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Nightmare Fuel / Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

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While Magia Record at face value could be considered as Puella Magi Madoka Magica Lite,it still has a share of its own nightmare fuel.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. As the show is also well-known for its sudden and rapid descent into madness, many of the spoilers appear early on. You Have Been Warned.

  • Thanks to Gekidan INU Curry's unique art style, the witches, familiars, rumors, and their barriers in general are nightmare fuel.
  • The slightly distorted voice whenever a rumor is described is unsettling.
    • Not to mention when Yachiyo stumbles upon a weird creature resembling a familiar which spreads rumors. Non-magical girls, fortunately (or unfortunately), cannot perceive them as anything than humans.
  • The Wings of the Magius while presenting themselves as saviors of magical girls resembles more of a cult than an advocacy group or a normal band of magical girls. It doesn't help that their members are cloaked in hoods. Their methods to achieve their goals are terrifying such as allowing normals and non-sympathetic magical girls to be victimized by rumors and brainwashing those who wouldn't cooperate.
  • The Rumor of the Rule of Ending Friendships forces people to end friendships for good even if one of the parties of a feud is willing to make amends. According to the rumor, if you tell someone that your friendship is over, you shouldn't apologize for it. If you do, floating boxes will kidnap you, and you'll be brainwashed into cleaning a staircase for eternity.
    • The fact that a lot of the Rumors really like using brainwashing to feed on their victims, and it is later revealed that all Rumors are at least semi-sentient.
  • The form of the witch Candy at first may appear to be a cute pink bunny but turns to a nightmarish bug-like form whenever it attacks or is seriously wounded. She is revealed to have pelvic bones as her skull, and her ears are actually her mouth that she uses to bite on her enemies like giant shears. This makes her eerily similar to the infamous desert witch of the original series.
  • The fact that in Kamihama, if a magical girl's soul gem becomes too tainted they could unleash a monster from within themselves, referred to as Doppels, is nightmare fuel inducing nevermind that they could use this power for whatever purpose they seem fit or their soul gems becomes stainless after.
    • A lot of the Doppels are Body Horror. Yachiyo's leg becomes oversized and grows eyes on it, Mifuyu's tongue gets so swollen that she can't talk, and Felicia practically disembowels herself when she uses it.
  • Mitama's wish in order to become a Magical girl is "to become the one that destroys Kamihama". Considering that Kamihama is still standing by the start of the Main Story and Mitama is already a magical girl. One may think that the ruckus involving rumors, the Magius, and the overpowered wishes has something to do with Mitama and that the city will be inevitably destroyed.
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  • It's kinda refreshing that the little Kyubey who is also the player isn't devoid of emotions like the Kyubey of the original series. However when you are reminded that the incubators who exhibits emotions are considered insane, maybe the normal Kyubeys will eventually come after you and lock you up in a incubator mental institution, exterminated for good, or assimilated to the Hive Mind.
  • Stacey the Rooftop Witch is a long-legged mirror with a profile of a porcelein lady statue. If you look closely the real "face" could be on the upper rim of the mirror frame.
  • The Amane's sister wish "to never hate each other" while heartwarming at hindsight is terrifying if you take into account how one of the girls in the original series went. Basically they are forced to be friendly to each other or at least not hostile no matter what.
    • And this is better than they were before. Their sidestories reveal that Kamihama City has a city-wide social conflict that causes segregation between east and west side of the city. Because they were raised by their parents to hate people from the other side of the fence after their parents were divorced, Tsukuyo and Tsukasa can't stand each other, despite knowing that it isn't right to hate the other just because of their lifestyle until they made their contract. And it isn't just affecting them; said conflict causes multiple cases of horrific bullying at school. The Mizuna Ward is the worst of it, but the Shinsei Ward where our heroes live isn't far behind, as seen from Rena, Ren, and Mito's stories. And as seen from Kanagi's story, what is the reason of that prejudice? None; if there's a reason, people had since long forgotten about it.
  • Shin the Babysitter Witch hates children, and will especially target babies to kill. When you fight her, in background you can hear endless baby noises gurgling far away. Her drop item, the Nanny's Grip, is actually an abortion tool - and on the witch herself, that thing is dripping with white... something. You're left to wonder just what kind of magical girl that created this witch.
  • Ayaka Mariko's wish is a reason for her optimistic and cheerful personality. Her profile however suggest that the wish basically forced her to be a Stepford Smiler; She is said to be "sometimes feels guilty" with her wish which resulted to her "new, fake outlook on life". Before that she was The Cynic.
  • Only a Madoka spin-off could make something as mundane as opening a menu scary. For context, the game has an archive in which magical girls, Memoria, cutscenes, Doppels, and witches/Uwasa (along with their familiars) are listed. The music for the general archive page, as well as the first three sub-pages, is a classical piece reminiscent of that in the original anime's more emotional scenes, but is otherwise nothing unusual. On the page listing witches, Uwasa, and familiars that you have fought, the music is a soothing piece combining the violin with chimes and horns. The nightmare fuel comes in when looking at the list of Doppels. The music that plays here sounds like something out of a *horror movie,* with no discernible melody. It's just chimes and something resembling both white noise and someone in a hushed voice trying to speak. Not helping the matter is the fact that, due to the long process required to unlock a magical girl's Doppel (and the fact that Giovanna's appearance in Chapter 3 doesn't add her to the archive), the list of Doppels is usually completely blank.

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