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Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a franchise already famed for its massive amounts of Les Yay, and so it's only natural that a mobile game that introduces even more Puella Magi would feature even more of it.

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  • Iroha and Yachiyo are the main characters and the obvious analogues to Madoka and Homura, so they spend a ton of time together
    • While investigating the Uwasa of the Seance Shrine, Iroha follows Part A of a path that two lovers took to meet each other, and then finds Yachiyo, who was also investigating and also got Part B. At the end of their path the two people who get Parts A and B are supposed to confess their true feelings for each other, and Iroha tells Yachiyo that despite seeming scary she knows that Yachiyo is a kind person.
    • After running into the Uwasa of the Commoner's Horse, Iroha's Soul Gem begins to corrupt and Yachiyo carries Iroha on her back while trying to escape. As Iroha's consciousness fades, the one thing that she can feel is the warmth from Yachiyo's back.
    • After defeating the Uwasa of the Commoner's Horse, Yachiyo immediately insists that Iroha stays at her house that night. And after defeating the Uwasa of the Misery Rhyton, Yachiyo outright asks Iroha to live with her.
    • The Memoria "A Handful of Warmth" shows the two laying together, holding hands and fondly staring at each other. The description talks about how the warmth between their hands is a promise that You Are Not Alone.
    • The game's second anniversary released a dual Iroha/Yachiyo unit for its limited gacha. They each have one wing (given to them by The Law of Cycles), allowing them to fly only if they hold hands. Their release was also accompanied by some very romantic art, including a memoria of them on an ice-cream date.
    • During the Magia Day 2019 event, Yachiyo's voice actress Sora Amamiya described Yachiyo's relationship with Iroha as "lovey-dovey".
    • During the fifth episode of the anime, Yachiyo brings Iroha to Mikazuki Villa after she passes out from using her Doppel, just like in the game. When Iroha was passed out her (very long) hair was undone, but when Iroha wakes up its done back up, implying that Yachiyo was braiding her hair when she was asleep.

  • Despite the popularity and marketing of Iroha and Yachiyo, there remains some subtext between Iroha and Sana. Their relationship in Chapter 5 and Sana's personal story about their Friendless Background helped made it Iroha's second most popular pairing. Although after the second anniversary, it's arguably portrayed as a unrequited crush on Sana's side.
    • Iroha was determined to help Sana as requested by the Uwasa of the Anonymous AI, Iroha ended up doing it because she was able to relate to Sana's hardships and wanted to be able to rely on each other.
      Iroha: "Come with me, Sana-chan."
      Sana: "..."
      Iroha: "I may not have tasted loneliness as deep as yours, Sana-chan..."
      Iroha: "But I too never fit in in class, and I remember the feeling of alienation."
      Iroha: "But lately, I've made friends with other magical girls,"
      Iroha: "And I spend time with them so naturally I never could have believed it before."
      Iroha: "So I think you would be able to do the same, Sana-chan."

      Iroha: "So... if you don't mind, won't you come with me?"
      Iroha: "As a magical girl..."
      Iroha: "And as a friend."
      Sana: "I..."
      Iroha: "This time, I will be the one needing you, Sana-chan."
    • In Chapter 8, while they were infiltrating Magius; Sana asks Iroha if she could hold her hands... so she can hide them both obviously.
    • When Iroha is captured in Chapter 9, Iroha played the Damsel in Distress role to Sana's Knight in Shining Shield.
      Sana: "It's okay!"
      Sana: "I'll be your shield, Iroha-san!"
      Iroha: "I'm sorry, Sana-chan. Thanks!"
      Sana: "No, this is in return for what you did for me, Iroha-san!"
    • Sana's 5* Connect gives Iroha a 40% Defense Up, befitting of "Iroha's shield".
    • Iroha is the main reason why Sana finds any sense of self-worth, so much so that Sana would do absolutely do anything for Iroha.
      "I vanished from this world, and the people in it, because I didn't belong anywhere. It was painful, and lonely. But because I went through all that, I met someone really important. Now, I won't give up on our friendship, no matter what happens. I'll give my all for her, because she treats me like I matter."
      Recovery and Resolve

  • Madoka and Homura are back and their interactions are dripping with as much subtext as ever.
    • Homura's episode features Madoka and Homura on a date. When Ria shows up and joins them, Homura thinks to herself that she would rather she and Madoka be alone, but relents since Madoka is Ria's fan.
    • During the same episode, Ria notices that while most people only pay attention to her since she's a famous model, Homura hasn't taken her eyes off of Madoka the entire time. After teasing Homura a bit while Madoka's back is turned, Ria decides to leave the two lovebirds alone.
    • Once glasses Homura has been uncapped to 5*, Madoka's Connect gives her more MP than normal.
    • At the end of Arc 1, Ultimate Madoka reveals why she's decided to watch over the Magia Record universe without trying to interfere or make it a part of her domain: because she wants there to be at least one world in existence where a version of herself could remain a normal girl and live together with Homura.

