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Awesome / Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Video Game

  • Meta example. An NPC magical girl from the 2018 Valentine's Day event proved to be a hit among the fanbase. Some game developers would do nothing. Others would eventually add the character to the gacha. Magia Record's developers took a week to make her a playable character and made her a free reward. Sure, she's a weak Joke Character, but her release still stole some thunder from the Tart Magica event.
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  • The first time Iroha uses her Doppel; because Rumors can only be defeated by doing the opposite of its function, Machibito Horse Rumor can't defeated by magical girls because its function is to grant wishes and magical girls are contracted through their wish. Then Iroha suddenly succumbs to her Soul Gem taint and becomes a half-witch Giovanna who proceeds to laid waste on the Rumor. It's as awesome as when Sayaka summons Oktavia in Rebellion.
  • "The Chiming Bell that Transcends Time";
    • There are outright The War Sequence between the French army and witches' familiars that Corbeau controls. Charles VII, touched by his people's devotion and strength, actually fights with his army after he's rescued, challenges Corbeau, and survives her deadly attack. Especially awesome when you remember that Charles in Tart Magica is a Nervous Wreck Prince Charmless and magical girls in general are just so above normal human when it comes to physical prowess. That's right; Charles survives an encounter with a magical girl whose main strength is physical fight.
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    • While most of the event is medieval fantasy, the last sections of the event are closer to Detective Drama; after gathering information from both the past and the present, Iroha and Yachiyo report their findings to their French counterpart. Cube (Tart's Kyubey) acts as an armchair detective, deducing everything that is going on from start to finish, forcing Riz to be honest with her reason of being so secretive, and setting up the situation that solidifies Tart as France's messiah.
  • Main Story Chapter 7;
    • Iroha and Yachiyo, after recovering from the shock and injuries they have from the previous chapter, decide to city-wide exterminate Rumors to deter the Wings of Magius' plan from coming to fruition. By the end of their effort, the city map looks like this. Note; the X-marks are the Rumors they exterminated.
    • Kanagi enters the main story by beating up a group of Black Feathers without much effort, while also taking a phonecall from Yachiyo.


  • The face-off between Zenobia and Box Wood. The former showed Kamihama witches are boss by tearing apart the later.
  • Yachiyo single-handedly defeating Zenobia by throwing multiple spears at hear while at the same time using the floating spears as a stair-like platform.
  • Rena's transformation magic is finally shown in action and she can use this even when not in magical girl form. She can also disguise her voice as well with her magic.
  • In episode 5, an apparently-witchified Iroha appears to have Tsuruno dead to rights. Cue Credens Justitiam and Tiro Finale!
  • Episode 13: Iroha, Yachiyo and Sayaka vs Holy Mami.
    • Mami summons hundreds of her guns and unleashes a bullet hell on par with if not more intense than the one seen in Rebellion.
    • Sayaka fearlessly leaps in to hold back a Tiro Finale aimed at Yachiyo and Iroha, which results in one of her arms being blown off. However, this doesn't even faze her as she instantly regenerates it, snatches back her flung sword and forces the blast off to the side where it detonates with the force of a bomb.
    • Yachiyo reveals that she's been holding back this entire time — she also has full control of her Doppel, and together she and Iroha unleash a full power tag-team in an attempt to finally bring Mami down.

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