was the fact that these 13 years old girls are playing like kids would won them each other's trust, and it also won them their groups' trust.
  • The entirety of Iroha and Yachiyo's training event. Yachiyo wasn't brave enough to see Kanae and Mel's belongings after they died, but after Iroha's bold Declaration of Protection, she decides that she's stalling long enough already and it's time for her to face it. She finds that Kanae made a song about her and Mifuyu and how she was grateful that they were friends, and Mel made a fortune-telling about an accident that would befall Kamihama in the future but she was optimistic that they would get through it together. Seeing this, Yachiyo is filled with determination to protect her remaining friends, and also to take back the brainwashed Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana from the Magius' claws.
  • The end of Homura's Valentine 2018 story, after returning from a Mercy Kill fight against the witch of her new friend, Homura is no longer in the mood for the Valentine festivity but still trying to meet up with Madoka. Madoka realizes that Homura just had a very bad day, and decides to just sit beside her, hold her hand, and talk about meaningless, but happy, things that they are going to do tomorrow.
    • On related note, one of the voiced lines for Swimsuit Homura has her cry out of joy, because she never thought she could have fun time with everyone else, without having to worry about Witches and alike.
  • Sana befriending The Rumor of the Anonymous A.I. and even giving her the nickname Ai.

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