  • Rika and Ren have been one of the most popular couples ever since Ren was released with the My Diary With You event. Aside from their very close and heartwarming friendship, it's very easy to interpret Ren as having an intense crush on Rika and Rika is certainly very affectionate toward Ren.
    • Of all the pages in her diary, Ren considers the one she wrote the day she met Rika to be the most important one and she rereads it several times a day. Since Ren equates her diary to her life, this means that she considers the day that she met Rika (and the day that Rika saved her) to be the most important day of her life. At the end of the My Diary With You event, Ren adds the day Rika gave her her handmade pencil case to the list of her most treasured diary pages, and Ren's own words speak volumes about her feelings for Rika:
      "The joy in my body I felt when I saw that present, the pounding in my heart when I wrote that first page... even after 5 years, 10 years, no matter how many years pass... I'll never forget it. No matter how many pages I flip through, forwards or backwards, I will never feel this way again."
    • Even though Ren tends to be extremely shy, Akira notes that whenever the subject turns to Rika, Ren suddenly turns quite talkative. When Akira is about to mention this to Rika, Ren becomes extremely flustered and pleads with her not to. Similarly, when Rika asks Ren to let her look at the drawings in Ren's diary, Ren is about to show her before realizing that she's written about Rika in her diary every single day. Naturally, Ren is too embarrassed to let Rika see this.
    • Rika herself is actually a canonical lesbian who used her wish to make her (female) childhood friend fall in love with her before ending the relationship. One of her homescreen lines mentions that her "type" is a girl who's shy and quiet, which fits Ren to a T.
    • During the My Diary With You event, when Rika isn't able to meet up with Ren a few times in a row, Ren is absolutely devastated, to the point of fantasizing about going on dates with Rika and spiralling back into depression. Later when she finds Rika hanging out with her friends when she said she was taking classes, it's framed as a girl walking in on her lover cheating on her, and Ren even equates the jealousy she feels to late-night romantic dramas. Luckily for Ren, it turns out that Rika had a very good reason for lying to Ren: making her a birthday present by hand.
    • One of Ren's personal memoria, "The First and Last Page", gives Ren a small chance of taking hits for allies. However, if Rika is on the team, Ren will always take attacks for Rika. During any event quest where you fight the two of them, Ren will also always take fatal attacks for Rika until she's knocked out. Clearly, Ren is willing to give her life to the person who saved her.
    • Ren's memorias in general, both her two personal memoria and regular memoria that feature Ren, tend to have flavor text that are about her feelings for Rika. Of particular note is the memoria "Here With You", which features Ren behind a curtain gazing lovingly at someone offscreen who is, judging by the flavor text, undoubtedly Rika.
    • The two have a cameo on an early page of the manga adaptation, holding hands while they walk together. They also appear on the back cover of Volume 3, clearly sharing an intimate moment behind Mami.
    • During the "FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station" event, Natsuki is making the rounds at Walnuts and sees, among other people, Rika and Ren having lunch together. She introduces them as a "cool, composed couple" and cheers them on, which gets a thumbs up from Rika and a flustered expression from Ren.
    • The 2019 Christmas event is all about Rika and Ren, who get a limited duo unit (already very shipworthy). To commemorate it, the official Japanese Twitter account linked to a game where you help Rika and Ren decorate a Christmas cake. One of the possible decorations is, naturally, white lilies.
    • During Rika and Ren's duo unit MSS, Ren asks Ria to help her plan her Christmas outing with Rika, which includes looking for romantic spots, asking Ria about her own romantic experience, and finishing off with planning a dinner at Walnuts. Although Ren clarifies for her at the end that she's going with Rika and not a boyfriend, Ren never denies that its a date, even when Ria brings up proposal spots.
    • A Magia Report page released during the 2019 Christmas event has Rika (who's become Santa for the night) tell Ren that she'll give a good girl like her anything for Christmas. Ren thinks about it, then after a beat turns bright red and laments that she's actually a naughty girl.
    • Rena-chan's Magia, which features all of the members of Kamiha☆Magica (of which Rika is a member), has a brief shot of their fans cheering them on. Out of all of them, Ren is really, really enthusiatic, more so than any of the other fans.
    • In Magia Report Season 2 Chapter 169, Ren thinks to herself that she really wants to give Rika a "super-serious confession-grade" chocolate on Valentine's day, but is hesitant since Rika is an idol. Rika then excitedly suggests that they exchange chocolates during both Valentines and White Day, and that it'll be even more exciting since it's with Ren, leading Ren to practically squee in delight.

