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Heartwarming / Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Main Story
  • The game is set late enough into the loop that all of the main five have already contracted, but Kyouko is still on friendly terms with Mami and even Sayaka, who she has partnered with.
  • Several of the magical girls happily speak with you upon your first daily login. Even if it’s a villainous girl like Oriko, it’s nice to see them greeting you personally.
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  • Due to abundance of witches in Kamihama, magical girls aren't as pressured to compete with each other, and in fact are better off teaming up due to the witches' strength, a contrast from the original portrayal of teaming up.
  • Chapter 1;
    • Momoko intervenes when Yachiyo attacks Iroha, and later aids her to fight a Witch so Iroha can prove to Yachiyo that she can survive in Kamihama. It's implied that Momoko does this semi-regularly. While her reason to meddle with Yachiyo is less than good, it still stands that Momoko is Iroha's first ally in Kamihama, and she continues to be so for the entire game.
  • Chapter 3;
    • In the Mizuna Shrine, as a part of the shrine event, Iroha and Yachiyo have to 'confess their feeling of each other'. While they still don't know each other very well to do the shrine's intended love confession and there are a lot of troubles coming after them since they met, they admit that the other girl is a good person.
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    • Yachiyo carrying Iroha on her back while fighting the Commoner Horse Uwasa when Iroha drives in and out of consciousness from her Soul Gem taint. Never once she thinks about abandoning Iroha as a dead weight.
  • Chapter 4;
    • Felicia is a loner mercenary because she's well-known to go berserk in battle without regard of her allies. Iroha takes her in by cooking for her, listening to her side of the story, patiently sticks with her despite her anger issues and advises her a lot of life lessons, forgives her when she temporarily betrayed the group for Magius' sweet promises, and accepts her into Mikazuki Villa. Suddenly, this angry bull in a China shop turns into a very sweet, if slightly temperamental, little girl.
    • Kyouko, despite insisting that she's going solo, is mainly motivated by her concern toward Mami as shown in the chapter's corresponding Another Story.
  • Chapter 5;
    • Sana befriending The Rumor of the Anonymous A.I. and even giving her the nickname Ai. Its even more heartwarming with the knowledge that the nickname means "love" in Japanese.
    • Ai-chan concludes that Sana has to leave for the real world, despite knowing what will that involves. Ai-chan then sends out several SOS alert to magical girls and Iroha answers it. What comes after is basically Sana's Coming-of-Age Story; she has to leave a convenient comfort to find her place in the world, with her new family and life purpose. Sana and Ai-chan says their last goodbye crying both sad and happy tears.
  • Chapter 6;
    • The entire sequence showing Mikazuki Villa's domestic life. The girls then secretly buy matching coasters as a thanks for the personal mugs that Yachiyo bought for them and the support that she gives all these times.
    • After learning that Yachiyo believes she's doomed to bring misfortune to her friends, Iroha saves Yachiyo from the Rumor and declares that if Yachiyo thinks that, then Iroha will become strong enough so that Yachiyo won't have to worry about that. Yachiyo, who'd previously addressed Iroha by the polite but distant "Tamaki-san"(Miss Tamaki), says "Thank you... Iroha."
  • Chapter 7;
    • For the entire Chapter 6, Felicia starts to look up to other girls in Mikazuki Villa, coming across as a little sister who wants her older sisters' approval. Tsuruno takes a special liking of her and vise versa, and this is turns out to be crucial in Chapter 7's climax.
    • Mifuyu's Heel Realization; she accepted Magius' offer out her own self-preservation, but when the Magius intend to use the newly-recruited Tsuruno to rack up their body count, she breaks the conditioning on Felicia and Sana so they can aid the severely weakened Iroha and Yachiyo at the right time. Mifuyu stays behind with the Magius because she realizes that she can't abandon even the most militant of the Feathers. Too bad that her Heel–Face Turn is already expected by the Magius, so her sacrifices are wasted.
    • Yachiyo and Momoko finally reconcile and later on, Yachiyo and her life-long magical girl rival Kanagi set aside their differences for sake of Kamihama.
    • Mikazuki Villa girls realizes that they have taken Tsuruno's The Heart antics for granted and swear to support Tsuruno better now they find out what kind of grief that is truly in her heart. Tsuruno proceeds to get saved from her brainwashing with big ol' Power of Friendship.
    • After the chapter's main conflict has been resolved, the girls finally give Yachiyo the costers.
  • Chapter 8;
    • Yachiyo find out that the Magius decide to purge the city from non-affiliated magical girls when she finds Ren after she fended off a Black Feather. When Ren is shown to be nervous of her because of the attack, Yachiyo gives her a candy to calm her down. When she sees Ren is limping from the fight, Yachiyo takes her to Mitama's workshop herself.
      • Later on, our heroes decide warn other magical girls to evacuate to Mitama's place. Yachiyo then comes across Riko and saves her from the crazed Feathers. To Riko, Yachiyo uses a slightly softer voice so she won't be frightened more than she already is. Riko then evacuates safely, calling Yachiyo "Onee-chan".