Introduced during the And So, The Azaleas Bloom event, Konoha and Hazuki are often framed by the game as a somewhat dysfunctional couple.
  • During the event's introduction, Ayame explicitly thinks to herself that she sees Konoha and Hazuki as her surrogate parents.
  • Konoha's insistence that Hazuki and Ayame don't associate with outsiders is reminiscent of a very controlling parent trying to keep their family from leaving.
  • Hazuki secretly meeting with other Magical Girls to try and resolve their conflicts diplomatically is almost seen as Hazuki being unfaithful, to the point where one of the Bad Ends where Konoha catches Hazuki in the act is unambiguously framed as Hazuki being caught cheating on her.

The Amane twins are shown to be incredibly close, to the point where a Twincest pairing has always been popular.
  • The Amane twins' wishes were that they would never hate each other ever again, meaning that they're now bound together not only by their feelings, but by magic.
  • The Amanes' Doppels form a pair, and they are both focused on isolating the two twins from everything else around them. The description of Tsukuyo's Doppel, Dum, states that within it, the twins will only have need of each other, and that while they are within its terrarium they'll slowly lose all memories except those of each other. Meanwhile Tsukasa's Doppel, Dee, describes how Tsukasa "drowns in affection for her other half", and that while the twins are within its aquarium, their hold on society's ethics will dwindle. "Society's ethics" can mean a lot of things, the societal taboo against incest amongst them.
  • The memoria "Christmas Night Magic" depicts Tsukasa and Tsukuyo sharing a scarf, a common Romantic Two-Girl Friendship staple.
  • Tsukasa makes Tsukuyo honmei chocolate during A la Carte Valentine. Beyond the fact that Tsukasa is making chocolate for another girl, honmei (true feeling) chocolate is chocolate made for someone you love, as opposed to giri (obligation) chocolate which is made for people who you don't have romantic feelings for.
  • Their anime introduction in Episode 7 is quick to showcase how intimate they are with each other. They caress each other's faces with a gaze that is unambiguously romantic, and lifting a leg over each others' shoulders in a very suggestive pose.

Masara and Kokoro have been a notable pairing since Kokoro appeared in Masara's story as the only one to light the fire in Emotionless Girl Masara's heart. The Reaching A Happier Height event, which also properly introduced Kokoro into the game, cemented this pairing.
  • As mentioned above, while Masara normally finds everything dull and boring, being with Kokoro causes her to feel strange, unfamiliar yet not unpleasant emotions, which makes Masara want to keep indulging Kokoro's requests to hang out.
  • At the end of Masara's MGS and during the Reaching A Happier Height event Mitama acts very much like a Shipper on Deck, encouraging Masara to follow her heart and spend some quality time with Kokoro.
  • Kokoro is very eager to spend time with Masara despite Masara's initial rebuffs and actually finds her Sugar-and-Ice Personality incredibly charming. She describes the way that Masara becomes surprised at seemingly-little things as "one of her cutest traits."
  • A more minor example, but many players have pointed out the plaid flannel shirt that Kokoro wears during the hike as an widespread lesbian fashion symbol.
  • One Valentine's-themed Magia Report comic shows Kokoro becoming jealous and outright pouting when she sees that Masara has received a lot of chocolates from her classmates. When Masara offers her a piece of chocolate of her own, Kokoro immediately replies with "I love you!"
  • Similar to the Ren memoria example above, the memoria "Perfectly Imbalanced", which depicts Masara and Kokoro shopping for bento boxes, has Masara gazing at an unaware Kokoro with an expression that can only be described as loving.
  • In Chapter 8, Kokoro is badly injured after being ambushed by berserk Feathers, and Masara is tending to her when Momoko and Aimi arrive. Masara is incredibly protective of Kokoro and angry that the heroes' conflict with the Magius has led to Kokoro, who wasn't involved in any of it, getting hurt. She also angrily objects when Momoko offers to carry Kokoro to Mitama's shop, insisting that she'll carry her herself. It's a dramatic scene, but it's easy to interpret Masara as jealously guarding Kokoro from other girls.
  • Masara and Kokoro feature as major characters in the third Valentine's Day event. Although most of the event has them helping out with Konomi's stand, the end of the event has the two of them happily exchanging Valentines' chocolates.
  • Continuing off of the Magia Report example above, another comic features Masara offering to buy Kokoro an expensive lantern, telling her that it isn't a waste if it's for her. Kokoro feels bad for letting Masara spend so much money on her, but just like the earlier comic, blurts out "I love you!". Kokoro's artist even drew art of the scene.
  • In Magia Report Season 2 Chapter 158, Aimi teaches Masara and Kokoro a "love spell" that makes the person you like appear in your dreams if you trace their name on your pillow ten times and then say their name before you fall asleep. That night, Kokoro writes Masara's name fifty times to be safe and then says her name (which activates her phone's voice recognition and calls her). It then cuts to Masara writing Kokoro's name.