    • Nanaka, who had spread Felicia's bad reputation, is shamed by the change in Felicia's temperament and apologizes for the troubles she caused for Felicia. Coming from Nanaka, that's a pretty high bar.
    • After Mitama reveals the truth of the magical girl contract to Kamihama magical girls, Aimi laments her fate because she will turn to monster and harm the people she loves. Kokoro gives her a Rousing Speech, and it in turn inspires Ren to do the same for Rika.
  • Chapter 10;
    • Walpurgisnacht arrives. The HQ and the Kamihama girls unite their forces to destroy her, save the town and every single Magical Girl, combining all their hope into an attack Iroha shoots at Walpurgisnacht. And guess what? It works.
      • The Different Story segment for this chapter has Homura wonder if she should stay in this timeline or hit the Reset Button again, wondering if Madoka wouldn't be in a happier position if she just never contracted. At the end, thanks to the rest of the HQ pitching in, she finally makes her choice: she wants to believe in this world's future and in hers with Madoka and all her friends. She's finally broken out of the loop and everyone believes they can overcome the Witch problem with all their combined efforts. For that purpose, she decides not to leave this timeline, allowing her to finally live in a world where she won't dread having to go back after another failure.
    • Iroha finally finds Ui! And upon freeing her, Touka and Nemu finally remember who she and Iroha once were to them. From that point on, their goal solely switches to saving Ui and saving the town.
      • Even better, the flashback reveals the three girls contracted as a result of learning Iroha might become a witch. To reiterate, the game's events happened because Ui, Touka and Nemu wanted to save Iroha from the terrible fate all Magical Girls normally encounter. It's natural for Ui, but it's undoubtedly something when Touka and Nemu founding Magius was originally bound by their friendship with Iroha. And to their credit, they've certainly helped Iroha unleash a Doppel when she needed it the most (granted, it was their fault she was in such a situation, but she still escaped a terrible fate in the long term).
Side Stories and Events
  • Everything about Homura's sidestories; she has deeper friendship with other Holy Quintet, befriends other girls from Kamihama who are supportive of her, she gets stronger as a magical girl, and she finds hope for a brighter future.
  • Ren's sidestory begins as a Tearjerker with Ren's heartbreaking backstory until Rika finds her by chance and saves her from committing suicide. Afterward, despite being a complete stranger Rika treats Ren with genuine kindness and acceptance (likely the first girl her own age to ever do so), trying to help her while also being careful to make sure that she's comfortable and not being forced to divulge anything that she's not emotionally ready to. Rika even goes so far as to tell Ren her own sad story despite it being painful as a sign of trust. By introducing Ren to her friends, all of whom are kind and accepting toward Ren, Rika manages to convince Ren that You Are Not Alone and she decides to live. At the very end, despite still not being able to tell Rika her story, Ren manages to say "thank you."
    • Speaking of Rika telling Ren her backstory, it becomes obvious to Ren that Rika feels extreme guilt over what she did, and is moved that Rika opened her heart to her. When Rika calls herself a "disgusting human being", Ren emphatically disagrees, assuring Rika that she thinks that she's a good person, which almost moves Rika to tears herself.
  • The end of the "My Diary With You" event, which is a continuation of Rika's and Ren's story. Ren, spiraling back into depression because she thinks that Rika is avoiding her, is holed up in her school's AV room, and Rika, wanting to clear things up but also wanting to respect Ren's space, calls her instead of forcing the door open until Ren decides to open the door on her own. Then Rika reveals that the reason why she had been "avoiding" Ren was because she had been busy making her a birthday present: an engraved metal pencil case. Rika going so far just for her causes Ren to burst into tears, and the two make up closer than ever.
  • Ayame bonds with Kako and Felicia in her sidestory and parts of the Azalea' event, a bond that is crucial to mediate the three way clash between groups in Kamihama City. It wasn't Konoha's authoritarianism that save the day, it also wasn't Hazuki's eloquence that prevent a possible bloodshed out of misunderstanding; it was the fact that these 13 years old girls are playing like kids would won them each other's trust, and it also won them their groups' trust.
  • The entirety of Iroha and Yachiyo's training event. Yachiyo wasn't brave enough to see Kanae and Mel's belongings after they died, but after Iroha's bold Declaration of Protection, she decides that she's stalling long enough already and it's time for her to face it. She finds that Kanae made a song about her and Mifuyu and how she was grateful that they were friends, and Mel made a fortune-telling about an accident that would befall Kamihama in the future but she was optimistic that they would get through it together. Seeing this, Yachiyo is filled with determination to protect her remaining friends, and also to take back the brainwashed Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana from the Magius' claws.
  • The end of Homura's Valentine 2018 story, after returning from a Mercy Kill fight against the witch of her new friend, Homura is no longer in the mood for the Valentine festivity but still trying to meet up with Madoka. Madoka realizes that Homura just had a very bad day, and decides to just sit beside her, hold her hand, and talk about meaningless, but happy, things that they are going to do tomorrow.
    • On related note, one of the voiced lines for Swimsuit Homura has her cry out of joy, because she never thought she could have fun time with everyone else, without having to worry about Witches and alike.
  • In Rui’s MSS, she demonstrates a great love for her cat, when, upon learning she’s gone blind from an illness, immediately asks Kyubey to heal her.
    • In the same story, Seira seeks out Rui to act as the lead in her new movie, and is nothing but compassionate towards her classmate. She regularly says her mannerisms are cool, and positively compares her to American Superheroes and their use of Secret Identities. By the end of the side story, Rui can happily declare she has made a friend who accepts her exactly as she is.
  • "See You Tommorow" event had a handful:
  • Yachiyo, Iroha and Momoko's group throws a Christmas party for Sana in the Christmas at Mikazuki event since Sana hasn't experience a happy Christmas due to family neglect and abuse. They did this for Felicia as well especially after she expressed the reason why she "hates" Christmas.
    • Holy Mami giving random acts of kindness such as giving a cake for Himika and trying to restore Felicia and Sana's Christmas spirit by insisting them to look at the stars. She is just being kind and not advancing the Magius cause for once.
  • In Tsuruno's Training event, when Tsuruno's sister tells her that she changed her plans for the future, Tsuruno is distraught and ends up getting knocked out by the Amane sisters in a fight. The twins immediately take her to Mitama to see if they can help and, when she wakes up, express their relief that she is okay. Tsuruno says they're good people and Mitama says it's nice to see enemies behaving like friends.
  • In the hindsight of "Breakpoint" event, Yachiyo's scolding Karin harshly for stealing Grief Seeds in Karin's sidestory is this; Kamihama's magical girl turfs were in a state of cold war because the lack of Grief Seeds for the city's magical girl population. If Karin, who is a Western Kamihama magical girl, were to steal from an Eastern Kamihama girl, a civil war was inevitable and Karin would be the first to get lynched. Yachiyo pretty much subtly saved Karin's life, and Karin is implied to have realized this little bit later when asked about it in "Breakpoint" challenge ladder.
  • In "Beachside Bond", when Homura gets attacked by possessed Madoka, suddenly there are a voice calling her out. In Witch runes, the voice says, "Wake up, Homura." The obligatory fight of that story node is against Matasaburo in the mindscape battleground. Basically, Kuro comes to Homura to save her from the mental disturbance of a vengeful ghost, even though she died as a Witch.
  • In "Dreaming Cherry Blossom", Touka and Nemu are court-martialed for their crime as the Magius. They deliberately rig with the trial so the vote that would lighten their sentence don't arrive in time to prevent their execution. All because they think they don't deserve mercy after all they've done, and it's not like other magical girls wouldn't vote for their execution anyway. But they do - even those who think they're unforgivable think they don't deserve death. Touka and Nemu are so touched by this, they practically swear their lives to complete the auto-purification barrier for sake of all magical girls.
    • In conjunction with the event, Eternal Sakura's sidestory tells her time when she gathers her Uwasa siblings to discuss about Touka and Nemu's punishment. Anonymous AI and Chelation Land Uwasa ask her how Sana and Tsuruno respectively are doing. Despite the less pleasant experience with the rumor, Chelation Land genuinely likes Tsuruno.
  • For the entirety of "Rebel of Dawnless Land" event, Elisa acts as Ui's Cool Big Sis. Even before knowing what Ui's purpose in that time period, Elisa protects her, cheers her up, and opens up to everyone for her sake. She's less confrontational than she would normally because Ui softens most of her haughty princess facade.
  • Touka's side-story reveals a moment in her past where she refused to share her knowledge of space with the rest of her class due to her own inhibitions making her lash out at even the suggestion of it. Iroha's words of wisdom and support eventually get to her and by the end, Touka is thankful enough to leave no doubt she considers her like an older sister and states she loves her as much as loves Ui.

  • The anime really pulls on your heartstrings regarding Sana. Unlike the game, we actually see her bond and interact with Ai, the Rumor she is "trapped" with. It's clear that this is the first time Sana has been treated with kindness.
  • Both the anime and game make sure to demonstrate how much Iroha and the others try to make Sana a part of their family and make her feel comfortable with them. Given Sana's backstory with an abusive family, it's so sweet to see her warm up to everyone and accept their love and kindness.
  • At the end of Episode 7, Iroha reaching out to Felicia, which is followed by the two of them and Tsuruno moving into Mikazuki Villa.
    Iroha: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. But I want to go home with you. If we don't, I'll be thinking of you ever day, wondering if you're cold, or hungry, or suffering, and I can't stand that.
    Felicia: Iroha...
    Iroha: At least for tonight, okay? I promised to cook for you before anyway.
  • At th end of Episode 10, as Mifuyu laments that Yachiyo will most likely never forgive her for associating with the Wings of the Magius, the Amane sisters show up and offer to cook dinner for her. Despite being embarrassed that her kohai are looking out for her, Mifuyu is honestly touched.

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