The 2018 Valentine's Day Event introduced players to "Kuro", a nameless Black Feather who came to admire Homura. Their short-lived, doomed relationship moved so many fans that Kuro was made into a unit and given to everyone who completed the story.
  • When Homura finds Kuro as she's about to turn into a Witch, Kuro's last words to Homura are that she loves her and bemoaning that unlike Homura, she has nothing.
  • As a unit, Kuro is generally a Joke Character, being locked to 1* and being unable to unlock any memoria slots. However, her Connect has a hidden effect: if it targets Homura, it gives her a massive 60% attack buff in addition to its other effects.
  • During the 2018 Summer Event, when Homura is attacked by the ghost of a vengeful Magical Girl, she's suddenly protected by a mysterious force. The witch runes that appear when it happens suggest that her guardian is Kuro's Witch and that Kuro's spirit is still with her.
  • In one Magia Report strip, Alina plays definitely-not-Life in the afterlife along with Mel, Kanae, Kuro and Hanna. When the girls are listing the events that they landed on, Kuro, blushing, says "Marriage", and the corner of her panel shows her car with two female pieces in it. Though she doesn't specify who she's thinking of, there's only one possible contender.

  • Mami's second magical girl story has her meet Rika, who quickly drags her off on a date. Rika proceeds to flirt with her the entire time and is very curious about whether or not Mami has a boyfriend. Mami, meanwhile, seems oblivious to Rika's flirting and is happy that Rika wanted to be her friend.
  • Kirika and Oriko's magical girl stories show that they're as emotionally dependent on each other as ever. Kirika's quite open about her willingness to do absolutely anything to prove herself worthy of Oriko's love and is ready to commit murder over the destruction of the tea Oriko wanted. For her part, Oriko's less vocal in her affection, but her internal monologue notes that Kirika's the first person to value her for herself, rather than as her father's daughter, and she doesn't know how she'd manage without her.
    Kirika: As long as we're together, I won't have any regrets, no matter what despair I face.

    Oriko: I thought I managed to rid myself of all trivial emotions... But if something happened to her... I don't think I could bear it.
  • One Magia Report comic features Homura, having just fixed her eyesight, make a dramatic entrance to protect Madoka's cute twintails, even placing her hand under Madoka's chin... only to realize that she had found Rika instead. Rika then admits to an obviously-upset Ren that Homura's aggressiveness was refreshing.
  • Mitama relays an angry rant Momoko makes about Yachiyo which dwells a lot on how attractive the latter is. The context involves complaining about Yachiyo, a fashion model, being stuck-up, but it's still an angry rant about how hot she is.
  • Speaking of Mitama, one of the first things she does is telling Iroha she needs to lie down and strip naked for Mitama to strengthen her. (Which she nearly goes along with before Momoko tells Mitama to stop messing with the new girl.) Later, the Tsukuyo strengthening event shows her getting excited for the opportunity to use her powers on twins.
  • During the Christmas at Mikazuki Villa event, Iroha and Rena put on embarrassing Santa outfits to try and sell cakes. Kaede can't stop staring at Rena's exposed cleavage, and when Rena complains that her eyes are up here, Kaede gleefully points out that she's "practically spilling out!"
  • Alina comments on several occasions about the "perfection" of Mifuyu's body.
    • In Alina is Coming to Town she ends up whisking Mifuyu away from an explosion in a bridal carry.
    • Alina's love of Mifuyu's "perfect body" is well-known enough among the Wings of Magius that in the Wings in the Wind event, Ryo writes a headline for the Magius newsletter titled "Magius Member A and Leader A Rumored to Have Run Off Together." Mifuyu's angry reaction confirms that the article was about her and Alina.
    • In One Fleeting Summer Night, Alina tries to take the opportunity to draw Mifuyu in her bikini. Nemu interrupts to bring them drinks, whereupon she slurps hers so vigorously that Nemu comments she must be thirsty.
  • In the Always Waving My Hand At You event, Ryouko spends a lot of time talking about Sakuya's powerful thighs, going so far as to say that Sakuya must be a good person since her thighs indicate that she's a hard worker. This has led to jokes that the reason why they never appear at battles in the Main Story is that they're sneaking off to go on dates.

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